Written by Anne

8 Mar 2018

Thanks for enjoying my latest instalment of my sexual life story. Here is another rather sordid episode for you to savour.

My sister in law was now married as well, I was still married but had aged a bit. I was now 40, not a brunette but a Blonde. Thanks to modern science and the ability to colour your hair any which way you pleased. Believe me! it pleased all right.My husband and I had moved on as well, he worked in a large factory staffed by nearly 1000 women as a so called Enabler? I think it meant he got things done that otherwise would not? He was 41 and 6ft tall muscular and was about 13 stone. very attractive to women. The world was changing very rapidly with all these multinational companies, Birth control now the norm so women could plan a working life and at weekends we as a couple heard the phrase" Thank god it's Friday"

We were invited to House parties most weekends and our Kid's were old enough to look after themselves so we made the most off it. The particular party I am going to tell about tonight ,was a very rowdy one in a large detached house just on the outskirts of a town near you. 8pm start Carriages at 1 am plenty of food and bring your own drink. I was on Vodka and Orange so had my pre mixed bottle with me,Hubby on the other hand was and still is a Lager lout who then starts on Brandy The Girls, wore a range of outfit's to these events some outrageous and slutty but some were able to Scrub up well , so I always made an effort. I was in my favourite sex goddess dress, a leopard skin print number but it was so short I had to wear tights with it, but OMG it was worth it. I could pick up anything at any time I wanted in that dress but tonight it probably saved me ?

I heard a loud cheer in the living room as I was doing my rounds, flirting with guy's I fancied and upon farther investigation I was Horrified to see why. My husband, was standing on the dance floor with his trousers around his Ankles and this young bitch was sucking his swollen penis. he was so drunk I could not get him to stop her and I was so embarrassed I stormed out in disgust?

As I said, I was wearing a short leopard skin mini dress with my long legs covered in Sheer black tights and 5 inch high heels I had my bag but as I had no need for money I had not brought my purse. but I was so furious I walked until I was Lost? My feet were sore and I was getting cold. My hubby and some of the girl's searched for me but could not find me? I was on my own. I managed to find the main A road that went to our Town about ten miles away and started walking and Thumbing a lift. The first car to stop had a middle aged guy in so in I popped and made myself comfy in the warmth of the front seat of his car, he asked were i was going etc and what I was doing going around at 11pm dressed like that on a cold dark Friday night? He said I was asking for Trouble, which I knew was right. I could see him looking at my legs as we passed under some streetlights near a roundabout and Then He asked if I had heard of a ride for a ride? I wanted to get home in one piece so said yes I had. He asked if he should turn off into a country lane so I agreed and so we ended up in a field gateway just outside a town near you. He was very keen to say the least. I took my tights off and put them in my bag along with my knickers, while he whipped his trousers down to his ankles. It was then I said STOP. what he said? You said etc! I then Told him he was not going to fuck me with his trousers, socks and shoes on? Off they came and it was then I saw what he was going to give me. It was about 6 inches long with a plum end. I call them that ! long and purple and still attached to the foreskin behind the end. keeps them nice and tight and sensitive. he put his seat back and lowered the backrest then I struggled to lower mine. We did not know each others names and we were getting ready for a bit more than heavy petting.

I got him to lie back and pull his shirt out of the way, he was showing off nice and hard with his foreskin as I said, just covering his end but standing up ready for action? Action I gave him I first leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, he responded and I felt his hand moving to my buttocks I then opened his shirt and kissed him down his stomach until it was in my face. I moved up to it and gently licked the tip of his cock and felt it twitch and saw it stiffen , Oh I was going to give him a nice ride just to thank him. I knelt on my seat and turned just enough for him to feel my bum without stretching and returned to the object of my desire. I asked him if his foreskin came right back ,but he said not so I left it in place and put my mouth around the plum and it''s skin and wet it with my juices . his balls were tight by now and so tight in their skin they were shining in the dim light of the car. I made it my mission to slacken them for him. I had almost forgotten what it was like,having a fuck in such a confined space but was quite enjoying having him, because I have always been a randy woman and still dressed to feel sexy so here I was in a strangers car about to let him penetrate my now soaking wet pussy and It was so awkward I asked him if he wanted to fuck me outside? Out we got, I lean't in the front door with the window down and he came around behind me, my dress was up over my bum ready for him . I felt his hand on my waist at one side ,then The tip of his cock as he searched in the dark for the entrance to my wet and willing pussy. I Grimaced and scolded him when he pushed forward and entered my bum hole he was sorry and tried again, I reached behind me as I have done lot's of times and told him to push forward and I put it in for him. He was gentle as he fed it in, onward and upwards and he got into a nice rocking motion I pushed my butt against him and groaned and when I told him to go harder as I was cumming, He shouted out loud So am I where do you want it I said not to spoil it and shove it right in and fuck me fast for a bit and so it was I ended up full of his cum. he dressed in the dark I just pulled my dress down and searched for my shoes. he had some industrial wipes we used to tidy up and i sat on some in the car for the now short journey home. I thanked him again when he dropped me off up the street where I live and tootled down the street home. Hubby came home without having any more fun at the party and we did not speak for a month?

I would not recommend any woman or girl does this, It was a thing I did when angry and drunk and old enough to know better. just again. my husband never had anything said to him about his escapade at work? He had to threaten to leave if the girl was reprimanded? I do not know what he did there but He was well liked??