Written by Jane's Hubby

7 Mar 2011

Just got back from a couple of weeks on Margharita, the holiday island off the coast of Venezuala. Bit naff really but we did get a few adventures in!

Fortunately Jane packed her WWs. For those of you that don't know about WWs, they're really micro tiny bikinis and when they get wet they go totally sheer. Totally! Top and bottom!

So after checking out the hotel and pool, we headed right down the far end of the beach. We dropped our towels up against the line of undergrowth at a spot that had a few bushes screening us from the sea so we could see without being right on display. A little privacy. First day, nothing. Second day, Jane took her WWs and changed into them when we were there (no kids and families to get all arsey etc). That day she was wearing her yellow WW set, tiny triangles on top and even smaller on the bottom!

People wandered down and back constantly and one guy came down, went away and returned a few minutes later. Late 30s early40s, dark hair very Latino thickening around the waist but would have been quite a looker at one time. It was as if he sensed there might be some action. He stood at the waters edge directly in line with where we were like a sort of invite. If we were looking for action, so was he type thing. That was all Jane needed.

She slipped the top over her head, winked at me and headed for the water. She said something to him as she passed him, maybe hello, not sure and in to the water she went. He was staring at her gorgeous arse perfectly displayed in her thong. You need to remember that at this stage the bikini was dry so looked normal. In she went and got wet and he sat down. They exchanged a few words and she stood up and walked out straight towards him.

She said his face was a picture cos the WW was totally sheer now. Nipples poking through the top, and pussy lips clearly on show below her narrow landing strip. Because he was sitting on the sand, her pussy was right at his eye line and less than 3 feet away. Everything on display! Very beautiful he said. Very sexy. Jane told me later he was already touching his hard cock in his swimming trunks. I look? he asked meaning would she pull them to one side. Jane thinks maybe he thought he was going to get a flash while he wanked himself. She waved him to follow her and she headed over to where I was.

You have to remember that this end of the beach was totally deserted except us three so when he saw me he stopped a bit nervous. Jane waved him over and said is ok is ok. So he followed her as she took off her top. When she got back, she sat down on the towel, leaned back on her elbows and spread her knees all the way open so her shaven pussy was back on view. Then she started tickling her clit. I reached up and handed him a condom and he finally realised we were for real.

He knelt down, popped his cock from the side of his trunks and rolled on the condom. He wasn't huge, my size 6 inches but much thicker. Jane pulled the bottoms to one side and he lined up his helmet and a nudge later he had his bellend just inside her tight pussy. He nudged it in slowly just as she likes it and she was in heaven. Then he leant forward and took his weight on his elbows and started bonking in earnest.

He looked over to me and I had taken my cock out of my trunks and was already wanking. You like? he asked me. I nodded. Jane then supported her own knees and brought them up changing the angle at which he was fucking her which meant she came almost at once. That made him come and I shot my load over my belly so it was all over in about half a minute!

He pulled out of her, tossed the full condom into the bushes and said gracias to Jane as he was tucking his cock away and he swaggered off without a backward glance.

We did see him on the beack a couple of days later with a woman and two boys (wife and kids?) she was a real warthog with an arse the size of Wales so no wonder his condom was so full and he was so keen to fuck a sexy blonde Brit!! I love my hotwife.

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LOL xx

David aka Jane's Hubby.