Written by Ally S

28 Apr 2009

I often read here about people's pleasure fucking with strangers. For my part there's nothing to beat regular sex with the same person, provided he's inventive, prepared to experiment and as concerned about the pleasure he's giving me as that which I'm giving him.

I’ve been married for almost 20 years and have had a lover for more than 12. I don’t think my situation is very different from most other women’s though I realise my solution may be. My husband is a good man, a loving father to our two teenage children and a good provider. The trouble is that our love-making is predictable and hasn’t changed much since we weremarried. Not only is it predictable but he’s unwilling to discuss any suggestions I’ve ever

made to enliven things. Oral, anal or even wanking over my breasts simply aren’t in his repertoire.

That was why, when an old flame came back into my life a dozen or so years back, I started my second life which continues to this day. Unlike my husband, who was a almost a virgin when we married, Dave had bedded many girls before he’d added me to the list - one of the things which had made him a bad bet for marrying when we’d first met.

I suppose the difference is experience and Dave, who’s become a serial bachelor, has gone on adding to his stock of sexual experience ever since our youth.

My husband’s love-making isn’t unenjoyable, just routine. Instead of turning away from me in bed he faces me. That’s when I know sex is on his mind. He touches my left breast (always the same one first) gently caressing the breast and then the nipple. Then the same with the right one. Then he puts his hands between my legs, rubs my slit with his mddle finger and then slips it inside my cunt. That’s when he likes me to touch his cock, not before,

pulling the foreskin back gently, for a few minutes before slipping underneath him, raising my knees slightly and guiding his cock inside me. We hump for a few minutes after which he comes with a grunt, tells me “that was lovely” and rolls off. Within minutes he’s asleep and I’m left unsatisfied and horny.

Dave and I meet three or four times a month at an hotel about 20 miles away. We have a drink in the bar, a snack and then go to our room. There’s no rush and nothing is ever the same. Dave likes me to wear sexy lingerie, his favourite is silk French knickers of which I have amassed quite a collection over the years - my husband believes I prefer them because they’re comfortable. Our love-making begins when we’re still dressed which means by the time I’m ready to screw my whole body is tingling with anticipation. Sometimes we undress completely, on other times Dave will just pull the leg of the French knickers aside to get to my cunt or my bottom, whichever he’s going to fuck.

Before that is a period of sheer heaven during which Dave will remove my clothing, tease, squeeze and touch me in the most intimate places and ways. Of course we have our favourite

things. For my part I love my bottom being licked. Naturally I’m clean and fresh before we start but the feeling I get when his tongue presses into my bottom is sheer bliss. Dave is easy

to please but simply loves - and cannot stand for long - me pushing my tongue inside his foreskin and licking round the helmet of his cock.

We both enjoy holding back actual fucking until the pre-screw is supreme. He will pull the lips of my cunt apart with two fingers and gently dip his middle finger inside, slipping into my inner cunt, pushing the inner lips aside. I adore it when he licks and kisses my clitoris - it is so sensitive that even his breath on it makes me tremble.

Eventually when neither of us can wait any longer Dave penetrates me, but even then in so many different ways I never know what to expect. Sometimes he holds my ankles up, other times he puts my knees under his armpits. Each position means his cock touches a different part of my cunt, sometimes one side or the other, on others deep to the back. As the climax builds for both of us we engage in mutual screwing. The idea of lying back still and having a cock rammed into me has never appealed; I want to take part, to give as much and as hard as I’m getting. I want my clitoris engaged so that as Dave’s cock begins to swell until it feel as if it’s going to burst inside me, his shagging will take me to orgasm as well. Whatever people say, in my opinion there’s nothing to compare with a mutual orgasm, but it’s up to the woman

to make sure that the shafting her partner’s giving her is doing the right job, touching the right places at the right time.

The only exception I make to giving Dave as good a screwing as he’s giving me, is when he fucks my bottom, often when I’m on my period. Despite our indulgence over the years, my bottom is still quite small and needs a lot of gentle lubrication and findling before I’m ready to receive a cock. Dave always applies the KY jelly himself - we make it part of the build-up. Once he’s smeared load of the jelly around and inside my bottom (and I love it as his finger pushes inside me) he adds a covering to his cock so that as a turn on to my face, I glance at his glorious rampant cock, not over-long but wide and very veiny, shining like a polished truncheon. Because the initial entry is tender I keep quite still in the position that over the years we’ve found best with my legs apart but flat on the bed and my hips slightly turned up to receive his cock.

As the head of his cock presses against my bottom I’ve learned how to relax my muscle and allow his solid but supremely slippery cock to push into my anus. The deeper it goes, the more wonderful the sensation. Quite different to having a cock up my cunt, when Dave gives it to me in my bottom the feelings are quite different. Once he’s completely inside me and I feel his balls gently banging against my cunt, I know its time. The actual shagging is so intense, the emotions so sublime neither of us can wait for Dave to shoot his come deep inside my bottom. I’ve never managed to climax during anal but once he’s subsided and slips out of my bottom and I tighten my muscle to keep as much of his come inside me, then he rolls me over and takes me to climax, over and over again my licking my nipples and working my clitoris with his fingers.

Anal doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as being fucked in the cunt, but against that as I drive home and for most of the day I have the beautiful sensation of Dave’s come dripping slowly out of my bottom, reminding me of the wonderful sex my lover brings into my life.