Written by Lewis

6 May 2018

Before she met me my wife was in a relationship with an army guy. His name was Patrick and they called him Patty. He did a few overseas deployments and a couple in Afghanistan and unfortunately lost his life on the last one.

All that aside when she met me he had been gone about a year.

I am totally civilian which after being mixed up with the army and his friends was a major change for her. They had supported her well after his death but all the locality and mateship got a bit much for her.

We have been very happy with each other but she did tell me about some of what went on before me.

They had been together for about 6 months and he was on leave before being deployed and they went to the coast for the last few days. They stayed in a hotel and his mate from the unit was with them. He stayed in the next room.

He was very close to his mate as many army types are when their life depends on one another. The mates name was Andy

As you can imagine Patty fucked her as much as possible while he was on leave before going away and he had just nailed her again. The door opened and in walked Andy.

She was a bit embarrassed but Patty told her to be cool and then said to give Andy a go.

She didn’t think he was serious but he was.

Andy was soon out of his clothes and all over her. She was resisting but Patty was telling her to stop fighting and enjoy it. Andy slipped inside her and she admitted to me that he felt good and she stopped fighting it and actually enjoyed it.

Andy lasted a good while before cumming in her. I suggested to her that Andy probably had been wanking every time Patty fucked her which would have helped make him last or maybe because she was sloppy from Patricks cum.

She said no, he always made it last.

Anyway for the next 2 days every time Patty fucked her, Andy followed.

When they returned after their deployment the same thing. If Andy was around he always got to follow after Patty.

It was never a threesome or anything remotely like that, just Andy fucking her when Patty had finished. Patty often would leave the room maybe to get a beer or watch TV even.

Patty told her they had been doing it for years.

He told her that before her when he had got a girl whether it was a one nighter or a steady he tried to get the girl to let Andy fuck her. It was like a code between them.

They had even done it with whores (prostitutes).

He assured her that since being with her that they never went with whore when they were deployed away but she never knew if that was true.

She became quite accustomed to having sex with both men. She never felt any love for Andy in fact he never kissed her. He would suck her tits often while he fucked her and if he did her doggie he would really slam it into her. Andy was more adventurous than Patty.

She did cum on Patty’s cock but when Andy took over she came over and over.

Since Patty was killed she never saw Andy again. He was injured as well and wasn’t at the funeral.

That was all about 12 years ago and one Sunday we walked into a country pub to have lunch and she saw him. He was having lunch with another couple.

She told me she recognised him. She said “That’s Andy, Patty’s friend”. I said the first thing that come into my mind “you mean the one that used to fuck you”.

She got embarrassed and said “shhhh, someone may hear you”.

I told her to go and say hello, which she did.

He was surprised but very nice to her and she brought him over to me and introduced us.

He had to go back to his friends but they exchanged numbers as he said he would like to talk about Patty with her.

They did meet for coffee and he told her about what actually happened to Patrick which pleased her. He then visited us at our house a few times. She enjoyed his visits and when he left we had some long and dirty fucks.

It was after one of these I asked her if she wanted to fuck Andy again.

She said “no, she didn’t want him especially, but remembered what it was like when he fucked her after Patrick was finished”. I then asked her if she wanted to get Andy to fuck her after me.

She then asked me “how would you feel about that”?

I had to be honest, I didn’t know. I had never thought about her going with someone else but the stories about what Patty and Andy did to her always turned me on.

So I offered to try it and told her to ask Andy if he was interested. I said we could try it once if it was ok with Andy and go from there.

Of course he would do it, who wouldn’t?

We met him in the afternoon at a hotel where she had booked a room. I took a bottle of champagne and a few beers just to help relax. It was not needed.

She was excited and once in the room quickly lost her clothes. She didn’t mind being naked in front of Andy.

I took a little time to get stiff but she played and sucked me until I was ready. Andy just sat back and waited. He had taken off his clothes. I did sneak a casual look at his cock to check out its size. I am about 6 and a half inches and he is about the same.

I fucked her. She was very wet and moved under me a lot and she soon came. I fucked her some more and after she came again I came in her.

As soon as I climbed off her Andy moved in and very quickly pushed his hard cock into her. There was no lead up just bang and he was balls deep.

Then he got into a steady rhythm. He used long strokes and kept it up for ages. She came quite a few times before he let himself cum inside her.

That was the plan, she didn’t want condoms. She wanted it just like before.

Since then we see him about 3 times a month and have done for over a year. When we can get enough privacy he has stayed a whole day and over night and we repeat it as much as we can. She likes that.

He always follows me. He has never kissed her on the lips. At the most it’s a peck in the cheek when he arrives. He never does anything to her regarding foreplay, fingering or oral, it’s just straight fucking. That’s the way she likes it, me too.