Written by new boss

29 Oct 2008

Sharon rang the next morning to say that she was ready to be picked up = she came out and waved to her boss as she left and then got into the car = as we drove off I said, well how did it go? = he cooked us a meal last night and then we sat drinking wine and eating cheese and biscuits by fire light, we talked and talked and kissed and talked some more and then he ran me a nice hot bath with candles and foam and everything = then we went into his bed = I wasnt scared = he put me at ease right away = we talked and cuddled and laughed and made love = boy was he ready = he went on and on = then we slept = everything was so quite and peaceful = when I woke this morning he brought me a cup of tea and then we had breakfast in bed and then another bath = I had to stop her = I had to speak = never mind all of that bathing shit, did he pay you? = yes he paid me and he would like to see me again on wednesday night = no fucking chance, you know thats my darts night it will have to be thursday and I also think that Ive got another date for you = Mark at the garage is coming round to our house to look at the car because Ive told him it needs looking at and wont move = when he calls make sure you have a low cut top on showing plenty of cleavage and leave the rest to me = when I give you the word I want you to take him upstairs for a quickie = straight away she said no = Im not going with you and Darrol and other men as well ill end up catching something = no you wont I said because Ive put some condoms at the side of our bed = you can take it, you can take loads of cock you know you can = its about time I had some help fucking you = its not easy me fucking you you know, you dont know how hard it is, its a right job = Im still not doing it she said = thats what she thinks = I arranged for mark to call wednesday morning after the kids had gone to school = Mark tried the car and sure enough it wouldnt start as I had airlocked the fuel system = come inside Mark and get this coffee before you get all greased up = said the spider to the fly = so we all sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking cars = running costs/best sort of car for our lass to run/whether to replace this one/would Mark choose the next one = only thing was the bitch hadnt put a low cut top on like I told her to = me and Mark supped up and went back outside with our heads under the bonnet = Ive got to get her another car Mark but we are skint unless I can talk our lass into working the streets, mind you I cant see anybody wanting to fuck her can you Mark?