Written by The Rep

6 Jun 2015

Thought I would submit this as it’s fresh in my mind and it happened only on Friday, not that I am likely to forget it!

I am an area manager so get to stop in little car parks and out of the way places and so on my regular route stopped in this little picnic area for my lunch, in years gone by it has been a source of a few goings on as its in between two cities but over the past few times I have stopped there its only been genuine walkers and runners who have been there.

I was a little later on Friday around 2 o’clock when I pulled into the little car park and as no one was there so parked over in the far corner under the trees as the sun was out and settled down to eat my lunch and read the newspaper.

After a while I put the seat back and closed my eyes until I heard a car pull up, I had on my sunglasses so I opened my eyes and looked to see who had pulled into the car park expecting to see a fifty year old dog walker but it was a young woman in a BMW 1 series. I slouched down in my seat and tried to look as if I was asleep and low and behold a large BMW this time swept into the car park and parked beside the lady in the 1 series.

A man jumped out and walked round to the driver’s side door of the young lady and helped her out of her car, I could see now that he was late forties early fifties and she was early twenties, quite a tall lady as he was tall and quite a large build. They walked away from her car across a grassy area which had trees without a backwards glance towards where I was parked under the trees, this looked interesting.

They walked over to a picnic bench that was under some trees and obscured from most of the car park but most importantly I could see from my position the picnic bench in full, the young lady was wearing one of those stretchy skirts, blue and white striped and also a blouse through which I could see her bra clearly underneath, her jacket was hanging in her car, her blonde hair was blowing in the light breeze, he was in suit trousers and as they made their way over to the bench they stopped and kissed deeply his hand running up and down her back.

As they walked, I slipped my binoculars from the glove compartment and zeroed them in and could see she had a superb figure, her bottom in the tight skirt looked gorgeous, her long legs bare, she was wearing heels but the sensible ones, he put his hand on her bottom as they walked and she laughed at something he said.

I was praying nobody would come into the car park as they sat opposite to each other, he straddled the bench she was sitting side ways onto him the skirt very tight against her thighs, they were leaning towards him and they were kissing, she was running her hands over his back and up over his neck into his hair, he was running his hands down the outside of her body over the blouse, not quite touching her breasts but very close, she moved slightly nearer to him when they came up for air and started laughing at something he said, they were holding hands just a couple enjoying each other in the sun.

After a while and a few deep kisses I saw that his fingertips were brushing her breasts, and she was certainly not objecting, the what she did made my cock start to twitch, she did what all the woman do and slip the bra off while dressed and the bra appeared down a blouse sleeve, she showed the item of clothing to him while laughing and put it into her bag, now she was bra less I could see her breasts against the material of the blouse as she leant forward to kiss the fella again, his hand started to caress them through the material then slide down and under the blouse and then the hands were on her breasts, she was resting her head on his shoulder her eyes closed enjoying what he was doing, her hands were rubbing the front of his trousers, he must have at least a semi on.

After what seemed like a fair amount of time, but it was only about 5 minutes they drew apart and she turned round to lie against him, stretched out along the bench, the skirt had ridden up a bit showing a lovely amount of thigh, his hand slipped into the blouse caressing her breast but then his other hand slipped under the waistband of the skirt and as it was so tight I could see exactly where the hand had gone, her legs were tight against the sides of the skirt she was laid back in his lap with one of his hands playing with her right breast and his other hands playing with her pussy under the skirt.

What a horny sight this was, this late 40’s early 50’s gentleman enjoying this gorgeous young woman in the afternoon sun, I was praying the car park would remain empty!!, after about 15mins she suddenly started to roll her head from side to side, her mouth open his hand under the skirt was moving with increased speed, then she arched her back and her mouth was wide her eyes closed, she must have cum over his hand, they kissed, then she sat up her hair looked dishevelled stood up and adjusted her skirt pulling it down, that was it I thought I can get back to work, but it seemed it wasn’t.

She sat back down on the bench, sideways and said something to the fella then her hands were delving down into his lap, could this be a treat I was thinking, her hands undid his belt and unzipped him, my hands were sweaty on the binoculars, she reached in and pulled him out and started to slowly move her hands up and down him, I could he his foreskin moving over the head of his cock, she looked like she knew what she was doing, then she bent her head down and I saw him disappear into her mouth, and her head move up and down, I was rock hard at his point, he put his hands on the sides of her head entwining his fingers in her hair guiding her down onto his now very hard cock, never before had I seen this here.

She was bobbing up and down on his cock stopping at the tip, I could see her tongue licking and teasing him, he was looking down at what she was doing, then she increased her speed her head going up and down, taking him right down her throat, her nose buried right into his groin, then I saw him throw his head back and grip her head forcing it down onto his cock, I could see her swallowing her hand playing with his balls, he must have really emptied a load and she took it all , then sat back up and wiped her mouth with her fingertips, he stood up and tucked himself away in his shorts and the pulled his trousers up and zipped himself up. She had got a tissue out of her bag and wiped her mouth, and then they kissed an open mouthed snog her hands entwined in his hair.

After a bit they both stood up, the young lady pulled her dress down and adjusted her blouse, her breasts clearly visible through the material and slowly holding hands they walked back across to their cars, when they reached them another kiss and he held her bottom pressing her against him, then she got into her car looked into her mirror making herself presentable gave him a little wave and backed out and drove off, he adjusted himself and without a glance across to where I was parked got into his car and pulled off.

I was so horny at this point and counting myself very lucky not to have anyone pull into the car park as the couple was playing on the bench, I was considering having a cheeky wank but two cars drove in and parked, a couple and a fella walking their dogs so thought I should get back to work!!

As I have worked on the road for a number of years I do have some great true stories about staying away in hotels if you want to hear about them, let me know.