Written by New Slut

22 Sep 2014

This all started a couple of months ago on a nice hot summer's day. A couple of streets away there is a corner shop (isn't there everywhere). The owner is an Asian guy of mid to late 40's called Raj. Often when I'm in there alone there is always a lot of banter and sexual innuendo from him. Being a bit of a flirt (and some say goby) I obviously give as well as I get. Always when I've left though I always think what it would be like to be with an Asian guy and usually feel a bit damp in my knickers.

A bit about me, I'm 39, married (son at Uni) and a lady of leisure, 36D size 12, brown shoulder length hair, great legs (I've been told) and smooth all over. On the day in question bored as usual, thought I'd have a walk down the shop for a bottle of milk and more importantly a bottle of white wine. I was wearing a print summer dress, white lace panties with wedge sandals (no bra). Just around the corner from the shop lives this old guy called Bert (probably about 70). A loner, bit scruffy, dirty windows and probably a matching mind. He was in the garden and said hi and we exchanged pleasantries before I moved on. As I walked on I could feel his eyes mentally undressing me from behind, especially as now and again the wind would catch my dress lifting the hem slightly exposing more of my legs. This made me feel quite excited in a strange way and could already feel my knickers getting a little damp.

On entering the shop Raj was on the phone, as I walked past the counter I said you're always on that bloody phone when I come in here. He said to whoever it was on the phone "I'll call you back later" and hung up. Then he went to the door put the closed sign up and pulled down the blind and locked the door. I wondered what the hell was going on. He walked over to me grabbed my arms and literally stuck his tongue down my throat. My knees went weak and couldn't help but respond. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me down onto my knees and got his cock out which was already full erect (about 6 inches) and tapped it on my face. I just couldn't help myself and put it straight into my mouth and started to gently suck it. Still holding my hair he then proceeded to face fuck me calling me dirty names like fucking white slut who needs to learn some respect for Asian men and he was going to show me how. My dress didn't have any straps and it was pulled down exposing my breasts and he then started pulling, tweaking and twisting my hard nipples which I love which sent spasms through my body which in turn made me suck harder desperately wanting him to cum.

I could feel my knickers getting very wet and looking up at him I could tell he was getting close to coming. It was then I noticed that he'd been filming it on his mobile phone. With that he held my head tightly and erupted into my mouth which felt like a pint. As I gagged, coughed and swallowed he pulled out and send a couple of jets over my face and hair.

He then grabbed me by my nipples and pulled me to my feet laughing and calling me a right fucking white slut. I felt really humiliated but at the same time felt a bit deflated as it had all been his pleasure, although I'd had a mouth full of his salty spunk. Looking me in the eye he said "now you've learnt your first lesson in respect for an Asian man and the 2 second lesson would be tomorrow afternoon at the same time". If I didn't comply, the video of me would be shown to my husband. I was literally wetting myself with excitement, pleasure and worry.

Tomorrow he said you will come to my shop and dress like the slut you are and you will be shown how to be respectful in the future. Now fuck off out of my shop. With that he opened the door pushing me out, I just about had time to pull my dress up over my breasts and wipe my mouth and hair before walking back home.

Old Bert was still in his garden as I walked past, I just walked past with a slightly blushed look trying not to make eye contact but I noticed he did give a smile and what looked like a knowing smile.

In trouble 2 to follow....