Written by Andy

1 Aug 2014

Carrying on from my last post...... About an hour after I had told Kerry to go over to Sue's on her own I had second thoughts, especially considering what we had witnessed last time we were there! So I tried to call Kerry on her mobile to let her know I'd changed my mind and to arranged how we would meet up. Unfortunately I couldn't get in touch with Kerry despite calling a number of times so I left a voicemail asking her to get in touch. I didn't have Sue's contact details other wise I would have called her as well but after about another half hour I thought sod it I'll just go over and join up with them.

As I'd only been to Sue and George's once and that was by taxi it took me a while to find their house, but I recognised Kerry's car on the drive together with a couple of other cars. I parked up on the road and then walked up to the front door but just as I was about to knock on the door I was distracted by voices from the open lounge window off to the left. What actually distracted me was what I thought was a womans voice saying something like "suck it Kerry", but I couldn't make out exactly what was said as although the window was open the curtains were drawn; so I walked upto the open lounge window to see if I could hear better. Just as I got to the open window I then clearly heard a woman's voice say "that's it use those big tits". There was about a very small gap in the curtains so I carefully pulled the curtain a little as it was getting dark outside I could see clearly into the lounge and was confident I couldn't be seen.

At first I couldn't really make out what I was looking at as there were a man and couple of women stood up and what looked like a man lying on the floor. Both the men were completely naked and the women looked as though they either had just hold ups and heels or stockings suspenders and heels. As looked closer I also saw a woman crouched down sitting on her heels over the face of one of the naked men and facing the other man. I couldn't see who it was but it was fairly obvious she was giving one man a blow job while the other licked her ass and pussy. Then the man stood up turned by about 90 degrees, it was John and I could clearly see the woman, my jaw dropped, it was Kerry!! The second shock was the cock that was waving in front of her, it was massive, Kerry just had her hand round the base of it but there was still a good 7 inches left waving in the air. I then watched in disbelief as Kerry struggled to get the cock head in her mouth and slowly take the shaft, then as she pulled back and the cock head came out a river of spit and pre cum flowed out of her mouth down her chin and onto her tits. This didn't seem to bother Kerry as she just looked down at the man licking her pussy and said " that's it lick my pussy" before she went back to gorge herself on the huge cock; except this time she just held then mans hips as she tried to get more of the cock down her throat. Then one of the other women I think it was Sue stood behind Kerry and fondled her tits saying, "that's it girl suck it, see how much of that big cock you can take". There's no way Kerry could take all of John's huge weapon but she tried her best and Sue certainly encouraged her and she squatted down on the cock of the man lying on the floor.

After a short while Penny, who had been rubbing her hands all over John and pushing her fingers up his asshole as she encouraged him to shove his cock down Kerry's mouth looked up at John and said " You want to fuck her?". John just nodded and then pulled Kerry up onto her feet and then bent her over and held her round the waist. Penny then put her hands round John's cock and started to guide it towards Kerry's ass, I could make out exactly what was happening but I saw Kerry's head fly up and she took a deep breath and said " Fuck me he's big". Penny then leant over and said " you've only got half of him just wait", she then let John's cock go. The fucking then started. At first John was taking things very slowly but he only seemed to penetrate Kerry so far, then Penny looked up at John and said " you on her cervix?" John just nodded. Penny then said to Kerry "this might hurt a little, do you want it all?" Kerry just gasped and said "yes". John just seemed to pull nearly all of his cock back and then lunge forward, again Kerry yelped but John was up her to the hilt. I have no idea how she took all of that monster cock but she did, I then witnessed the hardest fuck I have ever seen and John started to pound Kerry. Kerry looked like a rag doll bent over and each time she was hilted John grabbed her huge tits and pulled on the nipples making Kerry go through multiple orgasms.

After about 5 minutes it was obvious that John was close to coming and looked at Penny and said " I want to come on those huge tits". Penny seemed to pull them apart and then told Kerry to sit on her heels, which she did. Penny then grabbed John's dripping cock and aiming it at Kerry's tits she stated to wank it really hard. This didn't last long and I watched in disbelief as a huge jet of cum spewed out of John's cock all over Kerry's face and tits. Penny just hissed "yeees" and kept on wanking the huge cock as it spurted 5 or six times leaving a huge load all over Kerry's tits.

Both George and Sue then descended on Kerry and started to clean up her tits. I couldn't believe what I had just seen, I had to leave and when I got home I just sat waiting for Kerry my mind just replaying what I had seen. About an hour and a half later Kerry walked in...........