Written by cryptlovers

12 Sep 2010

This happened towards the end of the 90's. I can not be sure when but I now it was before the millenium.

My then boyfriend and I ( now Hubby)were both living in Bristol, we had a flat by the HTV studios. We used to frequent the pubs around the area, which were typically full of locals and very young people.

Any decent club worth a visit were based in Bristol Centre. so how we ended up at a club called either the "Darkside" or maybe the "Parkside" I can not remember!

Any way, we danced, drank, had a smoke in the carpark, and danced some more.

Left the club, pissed and I needed to go home and be fucked.

Craig wanted to take a walk behind beside the club . because he has a thing about graveyards, to be fair, being Gothish, we both did....

Anyway we were walking and kissing, Craigs cock was massive, we found a nice quiet spot, secluded, nice and smooth black marble, Craig spread out his black leather trench coat and I got into my favourite doggie position, dave wasted no time, he had his hand up my red tartan skirt, pulled apart my flimsy wet black panties and started to finger fuck me, I was gagging for it, I was twisting the collar` around my neck nearly cumming there and then. Then Craig, said "sorry babe I need a piss". I told him to hurry up then.

What happened next has stayed with me for over ten years. Almost seconds after Craig disappeared into the bushes, I stayed arss in air skirt around my waist,, pissed and stoned. Voices appeared,and out of nowhere a guy in a suit walk up to me, and said Darling you need fucking, I said my boyfriend has just gone for a jimmy, He laughed and said "You piss, . then you miss"

Pulled out his cock and stuck it in my face, why I never screamed I dont know. I just opened my mouth , he entered I sucked, that was so incredibly hot and horny what was horier, was that there was another suit grabbing my waist and proceedind to fuck, me, I am ashamed to say, I let him . he was not as big as Craig but bigger than the suit fucking my mouth, the guy in my pussy was calling a dirty little punk slut, hanging around waiting for cock, the guy in my mouth was just mean , grabbing the back of my collar and almost choking me, It could only have been seconds, maybe a minute, two at the most, then I heard Craig say"where the fuck are you, the two cocks that had just violated my cunt and mouth, just pulled away, I gasped, wiped cum away from my mouth, and half shouted half whispered, over here..

The suits were already adjusting themselves and walking down the path, Craig appeared out of nowhere, the guys looked around, Craig, told them to keep on walking, this one is all spoken for, and started to to try and finger me again. I was sated, and did not want Craig to find out he was having Sloppy wseconds, to be honest I am not sure if the guy in my pussy shot his cream, but I know one thing for sure I shot mine.

We went back home, Craig tried to fuck me, I sucked him off, went for a shower, used a bottle of bath oil to fuck my self and never mentioned it again. Why mention it now, I am not sure, maybe because we are in Bristol in Oct, and Craig said how he wished he'd been more adventerous in our early days and asked me if I rememmbered that night at the Darkside, I claimed I never, because I never know with Craig,he can be really jealous, he says he wants be to be a cock slut but get angry when I suck off strangers etc.