Written by Grace

12 Apr 2011

I'm Grace, approaching fifty, I don't think I have a bad figure but am now thickening a little round the boobs and hips. My husband has finally left me for a woman that he has been having an affair with for many years, probably the reason that he rarely wanted sex with me. I was feeling quite down and my friends Joan and Albert invited me to join them on holiday at Cabapino in southern spain.

At the hotel we had adjoining rooms, I was surprised in the quiet of the night I could hear them having sex in the next room, they are in their early fifties and they were enjoying something that I had rarely had, I found myself getting quite turned on by the noises.

I didn't want to spend all my time with my friends so early the next morning I took myself to the beach with my towel and a good book. After a couple of hours two guys and a girl set up a few yards away from me the one guy looked over and smiled at me, as the morning went on I pulled down my swimsuit, baring my breasts like every other girl on the beach. At lunchtime the guy who I later found was Trevor came over asking me if I wanted a snack and a drink as he was going to the beach bar, when he returned he gave food and drinks to his friends and then joined me, we sat and talked all afternoon, he complimented me on my looks and figure saying that it was a pity that I was wearing an all in one swimsuit as I had a nice body. The afternoon flew by before long the sun was going down and it was time for us to leave.

That night I went out and bought a couple of new bikini's, very expensive, the next morning after listening again to my friends in the next room and wishing it was me in their room I went back to the beach, Shortly I was joined by Trevor and his friends Joy and Ron, that morning was uneventfull, we all sunbathed and swam together, later lieing together chatting Trevors hand stroked my upper leg until he went up as far as my pussy, very nice but was really turning me on. We noticed that his friends had disappeared, he said that they had gone into the dunes at the back of us for some privacy and suggested that we go to meet them.

Once in the dunes we came across a few couples some having sex most of them naked, we didn't find his friends, so we lay down in one of the dunes, Trevor said we should be naked like everyone in the dunes were, he removed his shorts showing me his thick cock he then slipped my bottoms down leaving me feeling very vulnerable. We lay in the sand, his hands were soon fondling my boobs, pulling my now hard nipples, his fingers probed my now engorged pussy lips. Neither of us could wait any longer, he pushed his cock into me sliding in and out till I felt his hot cum filling me. On looling up we found his friends on top of the dune watching us, they looked good as they were both naked, I think I actually think I wanted to play with them both I was that turned on.

That night Trevor joined me in my room, and made love to me most of the night, as he did for the rest of the holiday, my friends think its great, I think they lay awake listening to us.