29 Dec 2018

I imagine like lots of solo males on SH, Ive had a lot of unanswered mail, or even been stood up. Ive even met someone who was nothing like their profile (not even the same colour or gender!!). However when it goes well its worth all the effort.

Prior to the IT wobble just before Christmas, I had started a message exchange with a lady on here. Thankfully we exchanged numbers and reverted to whatsapp messaging. We couldnt fit in a meet pre christmas so settled on meeting this morning (Saturday). The lady lives in East sussex so we settled on Brighton Marina at 10.30am. She was a recent convert to hedonism, familiar with the brighton spa, a taste for multiple cocks, and bi curious. I floated the idea that if we clicked, we might go to the spa at midday when it opened for a fuck, which she didnt say no to.

As always, I set off in hope rather than with expectation, arriving half an hour early to make sure I parked etc. Messaged her and she was on her way. Sure enough, bang on 10.30 she arrived at Brighton Marina. We sat for a chat and discussed everything from sex to brexit. It was effortless. At 11.45 I simply asked her, "fancy the spa." She just smiled and said,..."Yes."

She came with me in my car, literally 5 mins drive to the spa. We parked, fed the meter and were first inside at midday sharp. Anyone familiar with the brighton spa will know its a small changing area and we stripped with no awkwardness. I liked what I saw. B is a beautiful black woman, in her 50s, with a delicious full figure and magnificent tits, matched by her fabulous smile.

We headed to the wet area and into a hot pool, chatted for 10 mins then headed to the play area. It was deserted however that wasnt an issue as we settled for the mirrored area. Lying down we chatted some more,,,about sexual likes and dislikes...and i started fingering her. It was all so natural. We snogged a bit and soon I was hard. "Lets just fuck" she urged. I climbed on, put her legs over my shoulders and entered her sodden cunt. We were soon hard at it, me pumping away, pulling her hair, calling her a slut etc. She was bucking under me and we never seemed to quite fuck in tandem but inbetween kissing her, sucking her tits, I was loving every second. I soon came, 2 days worth of man juice flooding her black cunt. I pulled out and immediately put my tongue up her, tasting our juices before sharing a salty kiss with her,

We lay next to each other, and soon I could feel life coming back to my cock. At this point she kneeled next to me, her arse facing the door and sucked my nipples while I jerked back to full erection. I was praying for someone to join us and fuck her but noone entered the room let alone entered her. Nevertheless I soon came, spurting on my stomach and she eagerly cleaned me with my tongue before a second salty kiss.

Time was against us as I had to be at work in Chichester around 2pm. It was 12. 40. I could do another 20 mins basically hoping to see B fucked by another guy.

We relocated to the large open play room, and chatted for 5 mins. A few guys milling around but none with the balls to stay or, god forbid, start a conversation. A couple came in and we started chatting. The guy said they usually came on a saturday evening and i guessed/hoped they were there to swap. During the conversation I mentioned B likes girls and boys so maybe we will come back. That gave the green light, the lady rolled over to approach B and they locked lips. The lady was also 50s, slim/med build, white, long red hair. Her partner was an older, smaller guy. I suggested relocating to a smaller private room and soon we were in private. The girls carried on snogging, fingering each other. The contrast in colour was so horny. I stepped back as the other guy started fingering B. We repositioned a little and the other guy was now focussed on B. He handed me a condom and I slipped effortlessly into his partner. She was absolutely soaking. She was loving it telling me shes a slut, and saying fuck me fuck me fuck me etc. I was pounding her, kissing her, and soon filled the condom. I lo0ked at B and although the other guy hadnt been able to get an erection, he was giving her orgasm after orgasm with his fingers and tongue. (In fairness to him... When I came out the hot pool I felt all my energy drained from me and had headed upstairs slowly to give me time to recover....hoping I'd be able to perform). Meanwhile I was shot, sat back and watched as the other lady got b on her back and feasted on her cunt. They swapped places and B couldnt get enough pussy. It was so horny that somehow I was hard again and wanking. The white lady latched onto one of my nipples, slipped a finger up my arse and I could feel myself about to cum,,,again. "Im cummin" I said, B was up and next to my cock but I wasnt quite there yet. So B latchen onto my other nipple, the lady slipped a second finger up my arse and It was enough for me to cum..for the 4th time, "OK, now." Both ladies almost fought over my cock, the white lady winning sucking me bone dry, her fingers still pumping my arse, meanwhile b was lapping up cum from my stomach, hitting my ticklish spots in the process but I managed to not laugh. Then the white lady gave me my 3rd salty kiss of the day. B sucked my cock but it was lifeless and I was well and truly done

We said our goodbyes, and (really I was sooo fuckin late for work at this point), B and I were soon changed and left. So if youre the mature white couple from eastbourne, who told us about the club in Ely Cambs, please please get in touch.

B, if youre reading this, please add a version from your perspective.

Meet two.. Well we're planning a "super Saturday." thinking about the Brighton spa for more of the above from midday until 3 ish. Drive to the spa in kentish town from 5.30 until around 9pm. Then head to Radlett or vanilla alternative or somewhere similar from 10 until the early hours.