29 Nov 2017

Back when I was working as a pool secretary in a smallish firm in Chessington, the company was owned by 2 brothers both in their late 50’s but very good looking and appeared a lot younger than their age. I’d been there just over 6 months when one of the PA’s to one of the brothers decided to leave, the opportunity came to apply for the job, which mant a lot more money and a more prestigious position, I was on pretty friendly terms with the HR manager who was roughly the same age (30) and we had similar dress tastes, and often sat together during our breaks.

I asked about the job and she told me to go for it as the boss (Rob) had often commented on how I looked and dressed etc. The first interviews were held and around 10 candidates were interviewed, I towards the end of the day, and though a little nervous managed to present myself very well, I’d wore a very nice pencil skirt , heels and top that showed my assets to their best, a few days later I was told by my friend that I’d made it to the second interview stage which would be on the Friday afternoon and there would be just 3 of us being interviewed.

Friday came and I wore a very nice navy dress, mid-thigh, hold ups (dress was too tight for suspenders) and my highest heels, I was informed that I would be last as the other 2 were traveling so it made sense as I worked there. One of the other ladies was late so the interview was delayed and it was nearly 5pm by the time it was my turn, I went in and Rob apologized for the delay and said we could do the interview on the Monday as it was now finishing time and all the staff were leaving… I told him I was happy to do it now as I wasn’t in a hurry to get home as hubby was working away... tbc x