Written by Lisa

20 Feb 2018

I suppose the main thing you should know when reading this is that I love my husband dearly and think he is amazing for putting up with my sex addiction. I just can’t resist a good looking or well endowed man and that has got me into all sorts of problems.

My problem is that I have got such a high sex drive that I think about sex and being pleasured constantly. Ideally I’d have sex two or three times a day and pleasure myself in between as well.

Luckily my husband has a high sex drive as well but even he cant keep up with my needs. Soon after we married he stopped wanting sex as much. I was determined to be faithful, and had been up until this point, but I became more and more desperate for sex.

I had one of my vibrators or dildos out as soon as he went to work and often had several sessions with them during the day but I missed and needed real sex. Most of the day at home I’d walk around naked and sunbathed nude in my secluded garden.

Then one day it happened and I was unfaithful. It was summer a few years ago and the doorbell rang. I was naked and had just started playing with myself on my bed with a vibrator looking at one of my husbands porn mags. I grabbed a smallish towel holding it in front of myself as I opened the front door.

It was a guy from a glazing company touting for business. Normally salesmen get a swift no thank you and I was about to do the same when I saw that this young guy was really hot.

I asked him to hold on and I wrapped the towel round myself and invited him in. I’m slim and busty and guess fairly pretty. The towel wasn’t the biggest and showed my ample cleavage and just about covered my bum.

I was horny and wanted him. I spoke to him just wearing my towel. I made him tea and he bored me talking about replacement windows. I made sure I sat directly opposite him, slightly parting my legs and I could tell he was trying to be good and not look.

In the end he couldn’t stop himself having sneaky looks so I became more daring parting my legs slightly wider. I was sure he got glances of my pussy. I used the fact we were talking about new windows to twist in my seat to point at issues with my lounge window. I deliberately let my legs part as I twisted round really exposing my pussy to him. I could tell he was having a good look as i turned back.

Then I remembered that on my bed was the open porn mag and my vibrator. Pretending I was interested in new windows I invited him to look around with me to give me an idea on price. He had a nice bulge appearing in his trousers by this time. I started really flirting saying how I liked smart men and that I wasnt used to having such a good looking man in my house etc.

At my bedroom I ushered him in first and he clearly saw what was on the bed, although pretended not to.

So I made an issue of grabbing them and telling him I was so embaressed. I had the mag in one hand and vibrator in the other. He was actually more embarrassed than me and made some comment about us all being entitled to have a bit of fun. I replied saying something about it’s what you have to do when your husband neglects your needs.

I wanted him to man up and just take me there and then but he didn’t, so I went to put the items away in the bottom drawer of my bed side cabinet. Deliberately i turned away from him and bending right over opened the drawer. This almost completely exposed my bum to him. My legs were slightly parted so he probably saw my pussy lips as well. I was so horny at this point I was gagging for it.

As I turned round I said again that I was so embarrassed. He told me not to be and I could tell he was hard as had a massive bulge. He then did man up and said that he couldn’t believe that my husband has been neglecting me and that if I was his wife he would ensure I was kept satisfied.

I just looked at him with lust in my eyes and put my hand on the top of my towel and asked him if I should take it off. He nodded and I undone it letting it fall to the floor.

There I was in my own marital bedroom naked in front of a hot mid twenties guy in a suit with a hard on. I lay on my bed and unashamedly opened my legs wide and parted my pussy lips for him. I had a very short trimmed Brazilian but the rest of me was perfectly smooth.

I demanded that he lick me and he hurriedly stripped to his pants and soon his head was between my legs and tongue buried in my wet pussy. Soon he was finger fucking name as well. Within minutes I was orgasming very loud, soaking him in the process. I pushed him on his back and released his hard cock.

He was big and cut, and remember him as one of my biggest with a nice big helmet. I suck cock well and was soon deep throating him and before long he told me he was cumming and I happily took his load swallowing it all.

I wanted more and guided his hand back to my pussy. He sucked on my tits and I played with him and he was soon hard again.

Demanding he fuck me he was soon entering me with his big cock and I was in heaven. I was on my back and had my legs over his shoulders, my favourite position.

He gave me one of my best ever fucks. He was bigger than my husband and fucked me harder and lasted longer giving me multiple screaming orgasms. This is very rare for me so was also one of my most memorable fucks.

I was very loud and was soon riding him like a complete slut groping my own tits as I cum over and over.

When he was about to cum I made him cum over my face. I love that. He didn’t cum that much but I still had a good squirt of spunk over my face.

He went home happy and we met up for sex a few times after. When he went I felt as guilty as anything vowing to myself never to do anything like that again. But I did. After that I wanted more and more sex with strangers and slept with quite a few guys, sometimes more than one at a time. I was addicted and felt bad but always wanted my next fix.

Eventually my husband caught me in bed with another guy at a party. That was the best thing that happened to me. He said he’d known I’d been sleeping around and confessed to getting to being turned on by it. He fully forgave me.

I still fuck loads of guys but now do it with his consent. He loves me telling him all the details as we fuck later.

He has set me up with guys and now watches and occasionally joins in. He loves it when they cum in me and always licks me out after, the dirty bastard.

He is the best husband ever.