Written by new boss

27 Oct 2008

Well shes done it = fucking hard work though = I should have been a psychiatrist = after much talking/chatting and re assurance I talked her into it = I convinced her it wasnt money for sex it was money for companionship and discussion (as if) as he was lonely = I also had a chat with her boss on the phone as well just to organise things because if I hadnt of done we were going no where = I let him know that I thought it was a good idea and that she did it with my full approval and I thanked him for helping us with his £50 cash offer.

I arranged with our lass Sharon that I would deliver her myself to the door and say hello to her boss then when they both went inside I would return to the car and wait down the road for an hour just incase he tried to cut her tits off or owt daft = our lass had her mobile phone with her (nokia 3210) so I was only a phone call away = I told her the best thing to do is not look upon him as her boss just get on with the job as soon as possible = just show him your tits to break the ice and get him going and try not to make an arse of it and let him have as many fucks as he likes so as to keen him up for more.

I missed my way I should have been a therapist or a boss of a dating agency after all its only a fuck and a fucks a fuck in any langauge = they dont call em spunk buckets for nowt.

after much sweat and frustration to me we set off to her boss s house = he only lives 10 miles from us and we soon arrived = hey nice place = I recon over £300,000 = stood in its own great big garden = much better than our council house.

I fucking knew it = when we got there Sharon was having cold feet again = look I said your mothers got the kids for the night so look upon it as a night out in a hotel = just think of it as robin hood = your taking from the rich and giving to the poor = us = theres a war on out there = its the poor verses the rich middle class

bastards like him with all the money = for fuck sake we have 3 kids its like me having to deal with 4 kids = now get in there and perform and make sure you get the £50, more if you can = so he came to the door and we stepped inside we shook hands and said hello and I said I would collect our lass the next morning when she rang me = he was right enough so I left and drove off to the pub to collect my thoughts and think about her doing Mark the lad at the garage = now how could I work that one