Written by Sarah

6 Sep 2011

I work for Lloyds TSB and our uniform is a navy blue and we have a choice of trousers, skirt or a dress with a narrow green belt. The uniform is very smart, particularly the dress, and the dress is what I usually choose to wear. My dresses are nice and tight and to avoid my underwear leaving lines, I’m almost always braless and wear tights without knickers. Occasionally, during very warm weather for example, I’ll leave my tights off and either go fully commando with bare legs or sometimes maybe wear holdups. This gives a nice smooth outline to my dress. No one has ever made a comment; until last week.

A new girl started and one of the first things she said to me was “Don’t the bosses mind you going without a bra?” I was quite taken back and it took me a few seconds to think of an answer. In the end I told her that she was the first person ever to make a comment about it. She then told me that she never wore and bra and had in fact had to buy one for her fist day at work.

The next day she came in wearing the skirt and blouse and I saw that she was quite clearly without a bra. Her skirt was quite tight and as her boobs which are a little bigger than mine giggled slightly as she moved. Additionally her nipples seemed to be well defined and she had just a hint of pokies all day long. I have to say that she really did look very good and very obviously had a magnificent body. My reaction to this was quite strange and I found myself feeling a little upstaged. I suppose I’d always felt like I was a little sexier than the others and now I was feeling decidedly like I was running second.

Over the next month or so I only saw her wearing a bra once and that was when she wore an extremely sheer blouse when she called in to the branch on a day off. Even then it looked like more of a bikini top rather than a conventional bra. I also suspected that she’d shortened her dress and skirts very slightly and I suspect that she’d had them taken in a little too because the fitted her like a glove.

One day she was wearing her dress and I caught the briefest of glimpse of stocking top on a number of occasions during the day. It seemed to me that she had perfect boobs which didn’t need any support, wonderful hips with a flat tummy, a great bum and legs to die for. There was just something about her and the uniform looked better on her than anyone else. It’s fair to say I become somewhat obsessed by her.

I’ve never had any lesbian tendencies before but I found myself looking forward to seeing her in the morning to see what she was wearing and I enjoyed seeing her without a bra and just loved her hips in her tight skirt or her dress. I found myself constantly wondering what she was wearing under her clothes because I never saw any evidence of any underwear at all. One night I found myself lying in bed next to my husband, thinking about her and masturbating.

Last week I got the answers to the questions that had had me so intrigued over the past couple of months.

We all went to the pub after work and I was talking to her and we got on to the subject of our uniforms. She told me that she had indeed shortened her skirts and dresses a little and she’d removed the lining to make them fit closer and altered them so they were just a little tighter. It was obviously this that made that small but important difference. I ended up telling her how I’d noticed how good she looked and I asked if she’d mind helping me do the same thing to my uniform. We both realise that it’s probably a disciplinary matter but we were confident that if we kept the changed subtle no one would really notice.

I got to her place on Sunday with all my uniform and a couple of bottles of wine. She started by having me put the clothes on. I went to the bathroom and put them on. She then pinned them up to show how much needed to be taken in. Taking the dress first, she turned it inside out and unpicked the seams. In less than half an hour the lining was gone and she was sewing the dress back together. She also shortened it by about 2 inches or so. “Come on, try it on and see if we’ve got it right”. I was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. I started to head to the bathroom again to change when she said “What’s wrong with here? No one will see the blinds are half closed; you’ll be OK.”

The reason I was feeling a bit self conscious was that I wasn’t wearing any knickers with my jeans. For what it mattered now, I was braless under my tee shirt as well and realised that I’d have to get naked in her living room to try the dress on. What the hell I thought. Leaving my tee shirt on for the moment, I took my jeans off and stepped into the dress. Pulling it over my hips I could immediately tell it was perfect. I removed my tee shirt and pulled the top half of the dress on. She zipped it up and it felt so different to the way it was before. Obviously tighter and the lack of lining gave it a much more sensual feeling somehow. It was subtly more revealing and I could feel the dress sort of hugging my body and actually supporting my boobs slightly. It felt amazing and I was very impressed by her dressmaking skills.

I took the dress off and put my jeans and tee shirt back on. We finished the alterations and sat listening to music and drinking the wine. Our conversation was all about how she enjoyed the sensuality of her clothes and she said that she altered nearly everything in one way or another. I told her that I’d become fascinated by her and loved the way she looked and had never known anyone quite as sexy as she was. She explained to me that she almost never wears underwear and likes to wear clothes that show her body off to its best advantage. He said that she doesn’t wear particularly short clothes and most enjoys wearing fine fabrics that make it ambiguous as to what she has on underneath. She told me she loves to be braless and isn’t averse to wearing very sheer tops without a bra – something she was demonstrating that Sunday afternoon.

Cutting a long story short, we both became quite aroused and as I said earlier, although I’m a married woman with no previous lesbian experiences, we ended up kissing. Soon she’d undone my jeans and her hand was inside them and was gently rubbing my clit. I’d only ever been touched by a man and her fingers were small and soft and repeatedly entered me and withdrew. The way she touched me was very careful and deliberate and felt wonderful. My head was spinning with the excitement of it and it didn’t take long before I could feel the start of an orgasm. She continued to pleasure me through a couple of long gentle orgasms before she stood and took her own jeans off. Then she pulled mine off and threw them onto the floor with hers. She looked fantastic with her long slim legs and immaculately shaved fanny and flimsy top.

She pushed me back in to the chair and placed her head between my legs and tongued me to further orgasms. I was reeling with pleasure and all kinds of thoughts about what was happening to me. I’d never so much thought about this sort of thing until I met this woman and I was struggling to believe what was happening to me. What on earth would my husband say if he knew? What would the people in the branch think if they knew? Was this going to be a one off event or was this the start of a whole new venture for me. I decided to lay back and enjoy what was happening to me and not to worry about anything else for the moment.

I firmly massaged my own braless boobs through my thin tee shirt as her tongue again and again entered me and skilfully ‘flicked’ me to orgasm after orgasm.