Written by Jerker

10 Nov 2007

I am a widower. My wife and I were never swingers. I don`t think we ever knew of such things. We were pretty naive.

I became a swinger several years ago and was quite unplanned. I holiday in my trailer caravan at a campsite in the south of France near a naturist beach. My wife and I were naturists and used to go to that beach. All very innocent and I still go there.

Since going alone to the campsite I have become friendly with some french people.They are Nicole and her husband Julio who own a static caravan on the site and Odette who has a trailer caravan. Also there are Rose and her husband Gerrard who have a trailer caravan.

All six of us were having drinks in the awning of Gerrard`s caravan.

A few months previously I had had an operation which left a scar running from my chest to a couple of inches above my penis. The others wanted to see it. I was wearing only a tee shirt and shorts so I stood upand raised my stirt up as far as I could. My scar was exposed down to the top of my shorts, the rest being hidden by my shorts. Suddenly, Rose, who was sitting next to me pulled my shorts to the ground. I was practically naked in full view of everyone. What Rose had done was deliberate and intended to let all of them see me.

Nicolecame over to me and with the tip of her finger traced the scar from top to bottom then said that it was long but that is not., pointing to my cock. Her husband said to her "Make it larger". She asked me if she could and I said "Yes". It would be a new experience for me and I liked the idea. Nicole took it in her hand and stroked me to full erection, then released it, but Julio and others said "Continue".. They all wanted her to masturbate me. When she asked if she could continue I was only too pleased to say "Yes" because I wanted very much to ejaculate. She continued masturbating me until I had a wonderful orgasm, made more enjoyable because I was being watched. I do jerk off occasionally but never when someone could see. That was another "first".

A couple of days later Nicole invited me to a party at her place, but said it would be a masturbation party (a soiree de masturbation). I liked the idea though I didn`t know what such a party was. We`d all had drinks there but this sounded different. I agreed to go and turned up at Nicole`s place wiyh a bottle of wine.

When I entered I found that everybody was stark naked - a nice surprise and I soon stripped off. We all had a few glasses then Julio told us to stand up and paired each man up with a lady telling us to start masturbating, which we did until we all came. Another "first" for me, being in a masturbating group.

It was a few days later when I was invited to attend another party. This time it was different. Once again we had a few drinks (in the nude, of course) then the three women lay on the floor and invited (yes, invited) we men to fuck them. I entered Odette and Julio entered Rose (not his wife) and Gerrard entered Nicole (not his wife, either). We all fucked to orgasm, Odette squealing in ecstacy. When we withdrew Julio entered Odette, whom I had just fucked and they both came. When he withdrew, Gerrard took over and he `did` her until they both came. To my surprise Julio entered her and fucked her. She had another orgasm though I don`t think he did. Each time she came she cried out with the pleasure of it. She seemed to be insatiable.

Now I was a swinger. I liked it. When I am at home I don`t swing. I don`t fancy going to arranged swinging parties. I prefer to have them in France with my friends.