3 Jan 2019

well were to start me and hubby love outdoor fun and games not always sex but just sexy fun we will try it so one day we decided to go for a jog in the mountains near us and on one of the hills is a very nice forest were people go to walk there dogs and go for walks and runs it is just a real nice spot to go to clear your head so me and hubby parked the car and done are stretches and headed in for are jog as we were jogging we were talking laughing and joking and we started getting horny so the conversation got more dirty and hubby started spanking my ass as he did that my pussy was getting wetter and wetter so i stopped for a piss and hubby watched my he didn't tell me a women was coming and she seen me pissing she smiled and hubby was wetting himself laughing i sorted myself out and we set of again and the conversation started out dirty again till the point a couldn't contain it any more so we found a quiet spot and i pulled him in to me and we kissed and are hands were all over each other i pulled out his big hard cock and i started sucking it as his cock was in my mouth his hands were in my top squeezing my nipples then he pulled me to my feet and bent me over pulled down my leggings and pink g string and with one hard thrust he shoved his cock in my dripping wet pussy right to the base of his cock all i could do was scream with pleasure he fucked me hard and fast i was screaming louder with every trust they he pulled out his cock flipped me around through me to the ground and shoved his cock in my pussy again he was on his knees as i was on my back head rolling around as he fucked my then i saw out of the corner of my eye in the bushes was a guy pants around his ankles hard cock in his hand wanking as he watched us fucking i didn't say anything to the hubby and i kept eye contact with the guy in the bush and he was going for it then hubby got faster so i knew that meant one thing he was about to fill my pussy with his hot load and just as hubby let loose inside me the guy in the bush came at the same time he must of saved all his cum for weeks coz he exploded like a volcano and there was loads he then pulled up his pants and left then hubby pulled out his cock and i took it in my mouth to clean both are juices of it then we sorted are selves out and continued are jog cant wait for are next jog