Written by Glen

11 Oct 2017

Let me introduce myself my name is Glen I’m divorced and live alone I’m 5’ 11” tall 32 years old and visit the gym regularly, I keep myself in good shape.

I have just returned from the best holiday I have ever had, and i would like to share my experience with you, it's a long story but worth it:

I’m the foreman in a local distributor i'm in charge of 18 men.

William (never Bill) the boss is a very good boss, well after last week he’s an incredible boss.

William’s 58, 5’6” and a little overweight. His wife Brenda is very attractive and must have been a stunner when she was younger. She’s 57 and just over 5’ tall she has short dark hair and is slim and in great shape.

They both work in the office, William organises deliveries and Brenda looks after the accounts. They are both very well spoken, and live a very large house with a long gated drive, the lad’s call them Lord and Lady Moneybags.

Out of the blue William asked me if I would like to accompany him and his wife on holiday to their villa in Portugal, William said we would catch up on work and would also spend some time golfing while Brenda would shop.

We jetted off to the Algarve and spent the first day with a round of golf.

In the evening after a fine meal served up by Brenda we all decided to have a swim in the pool. I was first in the pool followed by William (his stomach spilling over his trunks), Brenda was next in she looked magnificent in her skimpy white bikini it really accentuated her tan it was very tight, as she walked over to the pool her huge tits looked like they were trying to escape the tiny bikini. Although I saw her every day I never noticed what a fine figure she had, what sprang to mind was that age old question would I give her one? and although she’s the bosses wife yes was the answer, she was magnificent for a woman of her age.

Brenda got in and positioned herself between us, we chatted idly for a while then she set off for a swim, after a few lengths Brenda had, had enough and got out, her body wet and glistening in the pool lights, she walked off her arse was wiggling as she went, I felt my cock twitch at the sight of it.

William remarked what a lucky man he was to have such a sexy woman, and then he said “I saw you looking do you think Brenda’s sexy”.

This was a little awkward, but William insisted I answered so I agreed, I told him he was a lucky man and agreed yes she was sexy.

William then told me that up to a couple of months ago they would make love 4 or 5 times a week, he then said not a word to anyone about what I’m about to tell you, he then confessed that now he was unable to get an erection and continued Brenda has needs, and he was afraid of her leaving him, I tried to reassure him by telling him they have tablets for that sort of thing.

He then totally hit me broadside with his next remark, would you do me the biggest of favours and make love to Brenda? She thinks you’re cute, I was completely taken back, I didn’t know what to say, on the one hand I didn’t want to insult him by pointing out the age difference, even though she was sexy there was still a massive age gap, then on the other hand she was very fuckable indeed, and the thought of fucking her excited me, so I told him I was honoured he’d asked me.

After about 10 minutes Brenda returned wearing a robe and brandishing a tray, containing a couple of bottles of wine and glasses.

As she approached William got out of the pool and spoke to her, she placed the tray on the table and sat down, and then she poured the wine and took a big sip. I turned around and my eyes were at the same level as her legs, she slowly opened her legs revealing she was naked, I could see her fine shaven pussy, my eyes were fixated with it, and I got a raging hard on, Brenda called out “come on Glen I’ve got the drinks”.

I got out of the pool, as I stood up, I placed my hand conveniently over my erection as to try and hide it, William said “Hey Brenda you’ve not seen one of those in a while” and laughed as he pointed at my bulge. Brenda patted the chair next to hers and beckoned me over. I sat down and she passed me a glass, we chatted and drank then drank some more. William then announced he was tired and would head off to bed as he left he turned around he said “Goodnight you two, have fun”.

Brenda pulled her chair closer to mine and put her hand on my thigh she started to stroke it, she moved her hand up and was soon playing with my now very hard cock, she said “My you’re a big boy”.

I put my hand between her legs and could feel she was very wet. Brenda said “William’s ok with this, he’s gone to the spare room”.

We made our way back inside the villa and straight to the bedroom.

We started kissing passionately our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths; my fingers eagerly fingered her clit, as she rubbed my cock. She whispered “make love to me”.

I lifted her up onto my hard cock as it easily slipped inside her wet cunt she arched her back and gripped my back with her fingernails she said “Oh God that’s so big and so good”.

I maneuverer her over to the bed and managed to get onto my back, then we started to fuck she slowly moved up and down on my hard cock then faster and faster, her huge tits were bouncing up and down, I was caressing her clit with my thumb at the same time, she started panting faster and faster. Fuck me harder she screamed, we fucked for about 10 minutes when she let out “I’m coming” as she came I could feel her warm love juice seeping out, I withdrew my cock I moved down to her magnificent soaking wet pussy and slipped my tongue inside, I started to lick her, it tasted sweet, Brenda was moaning with pleasure as I lapped up her juices, I was now aware she had my cock in her mouth and I could feel I was about to cum and then in one big explosion of spunk I came in her mouth, she coughed and gagged a little but she swallowed most of it.

After a while we started to fuck again this time I had her doggie style, as we were fucking my balls were slapping against her arse, this time I shot my load inside her.

She told me that William had been her only lover and she had never experienced any different love making positions, and certainly never had oral sex before, as she said William was a straight forward on top man. She confessed that our love making was the best she had ever experienced.

We went asleep with my cock inside her, when we woke the next morning my cock had slipped out during the night but was hard we started again this time I played with her clit until she was excited she was breathing very heavily, and after a couple of minutes she let out a whimper and cum, she then rubbed my cock until I came

At breakfast and for the rest of the week William carried on as if nothing had gone on.

Brenda and I spent every night together that week, where we indulged in many sex games we fucked in every position possible and I even fucked her with a wine bottle and up the arse, I fucked her huge tits and emptied my ball sack over them, I came in her mouth, up her arse and inside her cunt many times that week, she said she would have a word with William as she wanted more.

On our return to the UK William swore me to secrecy with the old, what went on in Portugal stays in Portugal

He also told me Brenda had thoroughly enjoyed the week and she hadn’t been so happy for ages, and making Brenda happy was the most important thing to him, he added we should make it a regular thing.

He then said I was due a raise at work.

This was my first experience of an older woman and a posh one to boot, although she is 25 years older than me she is by far better a fuck than most girls more than half her age, and I personally can’t wait to fuck her again….