Written by Mr_Mick

15 Jul 2009

Driving home the other night, my girlfriend who had been drinking got the horn! We had just dropped a friend off where she was staying and my girlfriend decided that she wanted to remove her trousers while I was driving.

Continuing on along the motorway she opened her legs and demanded that I play with her! Clearly, I did not need telling twice.

I had no choice but to leave the motorway early and find a secluded spot. The place that I was aiming for was no longer there having been blocked off by the council so there was other option than to pull up at a layby with traffic passing. Well, it was very late!

No sooner had we stopped than she was undoing mt belt and trousers taking my now very hard cock into her mouth. Fantastic!

I'm a big fat bloke and there was no way she was able to straddle me with me behing the wheel so I jokingly suggested that she could sink down onto the gear stick. At first that was a no but within a few minutes she was up for it. She sank down onto the gear stick and came several times. I did not know wheather to laugh or shoot my load!

When she had finished, about 20 minutes later, we continued our journey back home where we shagged for hours.

Whats next? I don't know, but I do know that I am looking forward to finding out.