Written by Eyes opened John

23 Nov 2017

I have just returned from ten days in Malta, and what a holiday experience it was so I would like to share it with you.

I’m a 40 year old male divorced and had some holiday due me from work, I decided to visit Malta as I’d never been before. I stayed in one of the many hotels in Qawra. They had entertainment every night I had noticed there were more women than men and thought I might be lucky, there were three women dancing on their own, so after a few beers for Dutch courage and by now I was merry and couldn’t care less, as I approached one of them I thought what’s the worst thing that could happen she could always tell me fuck off.

I asked one of the ladies to dance and she said yes the group played a slow number and we started to dance as we moved across the dance floor my hand slowly moved down her back until it reached her arse I started to caress it, she seemed to like it as she looked at me and smiled, I whispered in her ear you are beautiful she blushed.

I danced with all three and later joined them at their table and as we chatted. I discovered that two were Sisters-in-law Jennifer who was 49 and Alice who was 44 and Sarah the one who I touched on the arse was to my surprise 62; she was Alice’s mother, Jennifer and Alice were married and were here because their husbands were in Portugal on a golfing break, Sarah was widowed and had been for some time.

After many more drinks and dances, and me flirting with Sarah, about 11 o’clock Jennifer and Alice said they were feeling tipsy and were going to retire for the night, Alice told Sarah to go to bed as well, I got up to bid them good night and kissed Jen and Alice on the cheek Sarah let them go ahead then gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear room 507 in half an hour.

I had a few reservations I pretty certain of what she wanted and I’d never fucked an older woman before and Sarah’s own daughter was 4 years older than me.

Exactly 30 minutes later I was knocking on her door, she let me in, she was dressed in a silk dressing gown loosely tied with a belt I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra as it was gaping, I moved closer and we started to kiss passionately I pulled the belt undone and slipped off her gown it slid to the floor she was naked and for a woman of 62 had a good body, I dropped to my knees and started to kiss her just above her belly button slowly moving down until I was sucking on her hairy mound, I stripped off and we were soon on the bed, I started to play with her clit until it was soaking as I entered her warm wet pussy it felt tight we slowly started to fuck after about twenty minutes I shot my spunk inside her pussy there was loads of it.

Afterwards Sarah confessed she hadn’t had sex for at least 18 years and thought she never would again.

We fucked again that night I left her room about three; Sarah made me promise not to tell a sole.

The following morning at breakfast Sarah acted as though nothing had happened the previous night.

That evening and for the rest of the week the four of us drank and danced together and Sarah visited my room every night where fucked each other senseless.

I’m sure Alice would have been horrified to learn her mother was being fucked in every conceivable position every night by a man younger than her.

I never contemplated that fucking an older woman could give so much pleasure and it has opened my eyes to a new world, i'm now wondering how old is too old?