Written by watersportsfan

25 Nov 2007

over the years I have watched porn videos which showed watersports and always found it quite arousing, but never thought I would ever do anything like it. However, a few months ago things took an unexpected turn. I had met a guy on line and had a few dates - one thing led to another we ended up in a clinch on the sofa...his hands wandered over my body and I felt very aroused so allowed him to continue exploring my body. Things progressed and he soon had his hand between my legs and was gently rubbing my clit through my panties.

We had been drinking quite a bit all evening and I needed to pee, so I said I needed the bathroom and would be back in a few minutes. He grinned and just kept on rubbing my clit - his leg over mine, preventing me from moving. His kisses were deep and urgent as his fingers worked in and out of my wet pussy...the feeling of needing to pee was increasing and giggling now I told him I really needed a wee ....he laughted again and whispered in my ear....just let it go.....I was shocked but turned on all at the same time. I can't I said. His answer was to move down my body...his fingers still inside me as his tongue lapped my clit....now you won't have to worry about making a mess he said...and his fingers and tongue continued to lap at my cunt.

I was bursting to pee by now - but the feelings between my legs were so wonderful I just couldn't resist. I allowed him to continue licking and fingering me - the waves of pleasure getting more and more intense every minute

His tongue darted across my clit - then he would lick just inside my cunt as he held my lips wide open...my knees were now bent and my legs splayed wide open giving him full unhindered access as I felt the pressure builing more and more inside me.

He then started to rub my g-spot as he sucked my clit - that was it - I jsut couldn't hold back any longer - I started to cum and as I did - I started to pee..the feeling was absolutely incredible as I gushed ...he clamped his mouth over my cunt and gently pushed one finger up into my arse as I cum harder and harder - peeing more and more as he worked hard to swallow every drop.

When I was spent I lay back exhausted...he gently removed his finger from my arse and continued to gently lick my pussy until my breathing subsided and my heart beat calmed down.

I felt so embarassed afterwards but he told me not to be silly and that it had been pure joy for him to feel me let go completely. We went up to shower - the hot water soon relaxed me again as he gentley massaged my body with soapy hands. His cock was hard and he groaned as I soaped up his balls and massaged his cock. Turn around he said...I did as I was told and bent over, holding onto the wall for balance.

I felt his cock nudge my pussy lips and he easily slipped his lenght inside...we fucked for what seemed like ages....I could feel my orgasm building again and reached between my legs to tease my clit. As I did so I felt him pull his cock out and then as he groaned I felt a hot stream of liquid hit my clit..he was peeing and it felt absolutely amasing. I rubbed my clit harder and harder as he continued to pee over my pussy lips and then over my arse ..pulling my cheeks apart as his stream ran down my crevice. The with one movement he was in me again to the hilt - his fucking became more and more ardent as his balls slapped against my pussy - with a roar he pulled my hips back hard and rammed his cock deep into my cunt - releasing his seed deep inside me.

As he withdrew he turned me round and kissed me deeply as our hands fondled each other gently. We got out of the shower, fucked gently again and then drifted off to sleep, as I dozed off he whispered into my ear that in the morning I was to sit on his face for my morning pee and he would pee inside my pussy.

I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face and 2 fingers in my pussy....and in the morning we did exactly that.