Written by Wife

14 May 2017

This was not a regular Saturday night, it was not a regular weekend away.

My wife and I came to Ireland on Thursday. I had to meet a client and she came along. Thursday was dull so was Friday ... We had a few drinks meals and the usual.

Tonight we were out in Dublin. We are flying out tomorrow so we decided to have some fun before we had to get back to the same old routine.

She dressed really sexy, black dress with lots of cleavage on show and her long legs with south no tights on. We had a nice meal in a hotel and went out to a pub, it was only about 10 and we were having some G&Ts and she was tipsy as ever, I was pretty smashed too and we were having a ball. A while later I see some young lads talking to her while I'm getting more drinks , I join them and we have bit of banter and they don't leave , they buy us more drinks and we are dancing and having fun.

By 11 am we were all back in the hotel room. Two young men and my stunning 40 year old size 10 wife.

She was more horny than I was , I was sitting on the Bed while the three of them were talking. Next think I know my wife was rubbing one man's crotch and snogging him and the other man was taking off his pants.

The next two hours were spent watching my wife sucking and fucking two young men like there was no tomorrow.

I joined in too and we all fucked her as hard as we could. It was brilliant! It's 2 am now and they just left and we are still digesting what just happened. She's gone to have a shower , I better go join her.

I have no idea what to say to her in the morning. Wow