Written by squrtandticle

21 Jan 2016

I was lucky, dead jammy, That's what my mate told me and I now realize just how Lucky I was. We were in the tree's between the lay-by and the main road, six of us, me, my workmate, two unknown men in their thirty's and a woman and her husband who had arrived and parked in front of my lorry just ten minutes earlier.

It was my first trip out for the night as a long distance lorry driver, so I was sent to Hull with another lorry and driver from the company I had started working for so I could follow him and get experience! Experience was what I was getting! We had both delivered our respectful load's to Hull and picked up load's to take back to our home depot. My mentor was keen to park up for the night in a lay-by just North of Hull and so it is there the story unfold's.

We parked one behind the other and I joined him in his cab for a can and a chat. It was not long after that the cars started crawling past, turning and coming back, crawling past and looking at us. My older and wiser friend was asked what was going on? "Just about anything you could want, you can get here" was his answer. I was a bit naive and very curious but he produced some porn magazine's from under his bunk and the penny dropped. He insisted that there was only one thing to remember " What happen,s here! Stay,s here okay!"

We first had a cross dresser come to the door. He/she was quite convincing and asked if we would like to be entertained for the evening? we were polite and declined their offer. But shortly after that a van parked in front of us with what looked like a man and woman in their fifty's sitting in it. She looked to have only a thin slip on and the man moved over to play with her. This look's interesting I was told. My mentor suggested we give them a few minutes "to get started!" then he got out of the cab and slowly walked over to her window. I watched from the cab and saw him look into the van and he was chatting to them, he then came back into the cab and I asked him what was going on? They wanted to know (so did he I suppose) If we wanted to be ON? Go and have a chat he said, so I did. I was very curious to say the least, and walked round to her open window and LOOKED!! What I saw kind of took me by surprise. She was sitting with her feet on the dashboard of the van and he was playing with her glorious swollen clit. It was the fact they were not in the least bit awkward about it that surprised me and she asked me if we should all go into the tree's for some fun?

As I told you earlier, there we were, in the tree's next to the picnic table. By the time my mentor and I and the couple had started to play two other men appeared as if by magic and after the usual sideway's glances she dropped to her knee's in the clearing and the four of us stranger's presented our cock,s in a circle around her, her husband kept back watching from the edge of the clearing for any danger.

Susan! as we called her, picked my cock to start with and gently played with my ball's as well as sucking kindly on my swollen end. Her bottom was being played with by one of the strangers while my mate and the other guy stroked their cock's in anticipation. She then turned one place and did the same to my mate's cock while the other stranger looked down at her rear and played her clit with his finger's. It kept on like that for a good while, her turning until I was behind her. I got down on my knee's and got my tongue into her clit from behind, she seemed to get really dirty with us when I did that and looked around at me and smiled knowingly. I was pleasantly surprised that all four of us had remarkably similar cock's (about 6 inches) and even more surprised when I saw her husband had a bit of a monster! ( Why? would she want us? when?) We played like that for a few minutes when one of the stranger's shouted that he was Up her and that he was going to cum! she never batted an eyelid and took his thrusting cumshot like a proper trouper . My mate was straight in with his tongue, licking it and almost foaming at the mouth. She then looked at ME? I remember getting into position and just managed to get it in when i started cumming as well, it was so hot and wet I had never felt anything so horny and I said I was sorry for cumming so quickly but she just smiled and said that's what she was there for and that's what she wanted.

We all know I suppose? that once you cum you feel Finished? Some men just up and go! The other stranger came over her tit's just wanking and left in a hurry? But my mentor gave her a good clean up and then gave her a few minute's of swollen cock before he gave her more of what she wanted. I was then asked if I wanted to clean her up? I was in like a shot, licking and sniffing until I was erect again and she wanted me ! I took a bit longer the second time but enjoyed the effort, cumming but not so wet . It was only then her husband came into play and he gave her a very good seeing too and we all ended up Happy?

I met them once again about a year later and enjoyed their company. But after 20 years of lorry driving and parking in lay-by's all over uk I have only met perhaps 6 other M/F couples . But M. CD etc etc Take care!xxx