11 Sep 2015

The following morning, we bumped into all four of them at breakfast, whilst Sham was passing; she stopped at their table to chat. After around 5 mins she made her way over to our table and sat down, she said, “They asked if we fancy going to the hotel run shisha bar tonight for a few drinks and some Shisha.” I asked her if she fancied going, and she said, “Yeah it’ll be fun.” So before we left the restaurant we stopped at their table and arranged a time to meet them.

That evening, Sham and I was getting ready to go out, Sham laid out the clothes she was going to be wearing on the bed before jumping in the shower. They consisted of some black lace G string panties, a matching black lace push up bra, and a Navy and white polka dots summer dress which came just above her knees and showed of her wonderful cleavage she finished the outfit off with some white fuck me heels. No doubt about it, she was going to look unbelievably hot!

Shamiya always takes pride in her appearance but tonight she was pulling out all the stops, she had her hair done earlier that day in the hotel salon, and after applying her makeup and getting dressed she took my breath away. She did a little spin, smiled and said how do I look? I was speechless and just wanted to fuck her there and then. She said, “That can wait till later,” it’s then that a noticed she’s applied a shimmer lotion which drew even more attention to her cleavage.

We made our way to the shisha lounge; Krystal, Chris, Michael and Cameron were already there when we got there. When the three guys turned around and saw us enter, there was a collective “wow”. There was only us in the shisha lounge, once more the drinks flowed, we shared the shisha and the conversation carried on from the night before. It was then we noticed Michael and Cameron whispering and smiling. Sham said, “Come on what you smiling about.” Michael said, “no, nothing really we just noticed the colour of your lipstick.” It’s only then it dawned on me that Sham was wearing bright red lipstick, was it coincidence or had Shamiya planned this? I started to think the latter, but Sham insisted it was purely coincidental, the lads all said, “Yeah right we’ve heard that one before,” whilst laughing and joking. Sham just responded by saying, “In your dreams”. Cameron being smooth said, “You are every night”. Sham just winked and laughingly said “yeah and you in mine.”

The conversation carried, with the main topic being sex, Sham was asking if Cameron had managed to break his duck on this holiday yet and land a married woman. Cameron’s reply was no not yet, but that he wasn’t about to quit, and that he’ll make sure Sham is the first to know when he breaks his duck!

Its then that Cameron turned around to Michael, Chris and Krystal and said, “Should we tell them about what happened earlier.” Krystal had a puzzled look on her face, then suddenly realised what Cameron was on about, and said, “Hell no.” Cameron said come on it was funny, what do you say Chris,” Shamiya just said, “Is someone gonna tell us or what,” Chris said, “its fine tell them, after all it was piss funny.” Cameron then started telling us the story of what happened earlier that day. Michael and Cameron were in Chris’s and Krystal’s hotel room and were bemoaning their luck with the ladies on the holiday, Cameron then said, “I’m sure you’re already aware that Chris and Krystal don’t mind sharing the love”. I looked across at Chris and Krystal, Chris was smiling and Krystal had her face down looking slightly embarrassed but you could sense a smile on her face as she re-lived the events in her head. Cameron continued, “Well we were all laid on the bed and we started to get a little frisky, Michael and me were stark bollock naked, Chris was down to just his boxer shorts and Krystal was just down to her panties, all of a sudden the male cleaner opens the door to clean the room, Krystal suddenly pipes up and says, “Yeah because of you dumbass, forgetting to put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.” Cameron continues, “Anyway the look on the cleaners face was a picture, Kristel grabbed the bedsheets to cover up her modesty and me, Michael and Chris just jumped up. Michael then suddenly started to march towards him, fully naked with his humongous cock swinging between his legs; the cleaner looked scared to death, with this massive naked black man walking him down. The cleaner started to apologise as he quickly made his way to the door, Michael reached over to his wallet, grabbed a tenner, gave it to the cleaner whilst putting his finger to his lips to signify to the cleaner to keep quiet.” Michael then started to laugh and said, I can’t believe it cost me a tenner.”

Shamiya then turned to Cameron, and said, “So are you happy now, that you finally managed to get some.” Cameron replied, “It was good, but I’m always on the lookout for something fresh and different, no offence to Krystal,” Krystal replied, “none taken.”

The rest of the night continued in the same vain, most of the conversations revolved around sex, with Shamiya and Cameron in particular exchanging sexual innuendos, between each other. At the end of the night we once more went our separate ways. Once I and Sham arrived back at the hotel room, like the night before she was unbelievably horny, we fucked as soon as we entered the room, during the sex she kept asking if I like fucking a slutty wife, the dirty talk from her was becoming too much and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold back any longer and I soon came inside her! Unlike the night before this time she was disappointed as she hadn’t come. I was pretty sure at this point that she was after fucking Cameron, I didn’t want to broach the subject though, as I said previously although I didn’t hate Cameron I didn’t care for him too much either. I was also sure that Cameron was after fucking Sham. Anyway tomorrow was the last night of the holiday, get through that and then we’ll be back home in gold old blighty. I did feel slightly guilty, Shamiya was anything but a slut when I first met her, and it took literally years to tease the slut out of her, in the past she’d gone along with and fulfilled many of my fantasies, I’m 100% sure she enjoyed the sex and freedom that you get as a hot wife, but still I planted the seed, now it appears she has found someone she really wants to fuck, I’m holding back because I don’t particularly like him.

To be continued…