Written by richasit

19 Dec 2014

A tame account compared to many other stories on here but we are working up to it. My partner and I had a very "interesting" holiday in the South of France in the summer which has opened our eyes to the possibility of introducing another person for our sexual education/experimentation. I should say that X is a very attractive woman in her early 50`s with a sexy body/outlook, a real head turner and looks much younger than her true age. The incident in question happened quite by accident when she was sunbathing some way away from me as I sheltered from the sun while reading. She was approached and chatted up by a much younger opportunistic man thinking she was alone and obviously was attracted by her as much as I am. He proceeded to get very close and made a number of suggestions about going for a drink with him all of which she parried half heartedly by saying I was with her and sitting some distance away. This episode was a massive boost to her ego and her feeling of her desirability to be able to attract a man some 20 years her junior but it was no surprise to me that any man of any age would want to get into her knickers and fuck her.

I should say that we have never been swingers or into 3 somes but do have a great sex life together which is always horny and exciting whenever we get the chance to have private time together.

With hindsight and reflection we could easily have engineered for this Frenchman to have joined us in our nearby hotel but at the time we did not realise the potential or if it would have a detrimental effect on our relationship. However, later that day when back in our room we had some incredible sex which I am sure was driven by X`s experience and my thoughts of being part of what would have been a very hot 3 some. It was undoubtedly a sexy opportunity missed as being far away from home with inhibitions lowered and feeling highly sexed up we could have happily played for many hours. Only a few days later realising what we may have missed out on I suggested that we visited the same area to see if our friend was going to show again. Although this time we were mentally better prepared and certainly "sexed" up with the expectations of what might happen no new opportunity arose and as it was the end of our holiday we then had to fly home.

If we do put our toes into the water it would represent an entirely new direction for us as we are only 2 adults fairly uninhibited and willing to experiment to maintain and keep fresh our brilliant sex life. Already my mind is wandering towards next years holiday destinations and whether we cannot try one or two new things like those suggested.

I also like the thought of X going out without panties when on holiday and would love the chance to "show" her off in certain situations as well as arranging for a blindfold sex session whereby she can enjoy the attentions of me and another without always knowing who was fingering her pussy, sucking her erect nipples or fucking her and opening up the possibility of double penetration at the same time. I have many ideas which I know she will like when adequately aroused. The important thing for really good sex is to create the right scenario/atmosphere with the mind playing an important part in getting ones body in the mood by way of increased wetness, aroused clitoris/nipples and cocks thinking clearly about what is about to happen as well as satisfying ones fantasies. So roll on our next holiday abroad and hope we have as much fun as we anticipate. I will keep you posted and relate any happenings but

your thoughts on what we should do, where we should go in Europe and/or any other advice would be appreciated.