Written by Jon

5 Jul 2012

I've been reading the stories on this site for sometime now and i've only really really decided to tell my storey after reading something a bit similar. Perhaps with a view to straightening out my thoughts as i'm still in a state of shock.

I suppose things probably started a good two years ago when i confided to my wife, after a good session, that I would like to see her with another man. However, to put things very mildly this fell on stoney ground, actually in fact I got a flat dismissal and was told that i was perverted. Consquently I never raised the point again as although my wife was reasonably adventurous sexually she was very private and a relative prude outside the bedroom.

If we move forwards till about six moths ago Amanda suggested that we get some family photographs taken before our Son left home for university (he hopefully goes this October). I thought this was a great idea as we hadn't had any taken any for years so I went and found a suitable photographer who had his own fully equipped studio at the back of a small shop. The proof photos he emailed us were great so I was hoping for great things. On the date arranged, a Saturday morning in late January, we all took a couple of changes of clothes and went to the studio. The set up looked really professional, it was a small stand alone building and as you walked in there was a ladies and gents loo ( with changing) plus a small kitchen for making coffee and tea with a servery into the studio. Once in the studio there were loads of lights, screens and props including chairs sofas and a few tables.

Everything went really well and I was impressed with the way that Rob the photographer arranged and organised things. Once we had finished we all popped back into the shop to organise things and arrange for some proofs to be sent. It was at this time that Mark our son said hey Mum come and have a look at this as he pointed at a small notice board. Amanda looked where he was pointing then said, " No way I'm not good enough for that". Rob then piped up "what's that?", to which Mark Read out " Models Wanted. Good looking middle aged Men and Women wanted on an occasional basis to model business clothes, good rates paid". Rob then looked at me and Amanda and said " I'd be happy to take you both on, it doesn't pay much though, it's for a local chain of tailors and some other local businesses. But sometimes you do get to keep some of the clothes".  I said to Amanda " Why not we've got nothing to loose?", " are you sure we get to keep some of the clothes?" Amanda asked Rob. He said " Yes and in the case of the ladies you also get some make up as well". "Can we think about it?", was Amanda's reply - " No problem, let me know when you see the proof shots", said Rob.

On the way home, Both me and Mark told Amanda that we should give the modelling a go? I should point out that although Amanda is 43 she looks much younger and has an amazing figure, shoulder length blonde hair, 36D tits and lovely long legs. I've also kept myself, fit and although I have grey hair most of it is still there!

Anyway the next Saturday afternoon Amanda was still unsure about the modelling as we went to look at the photo proofs. When we got to the photographers we both thought the proofs were excellent, really professionally done so we ordered a number of copies. As we paid for the photos Rob asked if we were still interested in doing some modelling, I didn't say anything but looked at Amanda and raised my eyebrows. She then said "Ok I'll try it, but you must come with me", no problem was my reply and we asked when the next session was. Rob replied it was next Thursday and that we're modelling some business suites.  The next Thursday came and when we got there Rob had about four racks of suits which he told us all needed to be modelled. I immediately replied that we would be there all night in that case. " Don't worry I have a couple of make- up artists and another couple of models so it shouldn't take too long" replied Rob. He then introduced us to Eddy and Jane, they both looked quite slim and attractive but a little older than us, this immediately put Amanda's nerves at rest. Rob was actually good at organising things and  very quickly we got into a rhythm of a one man and woman changing whilst the other pair had there clothes adjusted and some final bits of make up applied. Fairly quickly we got talking to each other whilst someone was being photographed, both Eddy and Jane seemed great fun, they had been doing this for a while but were still amateurs like us. After about two hours we were all done and as we left Rob gave us £100 each and said if we wanted to see any of the photos we could pop into the shop anytime.

As  we left Amanda actually admitted that she'd had a great time and wanted to do more, to which Rob said " It tends to be the last Thursday of the Month but occasionally there are other shoots if we are interested". I gave Rob our email address and said to email a programme through and we'll let him know if we are free.

Without going into great detail this then became a fairly regular occurrence for us and most times we went both Eddy and Jane were there, but not always, sometimes Eddy would be there on his own and sometimes just Jane. As time went on I sometimes dropped out for a night and Amanda would go on her own. Occasionally we would also get the odd session that was just for Girls and although I was always welcome to watch I never did. The long and short of things was we got on really well with Rob the photographer and the other models Eddy and Jane, to the extent that Rob even gave us a key to the shop so that we could let ourselves in if we were ever late which happened every now and again.

This all seemed to tick along very nicely until about three weeks ago when Amanda told me there was a Girls only shoot. As usual I said " No problem, I saw the email, i'm going to watch the football", this didn't phase Amanda at all, she was quite used to going to the studio on her own, in fact on reflection she seemed quite pleased.

On the Thursday evening Amanda got showered and did her hair up as normal before a shoot and went out, as she walked out the door I shouted "see you later have a great time". To which she replied " I will" and then left.  To be honest to this day I don't know what made me change my mind but after about two hours I thought I'm bored watching the football and thought why don't I go and watch Amanda at the studio, we can have drink afterwards.

I arrived at  Rob's shop, let myself in, then went out to the studio. I quietly opened the door, so as not to disturb things and walked in thinking to myself I'll go into the kitchen and watch through the servery so I don't disturb things. When I got there at first everything seems normal as I looked through a small gap in the servery, Amanda was the only model I could see and Rob was taking some pictures of her in a pencil line skirt and an open necked blouse as she sat on a large studded leather stool with a plain white background. But then I noticed there were about four men I had never seen before sat in easy chairs just watching, I wondered why they are here. After a couple of minutes Rob then packed up his camera and walked towards the men sitting down and said " Ok guys this is special, you've seen Amanda before but only on her own, tonight she's agreed to work with Eddy, but remember you stay in your chairs". A bit odd I thought but perhaps he was giving some kind of photography class for the men sat down. Then, Eddy walked onto the set, but to my slight surprise he was dressed in an open neck shirt and black trousers, with no socks or shoes. A bit odd considering Amanda was dressed in a blouse, skirt, stockings and heels. Then as Eddy walked upto Amanda I got real shock.....she put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. What the hell is going on I thought, I would never have imagined my wife behaving like this in a month of Sundays. What the hell kind of modelling was this. Then when Amanda lifted her leg up and rubbed Eddy's crotch with her knee the penny started to drop, but to be honest I still wasn't ready for what happened next.

Amanda undid her skirt and stepped out of it. There was a gasp from the crowd and I then noticed that she only had black sheer hold ups on and no panties, I also noticed that her usually trimmed pussy had now been taken back to just a small Brazilian. The next things she did was to go down on her heels and with her arm through the back of Eddy's legs she rubbed the inside of his thighs, whilst her other hand went to work on her pussy.  At the same time that this was happening Eddy was smiling and taking his shirt off to reveal quite a muscular but smooth and hairless chest.

Amanda then undid Eddy's trousers and he was left just stood in black silky stretch fit boxers; as she stood up she put her hand between his legs. Amanda's eyes then opened wide and she looked over to Rob and just said " Oh my God". Rob then said "is there a problem?", to which Amanda said " It's huge". Rob then said " I did tell you he was big but dont worry you'll be fine". I then stared at Eddy's boxers and although it was difficult to tell there did appear to be quite a bulge filling out his boxers. Almost immediately, Amanda sat down on her heels and then pulled down Eddy's Boxer's at first I couldn't see anything because she was in the way, but I did hear her gasp and say " Jesus". Then as Amanda moved to one side I saw the biggest cock I have ever seen, it was completely hairless and although it was only semi hard it must have been at least 9 inches long and really thick with great big veins running down it.

Amanda put a hand round Eddy's cock but it was that big her fingers only just went half way round the shaft. She looked up at Eddy and said " I'm not sure I can do this, your cock if fucking huge". Eddy just put his hand on her head and said " Don't worry, it won't get much bigger and I'll take things really gently to start". At the time I was completely spellbound, I felt completely inadequate next to Eddy who was stood there with a huge 10 inch hard on, but on the other hand I was really turned on by what was unfolding.

As  I continued to watch Eddy put a foot on the stool and his hands on his hips. Amanda then started to feed his massive cock head into her mouth, it was a real stretch but eventually she got it in and in no time saliva and pre-cum was running out of her mouth she greedily sucked Eddy's big cock.

After about 5 minutes Amanda stood up and took off her blouse to reveal she was wearing a black waspie that only just covered the nipples of her 36D's. Eddy gently pulled the small cups of her waspie away, leaving her tits fully exposed and as she sat on the stool he greedily started to suck her nipples whilst his hand and fingers went to work on Amanda's pussy. From where I was looking I could clearly see Eddy's fingers massaging Amanda's exposed clit, then diving into her pussy and even up her ass. At one point I could see that he had 2 or 3 fingers up my wife's ass, whilst his thumb massaged her clit and his tongue wrapped around her nipple's; it was also clear from Amanda's response that none of this was a problem as orgasm after orgasm hit her.

Next Eddy stood up and moved in between Amanda's legs as she lay back on the stool. I swallowed my breath as I thought to myself, he's going to fuck her now. I wasn't wrong, as Amanda's legs were moved back I heard Eddy say " Hold it you feed it in take as much as you want". Then between Eddy's legs I saw both of Amanda's hands grab his cock and feed it into her pussy. At first it wouldn't go in, his cock was that big it just pushed her pussy lips in, but after a while Amanda grunted a bit then her pussy lips just seemed to open up and start swallowing his huge cock head. Eddy then very slowly started to push his cock in and out of my wife's pussy, each time at little more until he had about 5 inches in her, then Amanda gasped " All of it, push it all in". She didn't have to ask twice Eddy lunged forwards until his balls slapped her arse. Then the fucking really started and as Eddy pounded Amanda's pussy all you could hear we're them grunting and his balls slapping against her ass.

I lost count how many orgasms Amanda had or how long Eddy had been fucking her but I then heard him say " Now for your big surprise" and in between Eddy's legs I could see him pull his huge cock right out of her pussy and then push it in her ass. He only managed to get half the cock head in, but I think that was all he wanted because almost immediately he started to cum and I could see spunk squirting out of her ass as his seed gushed out. Eddy then stood up and the spunk just ran out of Amanda's ass and down onto the leather stool. He then moved upto Amanda's mouth and offered her his cock, without hesitation she greedily started to suck and lick his softening weapon, much to the approval of the small crowd. Once she had cleaned Eddy, Amanda stood up and put one arm round his neck and slowly wanked his cock with her other hand as she said " Now that was amazing, I'm going to want more of this". "it certainly was" said Rob, this jerked me back to reality and I realised I had shot my load into my boxers. I also realised that despite my huge gut wrenching emotions over what I had just seen I needed to get out if I was not going to make a huge scene.

If you'd like to know anymore please post.