Written by John-allen

15 Oct 2013

Ann was sitting and chatting to a young guy we knew. I was sitting opposite, watching what was going on. She was sitting with her skirt riding up, showing of her legs and the tops of her stockings. He could see her red briefs, just enough to excite.

Was she doing it deliberately? We had talked about her being fucked by a much younger guy, and maybe has decided to do it now.

Possibly, for she notices the bulge in his trousers, and slowly works towards if, before laying her hand in it, feeling him harden even more to her light touch.

"My, you are a big boy" she murmured "How old are you?"

The bulge grew. "19" he answered nervously.

"Well, let’s see what we have here" she said, expertly undoing his trousers so they fell to the floor.

His cock was straining against his pants, which she brushed lightly with her hand. Slipping both of her hands into them, she lowered them to the ground, exposing his great cock. Hot, red and swollen.

His pants had a damp patch and as his cock sprung free she saw a glistening drop of precum on the tip of the huge head if his prick. "What's that? It never done that before" he said, a little worried. "Mmmmmmmm, that's so nice, nothing to worry about, it’s quite alright" she whispered, before leaning forward and licking the clear drop from his cock "That tastes good" she said.

She moved closer, taking the head of his cock into her mouth. "What are you doing" he managed to say as she started licking and sucking the bulb. He stopped speaking as the intense feeling suddenly took over in response to her attentions. Slowly she took the length if his cock into her mouth and to the back if her throat, all the time sucking his glorious cock. He started to react, jerkily, thrusting forward as the pleasure increased and he began to enjoy what she was doing to him for the first time

All the time I am watching, transfixed.

Ann continued sucking his hard cock, taking deep down her throat, before pulling back do she could run her tongue around the hot throbbing bulb of lovely member. At the same time she was cradling and squeezing his heavy balls, hair free and smooth, like his cock.

She had always said size didn't matter she was enjoying his huge cock. Ken wasn't small, 6" or so when really hard, but his was much bigger, she reckoned about 8" or 9", maybe even more, as he was still getting harder from her attentions.

She could feel his ball sac tighten, and his breathing was getting harder as he responded by thrusting his cock in her mouth. Sending he was nearing his climax she stopped. "Do you know what happens next?" she whispered. "No" he replied, "I've not done this before". "Not even played with yourself and made yourself cum?" she asked. "I don't know what you mean" he managed to say, aware that something was happening that he liked. Something that he thought he liked a lot, but didn't know why. "Let's see what happens" she said, as she started to stroke his rampant cock. "Don't worry, just lie back and see what happens when I do this".

He laid back and Ann admired his young body, smooth to the touch. His cock was throbbing and twitching as he was getting close to his first climax. "Mmmmmmm" she said softly as her fingers lightly danced over his chest and done towards his cock "You are big boy! Do you like this?" He could only moan in reply.

Reaching behind her she took a tube of ky and put some of the cold gel on the end of his cock. He took sharp breath as she started to spread the slippery gel over his red and hot bulb and then down the shaft of his prick. Her hand glided slowly and smoothly down, the sensation was electric, he had never felt anything like this before.

Slowly and deliberately she gently wanked his cock stopping when she felt he was reaching the point of no return as she wanted to control when he shot his first load, she wanted to make sure that he delivered a big load.

His breathing was testing faster, shallower, and he couldn't stop himself from moaning with pleasure to what Ann was doing to him. His cock was hot and so hard and he couldn't stop himself from thrusting his pelvis forward harder and harder. "Not long now, my little one. My, my, look at your cock! It’s so big! I need to feel you inside me soon!"

Ann continued to slip her hand up and down his straining and lubed cock, pausing now and then to stop and gently massage the huge bulb at the tip. The tiny ridges of her fingers and palm of her hand only raised the pleasure to excruciating levels but expertly she always stopped before he shot his virgin load.

Her hand glided slowly and smoothly down, the sensation was electric, he had never felt anything like this before.

Ann continued to stroke his cock, still slippery with ky, and watched as it seemed to continue to swell. He must be 9 or 10" she thought. She laid her head on his chest so she could watch the result of her handiwork. He drew up his legs and splayed them so his cock and balls were completely free. She stopped stroking him for a moment and slipped her hand down between his legs and gripped his ball sac firmly.

He responded with a sharp intake of breath and a gasp. Returning to his cock she sensed he was ready to shoot his virgin load. Still gently playing with the tip of his cock she used the palm of her hand in a circular motion just on the tip of his glans. He drew his legs up further and with a sudden cry his virgin hot white spunk shot out of his cock in pulses, spraying over his stomach, Ann's face and hair. It seemed to carry on for ages as he continued to shoot his spunk in bursts, accompanied by cries of pleasure.

His spunk jetted out in arcs and chains of pure white, hot and sticky. "Oh, you lovely boy" she said "Look at what you have done for me!"

Ann licked up all if his virgin cum with relish, "You taste so good" she said as she scooped up a lovely blob of spunk she had missed "you got anything more for me? I reckon you have, loads if it just waiting to spurt out again"

"a lovely lad like you has loads to give. You just need to know how to enjoy it. Did you enjoy that feeling when you shot your load?"

He could only reply to Ann with a strangled cry and a nod. "You lovely naughty dirty boy you want me to do that to you do again?" she purred.

He could only nod in agreement