Written by John

21 Apr 2014

Is it normal for a husband to know his wife is having an affair and not do any thing about it, I work for a company delivering upmarket car all over the county you may thing its nice driving them but all I do is load them and unload them and drive the tuck

My wife Linda also works as a secretory its her boss she is shagging, I have meet the bastard a number of times at firms dos the last time being this Christmas, its been going on a long thine with out me knowing I think his got the cheek to always make a fuss of us at the doss and likes us to use his first name, how stupid I must of been not to see it

How I found out, well I was off to Scotland with two top rang Mercedes on which meant I be away for a couple three days as I had to pick another motor up in Wails on the way back

Well I was on the way up north when I got a call saying come back the guy in Scotland hadn't payed some thing had gone wrong

I got back and parked up about ten that evening, its then a hour drive home in my car I remember very well that afternoon getting a call off Linda saying she got a few minutes spear and she called to see it I am okay and where was I going when would I be back and so on and she may be out with friends tonight so she speak to me tomorrow, what she was doing making sure I had gone Barry could of been there listing for all I knew Barry is her boss and lover as I found out that night

I remember feeling pleased I wasn't sleeping in my cab that night, when I got home there was my wife's car and another one parked where I would park mine there is only room for two cars to park any more and they be on the drive its self so I had no chose but back out and park on the road, I walked back and let myself in, I thought the other car would be one of Linda's friends tha left it there so didn't think any more of it really

I went into the kitchen and made a cup of tea and sat on a stool to drink it, I thought it be a surprise if Linda asleep I wonder if I can get into bed with out waking her

I then went upstairs on the landing our bedroom door was half open and what looked like the bedside lights where on as the light wasn't that bright in the bedroom

I still didn't think any thing of it, I was almost at the door by then and what stopped me in my tracts was a loud groaning nice, I stood by the door and listened and there it was again flowed by oh Barry don't stop it was my wife's labored voice

At first I didn't know what it was or put two and two together, then a creaking noise started then my wife's voice quite loud YES YES YES OH GOD YES I peeked round the door even then I didn't think I quite believed what I was seeing, on the bed was two people it seemed both naked a man on top of a woman there was no mistake what the man was doing he was fucking the woman as hard and fast as he could, I was looking sideways to them, I couldn't see there faces but the woman had to be Linda my wife but at that point I didn't realize it was Barry her boss fucking her and was he going he gave a huge groin and maybe a couple of really hard thrusts and then lay still panting on top of her, I watched her arms und him and hug him she said something in a love voice

It was when they kissed I could see it was Barry and it was a long passionate kiss

I must of steeped back or they would of seen me but I don't remember doing it, I was that shocked I know I was shaking as I stood there, I heard them talking and moving about on the bed what was said didn't go in my head, the next thing I head the shower go on, I looked back round the door, the bathroom is the other side of the bed the door was open it looked as if both of them where in the shower together I heard Linda giggle he laughed

after a while he came out first I was still looking round the door in a trance I think

He was looking down at the other side of the bed for his closes I think or he would seen me I had a full frontal of him he was limp but even like that he got some cock on him and what looked like a pear of nuts to go with it, seeing him I steeped back onto the landing I realized he must be about to leave

I let myself out and went back to my car, after half an hour his car left, at this point I didn't know what to do in the end I went back to my lorry and sleep in the cab in the morning I got a phone call off Linda waning to know how I was and so on also when I thought I be home I told her I be away a couple more nights and also asked if she had a nice girls night she told she did and would call me about six when she got home

That day I got a new job down to Dover and back I told my boss as I not have a car on the wagon I go home in it and see him in the morning he was happy to let me do that he knows I have some where to park up that is safe

At six my wife called asked where I was I said in Scotland parked up for the night not a mile down the road from her, she said she going to have a early night

I walked back to my house getting there about half seven, her car was there it looked quite normal I hung about a little while later a car pulled in the same one as lat night it was Barry

Our house had a lounge that go from front to back some one knocked what must of been a dinning room into the lounge at some time I had french doors put on the back, I sneaked round the back we have said we need new blinded's for years and never got them there some gaps in them, looking in there they where the two of them Barry looked very much at home his arm round my wife's shoulders they sat on the sofa, she seemed relaxed, well she would be she thought I was in Scotland if you think it worth it I tell you more later