11 Sep 2015

The next day at breakfast we saw Krystal and Chris. Cameron and Michael had gone on a full day quad biking. Sham and I decided that our last night we’d spend at the hotel watching the evening entertainment, maybe have an early night, we were leaving the next day at 6pm even though we paid to keep hold of the room for the entire day, we had all the packing to do. We asked Krystal and Chris what they were doing that evening; they’d arranged to go out to the nearby town clubbing. We said, “If we don’t see them later today or tonight we’ll try and catch them before we leave tomorrow.”

I spent most of the day beside the pool; Shamiya booked herself into the spa for some treatment, that evening we went back to the room to get ready. Again Sham laid out her outfit for that evening on the bed; she chose a red knee length summer dress, which again displayed her cleavage, red lace G string panties and matching bra. Once more watching Shamiya getting ready was a joy to behold, she looked absolutely stunning, once more she applied the shimmer lotion to draw attention to her cleavage, this time I noticed her makeup far more, and yet again she chose to wear bright red lipstick. This time she finished the outfit with some black fuck me heels.

We found a table in the amphitheatre and settled down to watch some local dance acts. Sham and I engaged in conversation but I could see her thoughts were elsewhere, I’d often catching her looking around to see if she could see Cameron, Chris, Michael or Krystal. After about an hour we caught sight of Cameron and Chris, they plonked themselves down a couple of tables away to our right. Sham managed to catch their attention and for the next couple of minutes or so, they had a conversation over two tables. Sham then asked if they’d care to join us. At this point I was thinking great just what I need! They moved over and joined us on our table, Cameron complemented Sham once more on her looks, leant over to kiss her on her cheek, and said “Oh you smell good enough to eat,” Sham responded and said, “Yeah and where would you like to start” Cameron responded by saying, “mmm that would be telling.” My initial thoughts were oh no here we go again, going to have to put up with him grovelling over my wife all night.”

It was my turn to get the drinks in, just as I was about to make my way to the bar, Cameron got up and said, “I’ll come with you and give you a hand,” On the way to the bar, he asked if he could have a quick word with me, I said, “Yeah sure, what’s up”. He said he’d been talking to Krystal and she let slip that Shamiya is a hot wife and that he knew that I liked to watch her have sex with other men. He then asked if it would be ok if he tries his luck! My response was, “No, we haven’t come to play,” now normally I’d probably go for this, but the way he talked about the husbands of the married women that he’d fucked in previous conversations, there was no way I was going to give my approval. He then said, “Well are you not even going to ask Shamiya what her thoughts are on this!” I once more said, “No, this is something we both have to agree on, and I don’t agree.” We got the drinks and headed back to the table, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, it was obvious things had been said, but no one said anything. After I’d finished my drink I decided I’d make an excuse so me and Sham could leave, so I said, “I’m not feeling to good and if it’s ok can we go back to the hotel room,” Sham asked if I was “ok” I said, “yeah, probably just too much sun”. Cameron looking concerned (not) then said, “Are you sure you’re gonna be ok?” I once more said, “Yeah, probably just need a good night’s sleep.” It was then that Cameron said, “Look if you’re sure you’re gonna be ok, then why do you both have to go, why don’t you get a good night’s rest, we’ll take care of Shamiya and make sure she gets back safely.” Sham looked at me, and I could tell from her look that she wanted to stay longer; I felt I had no other option but to agree. Sham asked if I would leave the hotel patio doors slightly ajar, so she doesn’t have to wake me when she comes in, I said, “Yeah, that fine,” and with that I left them, Cameron shouted after me, “Don’t worry mate we’ll take good care of her”, as I looked back, the sly bastard gave me a wink that told me just what he had in mind, if I didn’t know already.

I arrived back at my hotel room, and spent the next hour or so stewing over what might be happening. I couldn’t bare it anymore and made my way back to the amphitheatre to see if they were still there. I was careful not to get too close as I didn’t want to be seen, but I could clearly make out, Shamiya, Cameron and Michael still sat at the same table, most of the amphitheatre was deserted at this point, I spent the next 10 minutes watching from a distance when finally they all got up to leave!

I quickly made my way back to the room, jumped in bed and made out I was a sleep. I could hear all three of them getting closer to the room all sounded in good spirits. I heard Sham slowly open the patio doors with Michael and Cameron still outside, I could hear Sham trying to ask them to be quiet, and Cameron asking her to hurry up. I still pretended to be a sleep, but I was curious as to what they were up to. Whenever I got the opportunity I’d open my eyes to try and see what she was doing, Sham was touching up her make-up re-applying perfume, and then I noticed her grab her bikini and towel from the side before quickly leaving.

As soon as she left, I felt quite alarmed, “What the fuck would she need her bikini for at this time of night” I sure as hell know it’s not safe to swim in the sea at this time and the pools are closed. The more I thought about it, the more worried I became, I started imaging the worse. I couldn’t bare it anymore and quickly got dressed and made my way out of the hotel room. I wandered down the path making my way towards the pools and the beach. It’s then I heard the familiar voices of all three, I slowed down and slowly made my way towards the voices without being seen. I soon realised why Sham went to get her bikini, Cameron and Michael’s room had a Jacuzzi outside in the patio area. The curtains around the Jacuzzi were all closed, and I could hear Cameron asking Sham to hurry up, Cameron then said, “look you don’t even need your bikini, we promise not to look, honest” before breaking out in laughter. It’s then I noticed Sham making her way out of the patio doors wrapped in a towel, she opened the curtains and I managed to catch a glimpse of Cameron and Michael already in the Jacuzzi. She closed the curtains behind her until they were no longer visible. I could still hear them talking but I wasn’t really close enough to make out what was being said. I plucked up the courage to move a bit closer until I was situated behind a bush, I could hear bits of conversations, the main topic of conversation seemed to be the lads asking Sham to remove her bikini. After about 20 minutes or so of this I was contemplating going back to the hotel room as I couldn’t see anything and I could only partially hear them.

Just when I was contemplating leaving the curtains sprung open and Michael stepped out, he was fully naked, carrying a towel in his left hand, I caught a quick glimpse of his cock, and he was massive must have been around 10 inches when flaccid, god know what it must’ve been like erect. His black skin and muscular body only emphasised what an absolute beast of a man he was. Cameron then stepped out, quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way into the room. Sham then stepped out wrapped in a towel and made her way into the hotel room where Michael and Cameron were waiting.

I plucked up the courage and moved towards the Jacuzzi, I noticed the guys swimming trucks soaking wet and left on the side to dry, I then noticed Shamiya’s bikini also put out to dry. I could only imagine what had gone on in the Jacuzzi, but I now knew they were all naked in there. At this point my heart was racing and I was feeling quite angry not so much at Sham but myself for letting this happen. However it was clear that my cock had different feeling and was rock hard, the more I thought about the scenario I was faced with the hornier I became.

I made my way to the patio doors to see if I could get a sneaky peak inside, unfortunately the curtains were closed and once more none of them were visible. I could hear them but I could really make out what was being said.

After around 5 minutes or so I heard familiar voices coming from the pathway. It was Krystal and Chris returning from their night out. I quickly hid around the corner before they had chance to spot me. They walked over to the patio doors and knocked on. Cameron came to the door and although I couldn’t see them, I could hear them perfectly. Krystal had obviously seen Sham inside and was asking if she was “ok”. Sham came to the door and started talking to Krystal and Chris whilst Cameron had obviously gone back inside. I could hear Krystal once more asking if she was ok, and telling her, “don’t let them do anything you’re not comfortable with”, Sham replied “don’t worry I won’t.” Krystal began asking if Sham had told me about what’s going on, Sham said, “no but he’ll be fine”. Krystal asked if Sham was “sure”, before asking if Sham would send Michael out for a quick chat. Sham went back inside and Michael came to the door, Krystal was telling Michael to look after Sham and respect her boundaries, also to keep an eye on Cameron as he can occasionally get carried away! They must have been in conversation for around 10 minutes or so, when I heard Krystal saying “where the fuck has Chris gone”. Michel said, “He’s gone inside,” Michael then shouted inside for Chris. Chris came to the door and Krystal asked him, “Where the fuck did you go, you were here one moment, I turned around and you’d vanished”. Chris replied “I went inside to talk to Cameron,” he chuckled before saying; “Shamiya was already going to work on him and was blowing him off”. He then said, “Sorry babe, she blew me as well, I couldn’t resist”. Krystal’s response seemed quite playful by saying, “What you like, I can’t take you anywhere, did you cum?” Chris replied “No” So Krystal said, “Well I’ll let you off then.” Krystal shouted in, “enjoy you guys and be careful” before finally closing the patio doors and leaving with Chris.

To be continued…