Written by O_mygod

14 Feb 2011

It was one night just after Christmas, a quite drink in a bar at a hotel in which I was staying due to working away.

A few drinks had passed my lips and I was thinking about heading off up to my room before I noticed a what appeared to be a girl in a nice tight dress showing a little leg and cleavage but leaving much to the imagination. We caught a glimpse of each other at the same time so she made her way over to me and asked if I'd lke a drink, before I even got a chance to answer she said "In your room" ?.. Didn't give it too much thought and said yes as she was wearing a bit of makeup but seemed pretty enough. Within minutes we were in the lift just looking at each other intent on lust !!

We entered my room where she moved me towards a wall and started a long hot passionate kiss... Within minutes my top was off along with my shoes and her hand heading down passed my belt inside my tight shorts. I immediately slid my hand from her knee up her thigh towards her treasure. She stopped my hand just short of my goal and said "wait, let me taste you first" ! With that my belt was whipped off, the buttons on my bulging jeans where practically pulled off and my jeans fell to the floor. Her hand was inside my shorts stroking the length of my long hard cock and round my bulging balls.

The shorts were pulled down slowly while she looked up at me while sliding my rock hard deep down inside her hot wet lips. Oh my god, I could have blown my load right there and then and she knew it so she teased me a little longer while playing with my arse with her wet fingers..... I told her I couldn't wait any longer and need to taste her wet pussy... She smiled up at me and said "well you'd better get on with it then" before standing up and kissing me even more passionately. I excitedly slid my hand along her long sleek stockings back towards my goal before I felt the edge of her tight panties. I hesitated as if to tease by I found I was only teasing myself....

My hand pulled her panties to one side and to my surprise my hand was greeted by a hot swallen throbbing shaven cock and balls. My first instinct was to pull way but something took over leaving me with an even greater urge to wank it hard, which I did. She smiled at me and said "well... go on then, taste me.. it's my turn" !

She lifted her dress, pulled down her pantees and began to lower the top of her dress to reveal the most gorgeous tits I've seen for many many years. I couldn't hold out any longer, I needed to taste my first cock and did so for ages and ages while I looked up passed her stunning tits at her face to watch her enjoying the sucking with immense pleasure (almost as much pleasure as me). While I was watching her I came in my hand while I wasn't even touching it. I then stood up and smeared the cum all over her tits.

She looked at me right in the eyes, held her tit in her hand and licked the cum from her her tight erect nipple... She winked at me while I stood stunned and in silence before she pulled her dress back on, put her knickers on her bed and said "thank you" before she headed for the door, looked back with a smile and left !!

To that day I've been searching for the same exprerience as it was the best I've ever had.. Mail me if you can help !! (o_mygod)