Written by Ian

21 Jun 2011

So, 25 years after a one-off fuck with Jenny, here I was climbing into the hot tub at our holiday Gite to join a topless Jenny while my wife and her husband were off at the shops.

I settled into the tub, me in my swimming trunks, Jenny in her bikini bottoms and both of us sipping wine while we enjoyed the sunshine.

“You don’t mind me being topless do you?” Jenny asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Not if you don’t.” Was all I could manage in reply.

“I often think of that night.” She said, “It was so naughty and erotic, fucking you while Bob was in the next room, knowing what we were doing.”

“What did he say when you went back to him?”

“Well, he wanted to know all the details, and whether I had cum, and what you did with me. That seemed to get him interested, and I gave him a nice blowjob, once he managed to get hard. You know that’s the only time I have been with another man since Bob and I started going out together.”

“I hope you were not disappointed, I wasn’t able to delay cumming for long.”

“Oh no, it was all about the moment, and I was hot for you, so I was thrilled rather than disappointed.”

We sipped more wine.

“I don’t suppose you fancy me now, 25 years older and fatter.” Jenny was teasing me again.

“Of course I fancy you, you might have put on a few pounds here and there, but you are still a hot sexy woman.” Was I falling into a trap here?

“Let’s see how much you fancy me, shall we?” and with that her hand went down my trunks, and around my stiffening cock, “Mmmm, you’re not kidding me are you, nice and interested……”. She began to wank my cock slowly under the water.

“Jenny, I never had chance to see your lovely body that night, show yourself to me now.” I ventured.

She let go my cock and stood up in the tub, her bikini bottoms inches from my face. “You can take them off if you like.” She laughed.

I nearly spilt my wine in my hurry to put the glass down, and took the bikini pants in both hands and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and stood before me. I was surprised, she was smooth – no hair at all, her pussy lips dark and pouting at me.

“Bob likes me to shave, or rather he likes to shave me.” She said giggling and finishing her wine.

I looked up at her, standing close – her wet breasts shining, her nipples stiff and rose pink, no longer chocolate coloured as they were last time I had seen them.

“Well, are you going to fetch more wine?” and she sat down letting the water lap at her nipples.

I climbed out of the tub, my swimming trunks around my knees, so I kicked them off, and took the empty glasses for a refill.

When I returned to the tub, Jenny was lying back, eyes closed, but I noticed her bikini bottoms had joined my trunks a few yards from the tub.

I walked around the tub and put the refreshed glasses down. I was now behind her; I couldn’t resist - my arms reached around her and grasped a breast in each hand.

“Mmmmm- that’s so nice. “ She murmured as I massaged her tits, gently squeezing her erect nipples in my fingers.

To be continued………..