Written by Ian

20 Jun 2011

My name is Ian, 55 and married to Jan for 30 years. We have been swinging now for 5 years with Bob and Jenny – same age as us, and we have been friends since before we were married. In fact, Bob used to share a house with me and another friend Graham, in the 1970s, and something which happened then, led to our swinging adventures now.

Bob would often bring Jenny back to the house to stay, and Jenny has always been a flirt, and mischievous with a great sense of fun. One night back in 1978, she and Bob had been out for dinner, and came back to the house worse for wear. Not quite drunk, but very merry and they had obviously had a good evening.

My bedroom was next to Bob’s, and some nights I would hear the sounds of them making love coming through the walls.

I had already retired to bed when they came home, but could hear them giggling and laughing and then the sound of the bed next door creaking as they went at it.

I could not help imagining Jenny – slim, natural blonde, very pretty with long legs and a slender figure – riding Bob on the bed in the next room.

The creaking stopped, and I could just make out the sounds of a conversation, but not the words. The conversation became quite heated at one point, and then subsided into giggles.

The next thing I knew, there was a gentle tap on my bedroom door, it opened and I could just make out Jenny’s slender naked silhouette in the darkness. I froze, I had to remind myself to breathe. The bedroom door closed, and it was now very dark – my bedclothes were pulled back, and I felt a hand on my cock – which was now well and truly awake, and hardening fast.

I felt a wet warmness around my cock, then the prodding of a tongue and the drawing of teeth teasing up the length of my now erect cock. I put my hand on her head, feeling her blonde locks run through my fingers as she sucked and played with my penis.

Jenny was kneeling on the floor against the edge of my bed, her head busy with my cock, her left hand on my balls, with her right hand rubbing my chest. I moved my hand down from her hair, down her neck, and back, but I could not reach her bum.

The pleasure of having my cock sucked by this sexy, pretty young friend now had to fight with the guilt I felt at playing with my friend’s girl. “Jenny, why are you here, what is happening?” I managed to whisper.

The sucking stopped, her head lifted. “Bob can’t get it up tonight, and I need to be fucked. Don’t worry, I have often teased Bob and threatened to seduce you, and he is OK with it. Now, shift over and give me room to lie next to you.”

I shuffled across the bed, and Jenny silently lay down next to me, her hand now wanking my cock, to keep it interested, her mouth sought out mine, and we kissed, her tongue urgently piercing my mouth playing with mine. Without further ado, she climbed on top of me, I felt her stiff nipples on my chest as we kissed and ate each other.

“Its all right, I am on the pill.” She whispered in my ear, as she used her hand to position my rampant penis, and suddenly she pushed herself on to me, and I felt her pussy juices flowing over me.

“Mmmmm…….. your cock feels so good inside me.” Jenny was now riding me – slowly at first, then faster and more urgently, as she lost herself in our love-making. I tried to think about football, work, anything to stop coming too soon, I was not used to having sex – my last girlfriend had been months ago. I held Jenny’s bum on my hands and used these to slow her bouncing on me, but I could feel that I was not going to last much longer. If I was going to come inside Jenny, then I was going to fuck her properly. I rolled over so she was now underneath me, used my hands to push myself up and grabbed her legs behind the knees. Jenny knew what I wanted, and she opened her legs wide, and raised them so her feet were over my shoulders. I jerked my cock hard into her cunt, then back, then in again and again. She shuddered, moaned and cried “Yes, yes, yes.”

I felt my cum spurting into Jenny; she felt it too, “Mmmmmmm…. Nice and wet and warm.” She whispered.

We lay there – breathing heavily – what to do now? I had just fucked my friend’s girl, and he knew it.

Jenny kissed my cheek, “Don’t worry Ian, it will be all right.” And with that she rose off the bed and went back to Bob.

To Be Continued….