Written by David

1 Apr 2012

I went to Chams, a well known spa near B,ham on friday night. Being a single guy i had the usual blank get lost look from a few of the couples there, but one woman caught my eye. She was quite short, about a size 10 or slightly smaller, she had red/ginger curly hair and the most perfect looking boobs i've ever seen with nipples the size of jelly tots.

Her Hubby was a big guy, a bit thuggish looking, but seemed friendly enough.

One or two of my other single fellows had tried to touch her when in the jaquzzi, but to no avail, she wasn't interest, so word amongst us soon got round and we gave her a miss.

It was when i was sat in the steam room listening to her hubby talking to another couple that i heard him say that she gets sick and tired of single guys, just reaching out towards her, without having even said hello, my names ? or even may i touch you, she gets p..ed off that just because your at a spa guy's think you want to play all the time, and some of the old guy's can't understand why a 30 something stunner doesn't want to play with a fat out of shape 70 year old who's got bad breath.

The couple both agreed that they also got fed up of such behaviour and although swingers, there's still a limit of social requirement needed to take the coldness out of the situation and what also pissed them off was how, on occasions when they fancied a bit of fun involving just the two of them, they'd be surrounded by singles who were so afraid they'd miss something, they'd be nearly touching them, so with no air and no space to get comfortable they'd stop playing and go to a private room. Had they of backed off and watched from a distance, allowing especially the wife to relax, not only would they have put on a good show, they'd more than often, having got the wife so turned on, invited one or two of the on-lookers to join in.

I know ive heard and read these comments before, but when faced with a tasty bird within arms reach 5 times out of 10 they allow you to just cop a grope, so with that percentage rate you turn ya brain off and reach out.

Anyway, back to friday.

Armed with this info i found the red head in the cinema. I sat near her and voiced a few comments about the film, to which she replied.

I then followed her into the hot tub having allowed a few minutes so it wasn't obvious that i'd followed her.

Again i started a conversation with her about cats, holidays and gardening. She mellowed right out and due to the noise of the bubbles i moved a bit closer to hear her. We must of spoke for a good 15 minutes and during that time the jaquzzi had filled up a bit, mostly with fellow single guy's. I actually felt as if they were invading my space as they tried to enter what was essentially a private conversation.

Due to the amount of people now in the tub, we had moved closed together. Once or twice my hand brushed against her thigh, i apologised to which she said dont worry about it. After another few brushes i left my hand on her thigh and asked if that was ok. Again she said said yes. After a few more minutes of chat, and to be honest, i was actually enjoying the conversation i asked if she'd mind me touching her as we spoke, i made a joke a how distracting her beautiful breasts were. Not a problem was her reply.

God it felt great as my fingers explored her body and her nipples were sensational. I asked if i could suck them and she said ok, so with one finger stimulating her clit i began sucking her nipple. I could tell she was enjoying it as much as i was, as she had reached out and took hold of my already stiff prick, but suddenly i felt her tense up. looking up from her boob i could see the chap on the other side of her had moved right up close and another guy who was sat opposite had moved of his seat and was now kneeling in the water by her knee's.

Best stop now she whispered. I could see for someone new to the scene how intimidating it must be for a woman to be surrounded in such a way. I sat back fucking livid at the arseholes who'd spoilt my fun. Her hubby then stuck his head round the corner and asked if she'd like a drink, which she confirmed she did. Having said good bye and see you later she left.

Having now been on the receiving end of thick single behaviour and armed with the knowledge that women like to form some sort of friendship or conversation prior to playing i intend to think in the future before i look like a desperate prat thats never seen or touched a pair of boobs before.

I only wish i had been allowed more time to play with her.

Later that evening, i saw her, her hubby and the couple he'd been speaking to in the steamroom go into a private room and lock the door. Dave