Written by Island Life

27 Jan 2015

The wife and I started playing in the summer (see Beware of Greeks, 24 October 2014 ) and we thought that it would just be a summer activity, not least because in the winter the population is much smaller and anonymity is hard to maintain here.

However, we didn't allow for the fact that wifey had got the urge big time and as we'd managed to break the ice, as it were, the cat was out of the bag and so.....

I told you about our previous visits (see above) and how Brenda (B) had been taken in all three holes with the help of copious amounts of local olve oil by a local restaurant owner. For a couple of days she was still leaking oil and pretty much had to stay indoors, rather than risk embarrasment, but she so enjoyed the visit that she was soon ready to hit the road again.

A couple of weeks later, we had to go to the main island in our local group to sort some paperwork at the council offices. It's not quite as easy here to deal with this stuff as the lower populations of the smaller islands not cost effective to have all the services in each one.

Anyway, when we'd finished, just coming up to lunch time, we went to one of the few cafes that remain open all winter to cater for the local trade. As well as having a couple of tables of customers inside, they do a busy take-out trade for the local businesses and the two blokes that run it, both, I'd say, in their mid to late 50s, were run off their feet. I've mentioned before that we are still pretty new to this game and as there were a couple of women in the place, I didn't hold out much hope of action - B's still a bit shy!

We decided to go Greek and take our time over the coffees and after maybe half an hour, the other punters left, leaving the lads busy with just the take-away trade. I could see herself getting her game face on and wasn't surprised when she came back from the ladies' with her pleasantly ample tits clearly freed of her bra, which she'd put in her bag.

Setting the girls free hadn't surprised me, but instead of coming back to the table, she went up to the counter where one of the lads was serving. This was totally off-script, so I'd no idea what she was up to, but I heard her ask him if he'd help translate one of the forms we had and which was, along with the kitchen sink, in her bag.

She put the bag on the counter and started rummaging through it, really making a meal of it, while the waiter stood behind the counter. Seemingly unable to find the form, she started taking stuff out of the bag and of course out came her bra, which the dirty bitch put blatantly on the counter! The cooking area is an extension of the counter in this particular place, so the other guy could also see what was going on.

Short of lifting her top, she couldn't have sent a more direct message and all four eyes clearly got radar lock on the goodies.

What happened next was a bit of a comedy sketch. The waiter looked at her, then at his pal, then they both looked at me, unsure what to do. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders, what wifey wants, wifey gets.

The four of us went into the back room, the waiter bringing his phone with him, obviously not wanting to miss any orders!

I sat down in a corner of the room, leaving the three of them to get busy, which they did without hesitation. I don't know what it is about these Greeks, they don't seem backwards in coming forwards. Maybe they just think all the northern European women are up for it?

The three of them remained standing, with B in the middle as the waiter began to kiss her and the cook got up close behind her, rubbing his crotch against her arse whilst his hands wandered round to her tits. The cook soon had his hands under her top and directly on her tits, as the waiter backed of a bit to allow him room. B wasn't wasting any time, one hand was on the waiters bulge as the other felt behind her for the other's.

The cook removed her top, exposing her bare tits, at the same time, the waiter was lifting her skirt, running his hand up her thights. Most of the time, she doesn't wear tights or stockings, it's rarely cold enough, and his hands were also finding bare, exposed flesh.

Sitting back watching, I found myself surprised how fast she'd got into this game. She had played a bit with our friend, both when he holidayed here and, I believe, when she visited him on a solo trip to the UK a while back. Other than that, it was only a few weeks ago that she'd had her first 'proper' encounter. No complaints from me though. I'd wanted this to happen for years and now it was. Which was bigger, my erection or my smile, I wasn't sure. It's a weird feeling though, watching your wife getting manhandled by strangers; a real mixture of jealousy and excitement.

The waiter pulled her knickers to one side and slipped his fingers into her obviously welcoming pussy as she managed to get his zip down and release his rapidly stiffening cock. The cook, meanwhile, had got on his knees and was licking between the cheeks of her arse. She was busy stroking the waiter's cock and then she turned around to face the cook, similarly undoing his jeans and reaching inside his boxers to get at his meat. .

This time, she went down on her knees and put it in her mouth, sucking him to hardness, the lucky bastard! I felt the jealousy gauge go up a notch.

Soon they had her bending over the work table and the waiter began to feed his six inches into her gaping pussy. The cook tried to kneel on the table, but was too high, so he lay down on it and B bent forwards to suck him. It was a fantastic sight. The waiter pounding her from behind, forcing her mouth onto the cook's cock and making her tits swing, slapping the cook's body. The cook somehow got his hand round to her mound and began rubbing it. It wasn't long before she began to gag and moan as she orgasmed. I always used to fantasise that I'd be the only one to cause that, just letting other blokes use her, but watching her come was, I have to say, extremely fucking exciting.

They say that timing is everything and just as she'd come, the telephone rang! I kid you not, but the waiter pulled out and answered it! Lad had his priorities right, it seems. Look after the bottom line.

The cook meanwhile got himself up off the table and lifted B onto it, sitting on the edge, where he slipped his nicely sized cock, six inches or so, into her very willing box. He started off slowly and gently, pushing it in and out of her and gradually laid her back on the table, leaving her legs hanging down. The waiter, having finished one set of business, came back and knelt across her, wanking his cock over her face. She lifted her head and to my srprise, began to tea-bag him. She'd never done that to me. Girl's got hidden talents.

This is too much for the waiter and he was soon pumping baby batter all over her face and tits. The cook, obviously made of sterner stuff, continued to fuck her gently, going balls deep and nearly pulling out on the upstroke. Feeling and seeing her tensing up again, clearly getting ready for another orgasm, he sped up and they both came together, him doing his level best to push his cock and seed as far into her belly as he could, and her gripping his body with her legs as the o shuddered through her.

As soon as they were finished, they got cleaned up ready for work, while I, more or less at bursting point, just rolled her over ont he table and fucked her dripping pussy doggy style. I didn't last more than a few strokes and she didn't come from it, but I felt as if I'd pumped a gallon of sperm into her unprotected hole.

What a day!

About six or seven weeks later, we were over again and popped in to the cafe. This time they were ram-jam full with punters but the waiter took me to one side and said they wanted her to spend a day there. What neither of us knew at the time, was that the whole show had been captured on their cctv and since then shared with some of their regulars, who now want to have a taste.

So far, she's refused to do it. I've said that if she wants to, as long as it's videoed again, the blokes would have as much to lose as us. No husband in their right mind upsets a Greek wife!

What do you think. Should we do it, or what?