Written by Ian

4 Jul 2011

My wife (Jan) and I were on holiday in France with our lifelong friends Jenny and Bob. Over the past 9 days at our remote Gite, Jenny had sucked me in front her her husband, and persuaded Jan to suck and now fuck Bob.

Jenny was impaled on my cock, bouncing up and down on it like a Pogo-stick, while I lay on a sunlounger, while Bob had Jan pinned on her lounger, her legs spread wide and over his shoulders, while he rammed his cock up her soaking wet pussy, the expression on her face a cross between a smile and a grimace. We were all naked.

No-one said anything, the only sound was the squelch of pussy on cock.

I gave up looking across at my wife fucking my friend, and concentrated on fucking Jenny – her mouth pressed on mine, our tongues playing furiously. I broke off our kiss and lifted Jenny a little so I could suck on her rock-hard nipples; biting and teasing them in turn. I had seen these nipples years before when she breast-fed her youngest in front of us, then they were chocolate brown and engorged, but now they were dark pink and standing like stalks.

A few minutes past, I lay back, tiring a little and just let Jenny ride me, feeling her pussy tighten around my penis. She slowed her movements, and told me to swap positions, so that I was on top with her flat on her back, legs wide while I pinned her with my cock. Jenny smiled and gazed across at the others. They had also swapped positions and Jan was now riding Bob while he sucked on her tits, Jan pushing them to his mouth.

“Give me your cum,” Jenny whispered, “I want to feel you flood me like you did all those years ago.”

I felt my loins stirring and the cum rising, and pounded her faster until I let go inside her, spurt after spurt filling her with my warm juice. “Oh, God – fuck, that’s so good.” Jenny weakly said, while her body shook underneath me in climax.

I collapsed on top of her, resting. Jenny looked over to Bob “Ian has just given me his load, and I am full of his juice. Time to give Jan yours!”

Bob let out a groan and jerked his cock sharply into Jan, emptying his balls into her cunt.

We were all spent. We sat sipping our wine, strangely silent, none of us knew exactly what to say.

Next, Jenny rose from her lounger and went across to Bob, and kneeling down, she took his now flaccid cock in her mouth, cleaning it with her tongue and lips.

Jan declined to follow suit, she just lay there watching.

To be Continued…