10 Sep 2015

Thought I’d share this true account of what happened to me and my wife on holiday this year in Egypt.

A bit of a background about us, I’m 41 white male, Shamiya my wife is 34 British\Asian, D cup breasts, a voluptuous ass, and a smile to die for, truth be told I’m punching way above my weight. We have dabbled on the scene for a few years now and I’ve shared our previous adventures on this site.

This year we decided we’d treat ourselves to a late anniversary present by whisking us away for a week in Egypt for some much needed sun, rest and relaxation. This was our first holiday together without the kids so we were both looking forward to a stress free break.

With only being away for a week we decided to try and cram as much in as possible and on the 2nd day of the holiday we went on an all-day boat trip. In the morning whilst we were waiting for the coach to take us to the harbour we were met by another group from the same hotel booked on the same trip, a group of 4 adults all in their late twenties, a petit blonde, slim woman quite attractive with three strapping men who obviously worked out, two mixed race and one black. We acknowledged them and then boarded the coach, nothing else was said.

When we boarded the boat, Sham and I found ourselves a quiet spot to relax before we set sail. Shortly after setting sail the guides went around and asked each individual group their nationality, so they could group them together, making communication easier. We ended up sitting with the group from our hotel and an elderly couple with a young child (I presume it was their grandchild). The rest of the holidaymakers were either Russian or Egyptian.

We started to make small talk with the group of people from our hotel and discovered there names. Krystal was the female, very outgoing, and seemed like no pushover. Cameron was mixed race, well-toned and it was obvious he liked to kept himself in shape, Chris also mixed race, very muscular and is Kristal’s partner and Michael who’s black and built like the proverbial brick shit house. All three men seemed very touchy feely with Krystal and she didn’t seem to mind one bit. At our first stop where we could do a bit of swimming, Sham and I had a bit of time alone and I mentioned to Sham that I bet Krystal is sexually satisfied with a wink! Sham replied “I know have you seen the massive bulge in their trunks”. Truth be told I hadn’t and I was referring to the fact that Krystal was wearing an anklet with an ace of spades charm on it. Sham didn’t know the meaning so after explaining it to her, I ignited her interest and her response was, “oh I’ll have to get to know her more and do some digging!” I knew Sham wasn’t kidding either; I was a tad worried at this point as Sham doesn’t do subtle.

Over the course of the rest of the trip Sham and Krystal spent quite a lot of time chatting with Sham digging for information, although she was actually quite subtle and I don’t think any of them realised what she was doing.

After the boat trip we all ended up quite friendly, and over the next couple of days we spent a fair bit of time with them in the evenings. Sham and Krystal became quite close and would often separate themselves from us men and spend ages chatting. I got on pretty well with Chris and Michael, but I found Cameron annoying, he was full of himself, cocky and thought he was god’s gift to women; he was a good looking chap and he knew it!

One night when we got back to our hotel room, me and Sham were lying in bed chatting and she started telling me what she had found out so far. Krystal and Chris were “together” but she frequently has fun with all three. She was previously married but it only lasted just over a year, she got caught cheating with Chris and the divorce soon ensued. Sham mentioned that she’d noticed the anklet charm, and Krystal responded by asking if Sham was in the “lifestyle”. Sham admitted that we have played a bit and mentioned her long term lover Pete back in England. After telling me Sham said is it ok that I mentioned what we’ve got up to in the past, she said “sometimes to find out all the juicy details you have to provide some yourself!” I said “well it’s a bit late now, but I don’t mind and that I’m ok with it!

The next night we met all four of them at the hotel run beach party, we’d moved away from the main beach party where it was a bit quieter and the drinks and conversation was flowing. It wasn’t long before Sham started probing Chris and Krystal about their relationship and how they got together. Krystal said she’d only been married a few months and up to that point had been completely faithful, she’d went out one night with a friend and found themselves in a local club. This is where she’d met Chris, she was instantly attracted and after a few dances she’d ended up back at his place, this was the start to their affair!

The affair went on for a couple of months and Krystal thought her hubby was none the wiser. However unbeknown to Krystal her hubby had started suspecting things and one morning after leaving to go to work, decided to wait around and watch the house. Chris turned up as expected and after about an hour Kristal’s hubby let himself in. He made his way to the bedroom opened the door and found his wife Krystal being fucked doggy style on the bed by Chris. Krystal’s immediate reaction was to try and pull away, but Chris said he was having none of it; he gripped her hips tighter and carried on fucking her! Krystal’s hubby apparently started yelling and telling Chris to get the fuck out! Chris said her hubby was a skinny little shit, so he just shouted back, “either sit the fuck down and shut-up or leave but I ain’t going anywhere until I finish! Sham was hanging onto every word as Kristal and Chris told the story and asked, “Well what did he do?” Chris laughed and said “he left the room, like a good boy”. Kristal looked party embarrassed and ashamed of what she did, but she couldn’t hide her snigger as she re-lived the moment. Chris said, after about 5 mins, her hubby knocked on the door and walked in and politely said, “After you finish, would it be ok to have a moment alone with my wife, we have much to discuss.” Chris replied, “Yeah sure, now will you just piss off and leave us in peace.” Chris laughing as the memories came flooding back, said I kept asking Krystal to scream louder as I continued to fuck her, just to annoy her hubby some more. Sham looked at Krystal and said, “Well did you?” Krystal with a hint of embarrassment, shame and amusement, laughed and said “yeah I screamed like a fucking banshee”. All of us were in fits of laughter at this point.

Once the laughter had subsided, Cameron spoke out, and said, “Ahh I love fucking married women,” he said, “my main turn on is bright red lipstick, it just looks so slutty! Especially when it leaves a ring around the base of my cock, there’s just something extremely satisfying knowing that the lips she kissed her husband to work in the morning, only a few hours ago were wrapped around my cock!” Sham responded by asking, “So Cameron have you had many married women then?” Cameron responded with, “Yeah I’ve had my fair share, usually bored housewives married to dickless husbands. Fuck em! That’s what I say!” This was just the type of arrogance I despised.

Michael on the other hand was fairly quiet, and didn’t seem to brag about his previous conquests, he seemed the perfect gent, and normally somebody I’d only be to glad to let them fuck my wife! However quite a rarity for me, that thought never really entered my head, I think mainly due to the antics of Cameron. The rest of the evening carried on in the same manner, most of the conversation revolved around sex. Sham and I didn’t disclose any information to the guys about our lifestyle and mainly talked about how we got together and general stuff, but most of the time we spent listening to the others.

The night ended and we all went our separate ways, on the way back to our hotel room, Sham was like a woman possessed, she was frequently rubbing my cock over my shorts, and whispering in my ear exactly what she was going to do to me when we got back to the room. The night’s event obviously had a profound effect on her, with all the talk about sex. As soon as we got inside the room she was pulling at my shorts to remove them. We were in the hallway when she whipped out my cock and sank to her knees, she expertly gave me a blow job, I was on the brink of coming so had to stop her, I pulled her to her feet, and slipped a couple of fingers inside her panties, her panties were soaking my fingers found her hole with ease as I slowly finger fucked her. I said, “Wow what’s happened you’re absolutely soaking, was it all the talk of sex.” She agreed and said she’d not felt this horny in a long time. Eventually I’d got her to the bed and she lay back on the edge, where I sank to me knees to repay the favour! She tasted so sweet and within a couple of minutes of lapping at her pussy with my tongue and finger fucking her, she came for the first time that night. Sham rarely cum’s that quickly and it was obviously down to the night’s events.

She lifted herself up and said, tonight I’m going to fuck you, now lie down! She slowly lowered and impaled herself on my cock, she built up a steady rhythm, the pace increased as she rode me whilst she rubbed her clit with her hand, within a couple of minutes she had cum a second time. I couldn’t hold back any longer and eventually shot my load inside her wanting cunt. She collapsed on top of me whilst we both got our breath back.

To be Continued….