Written by Mike

5 Jun 2015

About twenty years years ago before I married my wife I lived with a stunning Sri Lankan lady, called Kaz. She was two years older than me, she was 32 and I was 30. Kaz had the most amazing body, size 12 firm 38d tits and long thick black, she was really dirty in bed and really sexy. We has a brilliant sex life, but over a couple of years my pressure of work we drifted and eventually parted, but remained and still are very good friends. She had two daughters one Becca was 12 when we parted and the other Sabrina was 10. I got on well with the girls and saw then quite often.

Eight years ago, Becca was 34 and married, and she had got her mothers stunning looks and body. We were at a party held at a hotel in London a number of us had booked rooms, including Becca and myself. Kaz and Sabrina were not staying. Becca's husband could not come because of work and my wife had another function to attend.

We had a good night plenty to drink, I had had a few close and passionate dances with Kaz, we still fucked occasionally and I had a couple do close dances with Becca. Around 11.30 Kaz and Sabrina left. Becca was a bit tipsy and made some suggestive comments about us being naughty whilst we were on our own, and she wanted to see if what her mum said about me was true, she did not say what that meant though. There were some more slow dances and our dancing got more intimate and passionate, Becca was wearing a short and very revealing dress bare legs, clearly no bra and as I discovered no knickers either. We dance very closely and Becca rubbing my arse with her hands, and I was very hard, and being quite big it was very obvious to her. I lowered my hand to her bum and pulled her towards me and she put a hand on my head and pulled me in for a long passionate kiss, at this my hand went to her tits and inside her dress. She then felt my cock with her hand and said mum said you were very big. And we kissed again and this time my hand went up her dress and onto her arse, finding out that she was commando I moved to finger her and she was just like her mum really smooth. After four dances were were we almost having she's on the dance floor, we sat down at our table and had another drink. Becca said we don't need both rooms do we? And I asked her if she was sure. Becca said she had wanted to fuck me since she was sixteen and told her that I had felt the same and had a few wanks over her over the years.

We kissed and I suggested we went to my room as I had some scotch there. In the lift we kissed and groped and I got her tots out of her dress and as the lift door opened a couple waiting got a good eyeful of her awesome tits, we got into the room and stripped each other I laid her down and went down on her, licking her cunt and flicking her clit hard, she was moaning and then had an orgasm. She told me to lay down and she gave me a very expert deep throat, taking most of my cock I am just over 9" and some women cannot talk it all, my wife Kaz and now Becca being the exception. After a while of having my arse rimmed and my cock sucked I pull her off and got on top of her and fucked her, her legs wrapped around my back and her long nails scrapping my back hard. I asked her if I was bigger than her husband and she was shouting fuck me yes much, and was I better than him and she shouted yes, fuck me harder. After a while I stood and pulled her legs to my shoulders and fucked her really hard, telling her that she was a slut and fucked like a whore this seem to make her more crazy and she came again and as she did so I came inside her.

We rested and hugged and kissed, then she sucked me hard again and I took her doggy fashion and fingered her arse also pulling her hair to gain pressure inside her. After I had lubricated her arse with cum from her cunt I started to slide my cock I to her tight arse, she took it, even though it hurt her at first, when I was fully in I started to drill her really dirty and hard, she was screaming, I had lent over and played with her clit, she had two massive orgasms she was shaking after the second and I came inside her arse and we both collapsed on the bed sweat pouring off us. We kissed again and talked for a while. She told me that she got her mum to tell her what a good sex life we had, and that she still missed it. Becca said that she was determined to have me that night.i was hard again and she ride me and I held and watched her lovely tits swaying as she fucked me, telling me lots of dirty things. After that we went to sleep and I woke at 8.30 next morning to a very expert blow job, we fucked again and showered and then went for breakfast, we went back to the room and fucked again. We the left in our separate cars, promising to keep in touch. We did and met quite often over the next year. Becca then became pregnant by her husband and we stopped ducking each other, we often talk and she said that we must do it again. I still have Kaz on occasion have fucked.