Written by hubby

8 Jul 2016

The wife wanted to go back to work and answered an add for a secretary. She asked me to take her there as she was nervous. As she really wanted to make an impression she wore her shortest black skirt with high heels,the interview went well with her crossing and uncrossing her legs making her skirt ride up higher,the lad interviewing her had an obvious erecting, he wanted to now measure her for company uniform so I went to get my phone from the car and when I got back to the door I was rooted to the spot my wife was bent over desk with her skirt pulled higher with him licking her now wet cunt from behind he then sat back in chair and got his cock out saying if you want job u had better suck this,she then got on her knees and sucked and licked his now rock hard cock,pulled her tits out and fucked her tits ,when he was about to cum he withdrew and shot spunk into her open mouth and over her face,with this going on while I stood rooted to the spot I came in my pants ,when she spotted me she got up and asked if she got the job ,we have got to go back next week for next stage of interview