Written by Jen's Hubby

28 Aug 2010

Jen could not find the words to tell me everything about the last days of her holiday and so I invited Paul around to help fill in the blanks. It worked and so I've added this update to add detail where I had not witnessed the activity.

On Wednesday 19th May 2010 Jenny had sent a text to Paul telling him she had forgiven him, that he was to bring a decent bottle of wine and that he was to come alone without a word to anyone else. Paul arrived at our room bottle in hand. Jen let him in and returned to her seat on the balcony. Paul said that for many minutes Jen was quiet and seemed moody still. Jen said that at that point she was nervous about what was going through her head but still angry with me enough to continue her course.

Paul glanced at me and then continued "Eventually, Jen said, 'are you looking at my boob, Paul?' I told her I wasn’t. She asked me to get some glasses and pour some wine. When I came back with the wine and took my seat Jen had opened her gown so I could see her boobs or at least a lot of cleavage. I told her I could see it and she just said, 'I know but you've already seen me naked so it shouldn't be a new experience for you.' I told her it was a new experience because this time she was deliberately doing it for me. She said she had decided that, as a punishment to you Steve, whilst we were on holiday I could have what I wanted, how I wanted it and when I wanted it, except anal. I couldn't have anal sex. I was stunned but suddenly I was horny. Steve? I feel very uncomfortable telling you this" Paul said.

"I need to know all the details Paul so stuff being uncomfortable. Carry on and don't leave anything out!"

Paul continued while Jen and I listened.

"I stood behind her and slid my hands into her gown and then on to her boobs. As I fondled them her gown fell open; except for the belt she was nude and I couldn't take my eyes from her crotch." Paul turned to Jen "You looked great Jen." Jen smiled at him "Thank you."

"Anyway, I moved around her, bent over and tried to suck on her right nipple but it was inverted, sorry Jen, so I moved to her left nipple that was accessible. I moved my hand to her crotch and Jen opened her legs so I could touch her. After a few minutes we were standing and I was playing with her from behind. Her gown fell to the floor and she was facing the street as I fondled her from behind. I bent her over the balcony, got my cock out and went to take her but she stopped me because she was uncomfortable about being seen. Jen went inside and lay on the bed and I followed. During the sex I told her I would like to have her on the balcony from now on. Jen was reluctant so reminded her of what she said. She agreed but wasn't happy about it."

"How many times did you have her that Wednesday?" I asked him.

"Twice, once in the missionary position and then on all fours."

Jen added her own take on this. "I'm sorry Paul but I didn't enjoy that first day. I didn't want to have sex on the balcony and so I was already regretting my decision for you to take me where and how you wanted. But the more we were being watched having sex on the balcony the more I began to like it. When you, Paul, became increasingly nervous your ejaculations became increasingly intense and that's what I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed being watched and your intense cum was nearly addictive."

"So when was my best one?"Asked Paul, preening himself.

"The very best one was when we were afraid of those yobs. Your ejaculation was so intense it sent electricity through my body."

"So why didn't you cover up when the night manager asked you to?" I asked.

"Because by then I didn't care. Besides, the security guards were asking silly questions so they could get a good look at me. The night manager was also getting a good eyeful so I showed as much as I could. I leant over the balcony so my boobs would hang and stood with my legs apart where the light below the balcony was brightest on my fanny and they and I were enjoying it."

Over the many weeks/ months since we've returned Jen has resisted talking about the events of Sunday 23rd May 2010. With help from Paul I have managed to piece together something of their time on the café roof.

They got there, as arranged, at 10:50 and were offered refreshments before being escorted to the roof. I asked Jen to describe what she saw.

"When we got there, we had a cold drink. I had a Vodka and Coke with lots of ice, which was very strong. Paul had a lager. We went through that back room and up the stairs where they lived. We passed their lounge, dining room etc., then up another flight of stairs where the bedrooms are and then up another narrow staircase to the roof. It was only the four of us then and then I saw four loungers in a semi-circle. I imagined the plan was that Paul and I would do our thing while a small group of people would watch. I was very nervous and as other people arrived I had to fight not to walk away. There were many more people arriving than there were loungers for"

There was a long pause so I had to ask her what happened next.

"If I was on the balcony I would stand looking over the balcony while Paul stripped me, played with me then have me as they watched. This was different. I was among them. I didn't have a balcony to lean over and I said so to Paul. Paul suggested I lean on the wall along the edge of the roof and face the hotel but Enrique guided us to one of the loungers and motioned me to stand behind it and to lean on the raised back." She stopped again struggling to speak such was the guilt she felt.

"So did Paul or Enrique strip you?" I asked in encouragement.

"Both. Paul put his hand up my skirt as I leaned on the back of the lounger. Enrique stood on the lounger so it wouldn't tip up. He (Enrique) pulled off my vest top and played with boobs through my bra. Paul took my skirt off. People started to gather around; some sitting on loungers and some standing. Enrique saw I was getting nervous with so many people around us so he asked what colour my bra was in English. I told him it was Cream and then he asked if I always wear the same bra and pants colour. I said yes that I always wear matching bra and knickers and then he asked if I always wear pants that show all and I said mostly but he didn't understand that but he understood usually. When he saw I was relaxed enough he took my bra off and told me how beautiful and hard and not hard my tits were. He played with them. Paul took my knickers off and put his fingers in and I liked the feel of his cock near my fanny (pussy). Next Paul was in me and I forgot about the crowd. Enrique played so well both my nipples were out. He put my hand on his zip. I knew what he wanted me to do and what he was doing to my boobs was turning me on so much I took his cock out and played with it. That's it." she refused to continue so I thought I'd leave it for a few days.

I invited Paul around and asked Jen again in front of Paul. I reminded her of the story she'd told me so far and with reluctance she continued.

"Paul was taking me from behind which was nice but what Enrique was doing with my boobs and nipples was really making me hot. While I was wanking him he bent me over more and then I did it."

"Did what?" I asked when she struggled to continue.

"I sucked his cock." she said quickly.

"What? You just grabbed his cock and sucked it roughly because you didn't want to?"

"No, I did want to but I find it hard to tell you."

"Would you rather Paul told me than you?"

"No, I want to tell you myself but I find it hard. I kissed it as I wanked it, felt his balls, licked around the head and up and down his cock and then sucked it, all of it. All the time I was doing it he was doing great things with my boobs I came loads."

Out of sight of Jen, Paul nodded enthusiastically.

"Paul pulled out then pushed back in again really hard for some reason."

Paul off to her right shook his head and mouthed it was another guy. So I asked another question. "What do you mean, ‘pushed back in again hard.'?"

"He always pushes hard when he's cumming or about to cum but this time it lifted me off my feet." She turned to Paul, "You lifted me off my feet and you were stuck right up me. You had to lift me up and down 'cos I couldn't reach the floor and that pushed Enrique's cock further into my mouth so I could barely breathe. Enrique cum loads in my mouth quite quickly and I had to swallow fast so I could breathe. When he pulled out I could breathe again. Thankfully, you didn't take long to cum after that and I could stand again."

Paul had listened while she spoke without contradicting her until Jen asked the question.

"It was you, wasn't it?"

"No Jen, it was that big Spanish guy you sat on later.

"I'm not saying any more!"

"You sat on?" I asked.

"No! Yes! I did! I'm not saying any more. Not today!"

When Jen left us I asked Paul how many were there. He was a bit cagey initially but then said there were only four women and he was surprised they were so outnumbered. When I asked how many men he told me there were fourteen, fifteen including him. I then asked how many Jen had. He was clutching at his throat and shifting from foot to foot. I waited while he agonised about answering. "All of them..., as far as I know. They were very interested in Jen, Steve, and most, if not all, had her twice one way or another."

"What do you mean, ‘One way or another'?"

"Fuck or blow job."

"Any Anal?"

"No, Steve, Jen was still in control because that seemed to be the rule. That's why one woman had fewer men."

"How many had her twice?" I demanded

"I don't know Steve; I wasn't watching her all the time. Maybe all of them, who knows? I don't even think Jen knows. I often watched her to make sure she was ok. She even surprised me at how she was taking the men non-stop. Three women, including, Jen, had three or four guys around them at a time. Some guys only lasted a couple of minutes; others maybe ten to fifteen minutes. The girls caught on quick that if they sat on a guy they could gently rock on his cock while they drank. Jen did that every twenty minutes or so. I usually saw four at a time around Jen."

"Didn't anyone stop completely for drinks?"

"The men did because they had to recuperate but the women didn't. The atmosphere on that roof was highly charged, Steve. To look all the fucking and sucking was a big turn on for the women as well as the men."

"So Jen had an equal share of sex?"

"No, Jenny had the most because she was new and foreign. I think that they were swapping so quickly that two men would fuck her for each one she blew, Lupita and another woman had nearly as many as Jen. The fourth and youngest woman went down to two men at a time after the first hour."

"So no women stopped for breaks?"

"Steve? You have to understand it was three hours of non-stop shaggging even for drinks but drinks were flowing continuously."

"How many times did you have the women?"

"I had Jen, Lupita, the second youngest, probably late thirties, twice and the youngest, probably early thirties, once. I was sore so I can't imagine how sore Jen was afterwards."

"So why didn't you stop it by twelve so you wouldn't be late?"

"I tried at twelve and again around one o'clock when she was on top of Enrique but she pushed me away and said she'd let me know when she was ready."

"So how did it end?"

"It just ran out of steam. When the women were no longer attracting attention they watched Jen sitting on the big guy that followed me and lifted her off her feet. When they finished we all sat around talking and drinking. Lupita, Enrique and some others were talking to Jen while I just sat drinking. I noticed that Jen's legs were stained with dried body fluids and I think blood."


"I'm not sure but it looked like there were blood stains down her legs."

Jen was obviously not used to having so many men in one go. The last intercourse with the big Spanish guy being one to many, too big or too thick. I don't know why but Paul had always referred to this particular guy as the big Spanish guy and I just carried it on. With the exception of Paul and Jenny everyone else on that roof was Spanish.

"I asked why she left on her own. Paul said that he was daydreaming and drinking, looked up and she was gone. When he got to the room Jen was outside trying to get the door open but in fits of tears and was having difficulty opening the door. He got the door open and tried to console her. He heard her crying in the shower. When they were on their way to the beach she made him promise not to tell me unless she told me first. She told Paul that I had felt humiliated when I had seen them having sex on the balcony from the café. Her having sex with so many men had left her with tremendous guilt. Paul told her that I would support her because I love her so much. That just made Jen feel worse.

I remembered that a few days after we came home her lips and around her mouth was swollen and slightly bruised. She told me her urine stung when she went to the toilet. She resisted all advice to see a doctor. We didn't have sex for about a month then after that we were at it like rabbits for about another month. Throughout August sex has been virtually non-existant again.

I understand that Paul and Jen have had intercourse a few times since we returned. It has begun to fade over the last few weeks, so Jen and Paul tell me. I have to say that I rarely see Paul's car near my house these days. Paul told me that he once talked Jen into going Dogging and although they did fuck with an audience Jenny insisted the doors be locked. She did not allow anyone else in Paul's People Carrier car and has flatly refused to go again.

For a few weeks after we came back our sex life was good. She has refused to discuss the sexual parts of the holiday except when forced to. Our sex life has just about returned to the non-existence it had prior to our holiday. Whatever was woken during the holiday; its life was very short.

Debbie and I never did have sex since that last day. Having said that, we met, two weeks ago, for a coffee in town where she told me she suspected Paul was seeing someone else. It wouldn't surprise me if he was but I didn’t say that and dismissed the idea for her sake. I know it's not Jen because when he was getting it so was I. Debbie also said she missed me and asked if I missed her. I do and I said so but also said I love Jen. She asked if we could meet sometimes for coffee etc. Yesterday, I received a text outlining the etc, I think it might be fun but I am a little nervous. I asked Jen if we would go on holiday with Paul and Debbie again and she said yes but no more sex especially kinky sex.

We’ll have to see I suppose.