Written by Dee

6 Jan 2012

Thank you to those who found my first post, when it eventually appeared, and took the time to comment favourably.

If you read part one you know I'd been fucked several times, in one night by a couple of young men. I thought that was quite a good start for a fifty five year old, retired schoolteacher. I felt rather pleased with myself, not only for having casual sex with one man but two men, on the first night, but also masturbating and using a bottle to fuck myself, while they watched. I was confidently hopeful of more and better things to come, with them and others. The following days proved my confidence and expectations misplaced, the initial euphoria at my successfully picking up two young lads, and being fucked by them both, rapidly diminishing when I had no further opportunities.

When I woke in the morning and peeped outside there was no sign of them or their bikes. I needed some shopping and drove to a supermarket before going to the nude beach after lunch. I spent an enjoyable afternoon, sunbathing nude, cock watching, enjoying the freedom and more particularly laying on my back, with my legs open, exposing my pussy to passing men, thrilled when they looked at my shaven sex. I'd been there about an hour when I noticed a man walk passed me, looking between my legs. I watched as he went a bit further up the beach before turning and coming back, still looking at me. I couldn't resist, opening my legs wider as he approached, and was rewarded by him spreading his towel about 10 or 12 feet in front of me and him laying on his front looking directly between my legs at my pussy. An opportunity not to be missed I decided, pouring sun lotion on my stomach, massaging it in to my skin, moving my hand closer and closer to my pussy until I was touching my smooth mons. I stopped for a moment, looking directly at him, he gave a slight nod of his head, encouraging me to continue. I waited as a man and woman passed close by, poured more lotion, this time directly on to my pussy, letting the creamy lotion run along my gash. It must have looked as if I'd just been fucked and my cunt covered in spunk. I moved my hand to my pussy and slowly rubbed the lotion between my legs, letting my fingers linger on my clitoris, then slip inside me two or three times, as my hole opened before his eyes. I wasn't quite masturbating but found it arousing all the same and only stopped when I saw another couple getting close enough to see what I was doing. I'd been hoping that after my little exhibitionist display he might approach me but instead after a couple of minutes he got up, his cock looking semi erect, smiled at me and walked off.

I'd never done anything like that before and wondered if my actions had been over the top, that I'd looked like a desperate middle aged woman and frightened him off. Maybe he was married or just liked to watch. Whatever the reason, I wasn't going to be fucked by him, leaving me feeling so randy that I was thinking about going back to the tent for a play to relieve myself. Being June the beach wasn't very crowded and it occurred to me that if I was careful I could find a secluded spot and bring myself off there. Not as risky as it sounds. If you don't know that part of the French coast between Agde and Narbonne it is miles of long sandy beaches, backed in places by low, small dunes and then behind that flat salt marsh stretching for several hundred yards inland. The advantage is that people tend to congregate around the access points and you can often find a spot, even in summer with no one anywhere near to see what you're doing. I looked along the beach in the opposite direction to the campsites. A few people about, but 400 yards further on it looked deserted. I was still on a high from the previous night and decided to risk it.

I picked up my beach bag and mat and walked along the beach, paddling in the surf, for several hundred yards, until I was sure nobody was close or paying me any attention. I walked up the beach to the top, found a hidden spot which was little more than a shallow indentation, surrounded by tufts of marram grass, and settled down to masturbate. This was another step for me, despite being hidden I felt incredibly exposed, the risk of being seen, small though that risk was, actually added to the excitement. I brushed the sand off my hands, had a final look around then lay down, spread my legs and touched my clit. My pussy was already very moist in anticipation and it only took a few seconds fingering before my juices flowed, my cunt opening like a flower and I slipped my fingers in my pussy. Laid with my legs open, eyes shut, the sun and a cooling breeze on my naked skin, a couple of fingers in my pussy, I was in heaven. I lay masturbating for 15 or 20 minutes, cumming twice, daydreaming that I was surrounded by a crowd of men, all watching me while they wanked, waiting to fuck me. Quite frankly I was passed caring if anyone could see me as I loudly orgasmed for the third time. Sitting up afterwards I noticed a man, walking about 75 yards away, who must have passed close by and I wondered if he'd seen me. I rather hoped he had, pleased by my boldness, though mild by some standards, thrilled at having masturbated, performed a sexual act, outdoors in broad daylight for the first time.

I lay were I was, thinking about the night before, imagining what might happen that night and over the coming days. My thoughts drifted back to when I'd watched the woman being fucked in a spot near were I was laid. My fingers strayed back to my pussy, softly stroking my clitoris bringing myself off again. Much as I enjoyed masturbating, what I really needed and wanted was cock and lots of it. My resolve to be fucked by more men now strengthened, I set off back to my tent, hoping Jan or Dirk might be around and willing to give me a seeing too.

I walked back to the campsite, just wearing a sarong around my waist, tied at the side, hiding my pussy, confident enough to leave my tits bare. I turned into the row where the tent was, saw Jan by his tent, made a quick adjustment to the sarong, twisting it around so the gap was at the front. I walked the last hundred yards, with my pussy uncovered until he saw me and waved. I quickly looked around, nobody about and undid the sarong, walking the last few yards naked, my hand moving suggestively on my pussy. I stood outside my tent, pointed towards it, beckoning him over, went inside, lay on the air bed, legs open fingering my hole. He joined me, removed his shorts, stood looking down at me wanking his prick until it was erect, then without any foreplay, got between my legs and fucked me. It was all over in minutes but enough to keep me going until later, when I was intending to suggest going to the beach for sex. Primarily it was because I wanted to experience being fucked outdoors, but I also had it in my mind that there might be others there, men who could fuck me or at least watch me being fucked an idea that I found stimulating.

Dirk had met a girl and gone off somewhere with her, Jan and I had something to eat, a couple of beers at the bar. As it started getting dark, as planned I suggested we go for a walk to the beach. He suggested going back to the tent, with a bit of a twinkle in his eye. I lent close to him, whispering in his ear “ I want to have sex under the stars you can fuck me on the beach” He looked a bit startled but I took him by the arm and we walked to the beach, me guiding him towards where I hoped others might be.

The beach was deserted, not a soul anywhere in sight. We didn't go far along the beach, before I stopped him, knelt in front of him, pulling his cock from his shorts and took it in my mouth. I sucked him, holding his prick in one hand, using the other to rub my pussy. Each time he'd fucked me he'd cum quickly. I didn't want him to cum in my mouth so as soon as I'd got him nice and hard, I stood, hitching my dress up around my waist, bent over and told him to fuck me. He lasted perhaps two minutes before he ejaculated, and though I also came, it was largely due to the frantic fingering I gave my clitoris. My first outdoor sex was a disappointing anti climax.

We went back to my tent and he slept with me, fucked me again in the night and first thing in the morning. They both fucked me at least once a day for the next five or six days, one or both, sleeping with me at night. We went to the beach each night and fucked but I became increasingly despondent that I hadn't had sex with anyone else or seen any action on the beach. By then I'd come to the conclusion that whilst it was quite nice being fucked by young lads, they were inexperienced and weren't giving me what I craved. Invariably they came to fast, and though they could recover relatively quickly, I wanted to be fucked long and hard. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful for their willingness to fuck me, and not having found anyone else wasn't going to stop having sex with them, it's just that it wasn't satisfying me in the way I'd hoped or wanted. I suppose, and I know this must sound awful, the novelty was wearing off. I wanted a bit of variety, there were so many things I'd only read about and, at the age of fifty five, wanted to experience for myself before it was to late.

My luck finally changed the following Friday night, over a week into the holiday. Once again we went down the beach after dark, but there was now an almost full moon. On this occasion all three of us went, so at least I was expecting a reasonable sex session, though probably nothing to write home about. As soon as we turned along the beach I noticed a glow in the distance, from the dunes at the top of the beach. My heart started beating faster at the thought that at last something was going to happen, the hope that some sort of sex party was going on. I was determined that if that was the case, I would join in if invited, not hurry off, as I had five years earlier.

“Come on lets go and see what's happening” I called to them, noticing a certain reluctance on their part. I didn't wait for them, walking briskly, only stopping briefly to take off my dress when I was close enough to see a woman kneeling sucking off two men. Now naked I approached closer, hoping to be noticed and invited to participate. Jan and Dirk caught up, standing beside me watching. I could hear voices and the noise of someone having sex and moved off the beach into the dunes so I could see properly. In a dip, illuminated by gas lanterns, was another woman, sucking one guy, being fucked by another, ten or so men and a third woman, riding a cock whilst watching. If a pussy can drool that’s what mine was doing at the sight before me. I reached between my legs, touched my cunt, I was soaking, juices running out, my thighs wet. I only touched my clitoris briefly, enough to send a shiver of lust and desire through me, to make my nipples achingly erect. I reached out for Dirk and Jan's cocks, stroking them through their shorts, then pulling the waist bands down so I could wank them. Jan stepped away, saying he was going back to the campsite. I wasn't entirely surprised, I'd suspected he wasn't comfortable. I didn't bother trying to persuade him to stay, letting go of Dirks prick when he mumbled that he ought to go with Jan.

It didn't really matter, it looked as if there was plenty of cock to und. Already a couple of men had called me over. I didn't need asking twice, moving closer, standing watching. By now you will probably have realised that if I'm not being fucked I enjoy masturbating. I’d learnt in the previous few days that being watched masturbating gave me a kick, added a whole new exciting, erotic dimension to the experience, probably because it felt so naughty, publicly doing something, I'd always considered private. I didn't feel remotely embarrassed, let alone blush, standing with my legs parted, masturbating in the company of a dozen or so strangers. I could thank Jan and Dirk for helping me lose my inhibitions, even if they were unwilling to partake in group sex with me.

While I watched, the woman riding cock got to her feet and one of the men got down in front of her, performing cunnilingus on her just fucked pussy. The other men stroked their erections, some watching the other women, others looking expectantly at me. I realised they were waiting for me to give some indication that I was there to participate, not just watch. They say actions speak louder than words, especially true if there is a language barrier. I didn't hesitate, walking as confidently as I could, standing next to the two men who'd called to me, a third man behind me. I glanced down, a pair of quite nice cocks to play with for starters, not massive, six or seven inches, one fairly thick, and heavily veined, the other long and smoothly shaved. I took one in each hand and began to slowly wank them. One of them bent, taking a nipple in his mouth sucking on it, the guy the other side, fondling my other tit, tweaking the nipple. The guy behind, moved in closer, his hard prick, against my bum, his right hand reaching around, finding my cunt, fingering me.

A cock in each hand, one pressed in my back, my tits being sucked and fondled, a man finger fucking my cunt, I was quickly so aroused I had difficulty standing. The guy behind me moved, I could feel him holding his prick, his leg between mine, forcing my knees apart. I realised what he wanted to do, parting my legs, raising myself on tip toe. I let out a sigh of contented pleasure as he slid his cock between my legs, not entering me, but sliding back and fore along my slit. He moved his fingers, using them to press his knob end against my clitoris each time he slid his cock forward. I began to move my hips in time with him, crouching slightly, to exert more pressure on my engorged clit. I grew increasingly excited, had difficulty concentrating on wanking the two guys, I'd become so immersed in my own pleasure. I urgently wanted to feel his cock in my cunt, I bent over, parting my legs further, pulling the two guys in front of me, by their cocks. Releasing both cocks, I reached between my legs, took hold of the third guy's cock the next time he slid his prick along my gash and lifting myself, guiding it into my sopping wet cunt.

I hung on to the two other guys for support, letting them take turns to push their pricks in my open mouth, whilst being fucked hard and deep from behind. This was just what I'd dreamed of, hard, raw sex, being mounted and fucked like a bitch in heat, not love, pure animal lust, unrestrained by normal social mores. Rutting like beasts, I could hear him grunt each time he thrust in to my pussy. I was practically snarling at him to fuck me harder, concentrating only on my own pleasure, vaguely aware that the two men whose cocks I'd been sucking were now wanking in my face. At that moment only one thing mattered, the cock pounding in and out of my cunt, thrilling and exciting me. His hard fat cock, stretching my pussy, making wet slurping noises as we fucked was driving me wild. I lifted my head, looking around, realising we were being watched, as if in a live sex show. I started to pant, getting close to climax, threw my head back, mouth open almost gasping for breath. I felt a wet splash on my cheek, then another, spunk running down my face. The other guy held my head still, wanking his cock rapidly, almost into my mouth. He came, two hard jets of spunk shooting in my mouth, a third just missing my eye as I moved swallowing his seed. The cock in my pussy pulsed as he pumped my cunt full of semen. That sent me over the top, I started to shake, my legs almost giving way as I was brought to a loud and prolonged orgasm.

I felt him slowly withdrawing his prick, a gush of spunk running from my hole as I straightened. Looking down between my legs, a string of milky cum, dangled from my hole, swinging as I moved, slowly stretching longer until it dripped on the sand. I wanted to be fucked again, trying to remember the French for “I want more” Difficult to concentrate in the state of sexual arousal I was still in. I decided on “Je voudrais plus” Correct or not, a guy near me understood, pointing for me to lay on the sand.

I eagerly laid back and spread my legs for him. He knelt, lifting me up with is hands under my bum and pulled me onto his cock. He entered me, his prick sliding easily up my slippery hole, the first guys spunk, lubricating my fuck hole, oozing out as I was penetrated and fucked for the second time. Laid on my back I could see the other two women being fucked, one spit roasted, a couple of guys waiting their turn to fuck her. I watched the other woman, fascinated as she got on top of one man, took his cock in her gaping cunt, then settled back on top of him, keeping still while a second guy penetrated her cunt and they DP'd her. Judging by the noise she made she was delighted being taken by two men simultaneously and came repeatedly. Listening to her being fucked hard, was an added stimulus for me. I lifted my legs, wrapping them around the man fucking me, drawing him in as deep as possible, forgetting the other women, enjoying the feelings building in my pussy, taking his cock for ten minutes or so, cumming once before he sped up and shot inside me.

There was no need for me to ask for more, he rolled off me, another man took his place. Very fit looking, muscular, aged around forty he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and pushed what felt like an impressively large cock in my pussy. It must have been larger than average, tightly filling my hole, seeming to stretch my cunt, despite just having been fucked hard twice. He folded my legs back, squashing them against my tits, allowing him to penetrate me deeply. I was loving it, I'd never felt a cock so far up my hole, taking me quickly to new heights of arousal. My god, it felt wonderful, I couldn't believe what I'd missed out on over the previous thirty years. He had me moaning, gasping, crying out, squirming underneath him, bringing me almost to orgasm, then slowing, teasing me. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, knew how to use his cock as an instrument of pleasure and torture. Almost making me cum, then torturing me by not allowing me to climax. He was looking down at me, each time he took me almost to the peak, I could feel tears of joy and frustration in my eyes as I begged him to fuck me, not to stop, to let me cum. He might not have understood the words, but my hot shuddering body, the look of desperation was enough to convey my meaning. He smiled down at me, began fucking me again, slowly in and out of my wanton cunt.

I realised that we were the centre of attention, that they could all see his beautiful cock in my pussy. I was a little astounded that I felt no shame, only pride in my new found ability to behave in such an unrestrained, wanton, debauched manner. I wanted him to make me cum, wanted to feel his prick pumping spunk deep in my cunt. I put my arms around him, holding him to me tightly as he began to fuck me faster and harder, pulling almost out, until just the tip of his cock was in my cunt, then slamming it back up my hole. His balls slapped my bum with each increasingly hard thrust. I was close, my breaths coming in gasps. I gave a long, animal like groan as I started to climax, digging my nails into his flesh, dragging them down his back. This time he didn't stop, he'd fucked me for about thirty minutes, maybe longer, at last permitting me to cum. I orgasmed, thrashing under him, thrusting against him, wanting his big hard cock to remain in my cunt forever. Incredible feelings coursed through my body, engulfing me, overwhelming my senses, as I felt his prick pulsating in my pussy, as he emptied his balls, flooding me with his spunk.

He lifted my legs off his shoulders, leaning forward kissing me as he withdrew his cock from my saturated cunt. I lay there, legs open, dreamily watching as he went over to one of the women talking to her, then her getting down licking and sucking his prick. I couldn't bring myself to move, feeling relaxed, luxuriating in the post sex sensations, looking down at my tits, the nipples poking out hard, the wet feel between my legs of copious amounts of milky spunk running out, onto the sand.

I'd never considered myself bisexual, maybe I'd fleetingly wondered about it, watching a film on TV with two women making out. Perhaps it was a further sign that I'd lost most of my inhibitions when one of the women came over, touched me and I didn't object. I was curious to see what, she would do, find out if I liked another woman touching me. She stroked my thigh, bending forward, taking a nipple in her mouth, gently tugging it with her teeth, before sucking on them both. I shut my eyes, rather enjoying it. I felt her hand move closer to my pussy, I opened my legs wider, it just felt the most natural thing to do. Her soft fingers touched my pussy, my eyes shot open watching as she raised her fingers, dripping with spunk and licked them clean. I shut my eyes again, trying to keep calm, with another womans fingers sliding into my pussy. The smooth skin of her face touching me, she kissed her way down my body, it felt so right and tender. I couldn't resist. When she reached my pussy, she moved between my legs, spreading them wide. I jumped when I felt her fingers holding my cunt open and her tongue on my clitoris. I tried to relax, it felt so nice, perhaps nicer than when a man goes down on you. Maybe only another woman truly knows how to arouse and excite another woman, but I'm not experienced enough to say for sure. She licked and softly kissed my pussy, her tongue inside me, sucking and licking me clean, taking the spunk and cunt juice mixture in her mouth, savouring every drop, before she swallowed. It felt so wonderful I started gyrating my pussy against her mouth and tongue, pressing against her face until I had another satisfying orgasm.

I'd have quite liked to have returned the favour and gone down on her, but didn't feel ready to go that far. Not that night, but I did two or three nights later. Anyway, while I'd been thinking about it she'd got up and was with a couple of the men, looking as if she was inviting them to fuck her. I'm certain I could have been fucked again, but I was well satisfied, didn't want to over indulge, tempting as it was, on my first foray into group sex. I stayed for another twenty minutes, just watching, the women fucking and sucking, men masturbating, some of them cumming over the women, and witnessed a man being given a blow job by another man, an act I found amazingly horny. It was well after midnight, when the gas lanterns started spluttering out, and the last women and couple of men finished having sex and people began leaving. I found my dress, slipping it back on, ready to leave when one of the woman and the guy who'd fucked me so well, came over. They spoke to me in French, “Vingt trois heures demain”. Eleven pm tomorrow I translated, an invitation to meet them again. “Oui, oui” I replied, nodding my head, delighted to accept the invitation.

The next day I didn't get up until after nine, intending to apologise to Dirk and Jan but when I looked out of my tent, their pitch was empty and they'd left without saying goodbye. I felt a little guilty because they'd obviously been uncomfortable with what I wanted to do. I soon got over it and I'd had much better sex. I had another two weeks holiday remaining, I went to the beach, several more times, as well as spending two nights with Didier and Marie, the couple who'd asked me to go to the beach again, and some of their friends in their holiday apartment. There were always more men than women, which seemed to work well, one night I was fucked by nine different men in about three hours. I had sex with Marie, going down on her after she'd been fucked and on my last night she fucked me with a strap on, watched by about twenty people. Unfortunately, all good things come to and end and it was with huge reluctance that I returned home.

The seven or eight weeks after my return were probably the most frustrating of my life. I'd experienced my first taste of sexual freedom, being fucked numerous times every night by several different men, then nothing for two months. I masturbated often, but it was eight long weeks before I was fucked again. I met a guy, and we had sex the same night. He's about twenty years younger than me, can keep going for ages, then get hard again, ready to fuck again and is an incredibly heavy cummer. The sex is great. However, I told him what else I want to do and he keeps promising to arrange things but never does. I think he's just being greedy and selfish and wants to keep me for himself so his days are certainly numbered if things go as I hope.

I think the time has come for me to take control and place an Ad on a sex site, to get what I want. There are just so many things I want to do and try. I'd love someone to take me dogging, be fucked by a guy with a huge cock. I'd adore starring in a pornographic movie, the filthier and more debauched the better. I want to be tied up, blindfolded and fucked and have no idea who has had me. Have sex with another woman again, be DP'd and try anal sex. I want to be gangbanged, preferably outdoors in a field or on a beach, fucked repeatedly until I’m begging them to stop. These are just some of the things I want to do before I’m sixty, if I can find sufficient willing volunteers.

Now, I wonder if anyone can think of a good place to put an Ad, a site I can join, with loads of men all looking to fuck a willing, mature woman who wants help to grow old disgracefully.