Written by kentish

3 Apr 2012

This happened about 12 years ago, my wife and I had just started going out in the evenings for some outdoor fun, and on this occasion we had gone to Shirley Hills, we had been walking around for a while and we saw behind the resturant a public toilet [which I believe is now all closed up], the lights did not work and it was all very dark, we went in but we stood in the passage so anyone passing could see us, I started kissing my wife and slid her skirt up her legs to show off her stockings and undid her blouse to suck on her bra less tits,after a couple of minutes we became aware of someone standing near the door watching us, my wife turned and faced them and let them see her tits and pussy, our watcher came in and stood close to my wife and started to run his hands up her legs, which she then parted to let him slid his fingers into her wet pussy, he then undid his trousers and got a stiff prick out which my wife took in her hand and started to wank, I had my own prick out watching them all over each other. Our watcher moved back and closed the door to the toilets, and then started all over my wife again,without saying a word she laid on the dirty urinal floor only lit up by the light through a small window, and spread her legs and he went down on her licking up her juices and finger fucking her at the same time, he moved up and started sucking at her nipples again and she reached down and started rubbing his stiff prick, he wispered into her ear and then put on a condom, and she grabbed his prick and rubbed it over her pussy as he pushed and slid it straight up her, I just stood there watching as he fucked her on the floor, as he kissed her and slid his tounge into her mouth, he then turned her over onto her knees and started fucking her from behind till they both started to come, and he groaned as he filled the condom, they remained like that for a few moments as his prick softened and slid out of the condom which remained up her pussy as the contents trickled down her thighs. He just stood up and said thank you did his pants up and left leaving my wife still on the floor. She needed some time to recover and so we went for a walk through the woods , we returned to the toilets later where I fucked her used pussy bending over and although we stood by the open door, nobody else passed to take advantage of her.