Written by Ian

6 Jul 2011

Our holiday in France with our friends Jenny and Bob had now turned into a fuckfest.

We lay on our loungers on the sun deck of our remote Gite after I had fucked Bob’s wife, Jenny, and Bob had well and truly fucked my wife Jan.

Jenny, the most out-going of us, as well as being mischievous, was still pretty (rather than beautiful – her mouth being a little too small) at 51 and after three children, she had filled out compared with the slender form who appeared in my bed all those years ago, but she was still shapely – helped by the fact that she was taller than average. Her hair – then cut as per Anna Wintour, but blonde – was now a longer shoulder length, thinner and curling outwards and upwards. Jenny’s breasts were one of her best features, large enough for her frame and full, but not dropped at all – she being an active sportswoman. Her pussy was lovely, generous dark outer lips, folded unless she was wet and open for sex. Jenny was smooth - the result of daily shaving rather than waxing - so sucking and licking her was a real pleasure, plenty to get your mouth around, and nice and open for a tongue to explore her pink slit.

We had lain in silence after the first fucking session until Jenny asked “Boys, if you want to fuck us rigid for the rest of this holiday, then you need to take measures to stop Jan and me getting sore in the pussy area.”

Bob didn’t know what she was driving at “What measures?”

“You have to massage your cum around Jan’s pussy, and Ian has to do the same with his cum and my pussy.” Jenny had a big smile on her face and laughed as she said this.

So, dutifully we set to, each carefully using our fingers to milk their pussies, and working the pale cream around their outer lips.

We dozed and/or read our books for a while and soon it was lunchtime.

Jenny then insisted that we play a game for lunch, the losers having to cook dinner that night. The game consisted of eating lunch while coupled – me inside Jenny, and Bob inside Jan.

Now you might have thought this was easy, but you would be wrong. The combination of giggling, teasing, and tightening of pussy around my cock, was very distracting. Jenny and I decided on the following approach:-

While I sat on a chair facing away from the lunch table, Jenny mounted me, her tits in my face, while - over my shoulder - she picked and ate her lunch. When she had eaten, we changed positions, and Jenny bent over a chair - her tummy resting on some extra cushions added to the chair - and I took her from behind while standing beside the lunch table. I managed to finish my lunch without cumming.

Bob and Jan began with Jan astride Bob both of them facing the table, but they found this was neither comfortable nor effective, and Jenny and I won the challenge, and had our dinner cooked for us.

After lunch was comparatively quiet, a soak in the hot tub, just lazing in the sunshine, a shower to freshen up, with reading and chatting in between.

Jenny asked for views on what sleeping arrangements for the remainder of the holiday were felt best, but made sure her choice held sway by immediately saying “Well, when I go home, I will have all the time in the world to sleep with Bob, and the same goes for Jan with Ian, so I propose we swop partners and I sleep with Ian and Jan sleeps with Bob.”

Dinner was very enjoyable, and afterwards we retired for an early night, Jenny with me and Jan with Bob.

In bed, Jenny snuggled up to me, her head on my shoulder, her hand gently on my cock, while my hand rested on her warm breast. After the days fucking, we were both tired and sleepy so it was not until the next morning when I woke feeling a warm mouth around my growing penis that we began again.

Afterwards, while lying together Jenny explained “You know Ian, I prefer sucking your cock to Bob’s. Do you know why? It’s because I have a small mouth, and Bob’s cock is thicker than yours and I cannot suck him for long without getting jaw ache. But your cock is just the right size for me, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy sucking without the aches.”

“Glad to be of service” I replied.

Jenny suddenly sat upright “Today is Bob’s birthday – I must go and give him a kiss and his present.” She disappeared in the direction of the other bedroom; while I wondered what birthday boy would be getting as a special treat from his wife and mine.

To be continued…..