Written by Garry

30 Oct 2012

Although we often spoke about swapping that was as far as it got,But I often read the stories on here.And although I find some hard to believe they always seem to turn me on.

Alison and I have been together for just under five years both having failed relationships behind us.There are no children and we both have fairly good jobs so even in these hard times we could be classed as fairly well off,We both love Spain and decided now with things being as they are would be a great time to buy a holiday home there.So whenever we got the chance we would go over and see what was available.We both decided although far from old we did not really want to be on the coast.So this time we decided we would arrive hire a car and just drive around some of the smaller towns up in the mountains to see what was available,Staying overnight in different Hotels.But things did not go exactly to plan.After picking up our hire car we drove off into the mountains and although we knew roughly where we were going to look we did not exactly have a set route.We saw what looked a nice Hotel and being towards the end of their summer season knew booking in would be no problem.That evening we came to the bar for a drink and both being smokers sat outside.Which was not a problem as even though it was cold to the Spanish it was like mid summer here.Suddenly we were not so much joined but a black couple also came to sit outside,And we struck up a conversation.It was just two couples having a chat really.But before we knew it we were drunk.We staggered up to our rooms and there was no way I was fit to drive in the morning,So we booked another night.The Hotel was on the outskirts of town and although it had everything there.Without driving you were really a prisoner.We met up with the couple from the night before who if anything felt worse than us.

The husband [who I wont name]Suggested we have a Belmonte each which I now know is the strong coffee with Brandy in it that I had often seen the Spanish drink,But never knew the name of.Its meant to liven you up,But all it done for me was give me the taste again,So I got up and got four more.The wife who for the sake of this story I will call Sue pointed out laughing you are just supposed to have the one.But Alan not his real name.Suddenly suggested a swim would be a good idea.But not being a holiday I had not packed any trunks.But for some reason Alison had packed hers.Alan and Alison went to get changed and Sue and I moved to the pool which we had to ourselves,Having got the taste back I got four beers.

When I got back Alan and Alison were in the pool and I remember saying to Sue,are you not going to join them,to which she laughingly replied this black womans body is best only seen in the bedroom where you have other things on your mind,I said something like thats an offer I would not turn down,The kind of remark you make only when the alcohol takes over.Suddenly she said they seem to be getting on.And looking I saw Alison and Alan not doing anything out of order but more acting like kids do splashing and just messing about.What I did notice though everytime they stopped they were a bit touchy feely.Under normal circumstances this would have annoyed me,But maybe the drink I cant say I began to feel the stirrings of an erection.At seeing Alison with this black guy.They came back and we had a couple more beers,By now the beer was really taking over and I can remember thinking he is going to fuck her.

Although they had not really done anything to provoke that idea.in my mind.I got up to get four more beers and Alan said put it on the tab I will get changed and get some money.I went to get the beers and they went to get changed and as they walked off together Alison gave me a look that convinced me he was.And although I could not be 100% sure I swear I saw them linked hands when they thought they were out of sight.I rejoined Sue,And as time passed I made a comment like christ how long take to get changed.The strange thing was I was not annoyed in fact if anything my erection was at bursting point,She said something like I think the costumes may be off,But I doubt they are in a hurry to get any clothes on.And just said come lets have our own party.This was something we had talked about but I never thought would happen.We went to the lift and she lead me to her room.As soon as we got inside we just fell on the bed lips locked and touching each other,I dont even remember getting undressed.But I do remember seeing her naked for the first time,And all I could think of was fucking hell,As I looked at her black body,I thought I was going to cum on the spot.I will be honest normally when I have been drinking,I get the old brewers droop but not this time,I cant ever remember being so hard.I was scared for her to touch it,As I knew I would cum straight away.I moved down so I could give her oral,something I love doing anyway but this was done more as a safety valve.knowing that as soon as my dick made any contact I would cum my lot.And fearing that would be it.Any thoughts of what Alison may be doing had gone from my head.I was so turned on by this black body.I can remember pulling her fanny lips apart and the redness of her inside and not just wanting my tongue in their wanting my whole head in there.She pulled me up and took my cock and put a condom on it.Something I dont really like wearing but at this moment in time saying so was the last thing on my mind.And guided me into her.

As soon as I was in her as much as I tried I could just not hold back and shot my lot.All I could do was apologise,She just laughed and said coming so quick was a compliment to her,But now it was her turn to be satisfied,and moving down she took me in her mouth,I cant say I was scared but more concerned that the beer would take effect and nothing would happen,But thankfully he never let me down,she put another condom on and straddled me,All I could do was lay there as she rode me like I had never experienced before,The only time I closed my eyes was when she moved down to kiss me,I was totally in lust with what this black woman was doing to me,And after what seemed like ages I finally came,we both laid back just sharing little kisses and hugs,

Until I heard a gentle knocking on the door.Panic set in and I quickly dressed.But Sue made no attempt to.I opened the door to find Alan there still in just his trunks with a grin on his face.This was no time for conversation and I made my way back to the room.Alison was just lying in bed with a look that said sorry.I undressed and climbed in beside her,And although we cuddled neither of us was up for sex and we just fell asleep.I awoke about 3 am,And could only think about what had just happened.And how being with a black woman had turned me on so much.Then for some reason to this day I dont know why it came to me that although we had used condoms they were in their room,we had none in ours and as Alan still had his trunks on.They must have done it bareback.I should have left it there but I could not resist looking in the bin.The tissues were there but not a sign of a condom.I was not annoyed just a little jealous if anything strangely.Suddenly the thought he had actually cum inside her gave me a raging hard on.And mixed with the thought of what that black body had done to me earlier.I could not resist wanking myself silly.

When Alison did get up I wanted to ask her about the night before,But she just gave me a I mean it look and said its in the past.So no more has been said.Since then I have had many of wank not so much over what happened more over actually being with a black woman.We have all heard the once you go black saying,But somehow I just dont think it just applies to the girls.