Written by a husband

3 Aug 2011

Anne my wife and myself where enjoying life after the kids had flown the nest, some new found freedom after all the years of having them round, Anne said there must be more to life and we should do things, at the time I was thinking she meant going out and not have rush home to make sure the kids had got in and they where okay and so on,we did go out had a few weekends away, Anne seemed to enjoying it, I did scene some times she wan't as happy as she made out, a few months past by and it became obvious that some thing wan't quite right odd thing she said and I had joined the pool team at the local pub, she used to come down on mach nights and I thought she enjoyed it, then she said you go by yourself I will stay in she sorter lost interest, okay I can live with that but she would get a bit moody as well some times but wouldn't say whats wrong, by then I was running the pool team and that was taken more of my time,but hay whats better than having to pop down the pub to sort some thing out a dam good excuse to have a couple of beers when you are there

Time past a couple of months later, Anne said she like a night out with her mates, so that became the normal thing with in a few weeks and to be honest she seemed to enjoy it, that went from about every other weekend to most weekends,I noticed she got a bit more dressed up as the weeks pasted and I mention it, she replayed us girls like to look our best all my friends do,are you jealous or some thing

Anne got later coming home saying they when to a club, have I got a problem with that, well no, its nice to see her enjoying herself,this became the usual thing Anne going off down town with her friends on a weekend and me to the pub with the lads, it was not till one night I was having a drink with my mates and I went for a piss and in the bog there was two younger lads that come in the pub, as I walked in one was saying that his missus, the other said NO, anyway they left but when I went back to the bar they where looking at me and talking to some other mates who looked my way

It was about that time our sex life had gone down hill, it had gone from about once a week to once a month, Anne seemed to lose interest, and when it did happen she jest lay there as if she wanted to get it over with, we had that when the kids where small and she had to get up in the night to look after them

WE had a couple of rows she picked on me I am sure it had nothing to do with me, and some times there be an atmosphere if she had been out, I came home one night from work and court her on the phone to some one she jumped and hung up as soon as she saw me, I started noticing odd things,one thing that now comes to mind is when she went out she shower and when she got home what ever time it was she have another one before coming to bed and some times she put on a night gowned as well this after she been out the rest of time it be a baggy tee shirt, then one afternoon I was in the garden and I was looking at the grass where a car had run over it as they turn by the bungalow, my neighbor looked over, I said to him you think Anne stop doing that, he said no its not her its your friend in his black car I have seen him do it

Well some thing didn't seem quite right, so I asked Anne who the black car was she was very hesitant saying it must of been some when we where out, a few weeks later I happened to drive down our road in the afternoon and fuck me there was a black BMW on our drive I had to look twice, I stopped got out and went in as I opened the door I could hear a mans vice and a giggle that was Anne's I pushed the lounge door open and she sat on the sofa with a bloke he looked dark Ashen looking, his arm round her shoulder the other had cupping her breast outside her blouse, they didn't notice me for a second or two he did first with a look of shock on his face as I said what the fucks going on here, they jumped apart before I could say any more Anne shouted at me saying it your fault you idiot, the guy had got up as if to leave she told him to stay where he was, I had never seen Anne like this it rocked me back on my heels, she told the guy jest stay here and looking me said in the kitchen, I followed her, once in there she turned looking me in the eye now its up to you either you except this or you leave now think about I mean it

I was gobsmacked, we will talk about this tonight, she stood in front of me in a mini skirt a blouse I could see she was bra-less under it she was as tall as me with high heels on, her attitude was like nothing I seen in her before, she went to say I think you had better go now, I found myself at the front door and Anne holding it open for me, as I past the lounge I court sight of the bloke he looked nervous, in a daze I went back to my car and jest sat there, all sorts of questions going threw my head, that bloke he look very dark he only be in his mid to late twenties, she is forty I sat there for a time but I did have to go back to work I did and left at fore not five I drove home feeling sick

As I pulled onto the drive his car had gone, I was early I let myself in I could hear the shower Anne must be in there,I look in the bedroom the cloths she had on lay on the floor the duvet was off the bed the bottom sheet was rucked up pillow every where a wet patch in the middle, there was still a smell of sex in the room

Anne came out the bathroom naked, she looked at me in a almost cold way saying your early, I was going to have this tidied up before you got home it been better if you never sore this, we have got to talk and sort this out