Written by royster01

19 Feb 2007

Witha previous wife we had threesomes etc and found it a real turn on. When I found a new younger wife it wasnt difficult to get her turned on with stories, so much so that she started doing cam 2 cam with different men. Using her toy to climax while they masterbated. There was one guy got her to kneel on her chair with her butt to the camera and insert her toy up her butt whilst playing with her clit. She came off cam soaking wet and shaking for ages afterwards. Then it was my turn...wow.

Anyway, we got talking to this 19yr old lad who wanted to do a c2c (my wifes 33) he said he had a 9inch tool and could cum at least 6 times. Mmm c2c started. Sure enough he was well endowed and he had my wife do the turn round up her bum bit and he could climax 6 times one after another. This really intrigued my wife and we talked about setting up a meet.

I talked to him (he thought he was talking to my wife) and I said I would like to meet him in the car knelt on the seat with no thong on and he could lick and fuck me and then we could get in the back for him to have a blow job. He then said would I let him do anal. Now I know my wife as never done that for real but would really like to try, so I said "ok". I told him my husband would be there and it would be ok. The date was set.

We arrived at the agreed place (nr Blackburn) my wife removed her thong to reveal that she was shaved clean and I must admit we both started shaking.

He arrived on a motorbike and my wife knelt on the seat with her bum towards the door, we were both really nervous and wet. He opened the car door and just started stroking her legs, instant moans and heavy shaking. His head went down and I could hear that she was soaking wet with the noise as he started to lick. It only seemed like seconds and my wife had a massive climax. He then dropped his trousers and boxers and he had one big hard on and was dribbling from the end. He held a condom up to me and I shook my head, I know my wife wanted it without. With that he gently

started to ease it in and my wife was in a hell of a state shaking, moaning and climaxing almost continually. She then put her hand between her legs and held his balls, that did the trick, he tensed groaned and shot the lot deep inside. I was soaking with the biggest hard I can remember. We had a cigarette.

He then suggested that they get in the back and my wife was all for it. I got out (sun roof open) to let them relax and enjoy it.

As they got in the back they started snogging and my wife undid his shirt and started to suck and nibble his nipple, she then got hold of his tool and started wanking him. Slowly her head went down and this was his blow job. It didnt take long and my wife doesnt spit. I was a shaking, leaking wreck, I could hear everything and see most of it, hell it was exciting. They relaxed. Then I heard him say "can I take the virginity out of your bum". My wife didnt answer she just knelt back up on the seat. I could see him first lick her butt and then start to insert fingers, my wife was making a hell of a noise. Then he started to ease his tool in, all the time telling her to relax, let it in and it would be a lot easier once the head was in. Im sure she was climaxing all the time, then he said "there is that better" I thought God hes right up her butt. All she was doing was screaming, shaking and climaxing. This went on about 10 mins and he came, pulled up his trousers and left. (this is just as we agreed, for the first time.

I got back in the car, with my wife just asking for tissues, she had cum everywhere. We drove home, shagged like rabbits for a week and now we are talking about doing the same again. I dont know if my ticker can take it!