Written by Djaw

17 Mar 2016

This is a true account of my first dogging experience with S.

Me an s are both married to different partners (her husband being friend of mine). I had been seeing S for a few years and we always had sex in car when we meet.

One night we was in car park at Banstead woods and S was practically naked in car. After a lot of foreplay that involved me licking her pussy she wen down on me and was sucking my cock. I then noticed a shadow out side passenger door side. At first I didn't say anything the thought I better tell S. She asked what he was doing and I said just looking. S didn't say anything but moved to side to have a look. I said lets puts on a show. I pushed S on her back and turned on interior light so he could see S tits and pussy. S pulled her pussy lips apart and was rubbing herself while I played and sucked her tits. S then got on all fours with arse inches away from glass and I fingered her arse and pussy. The watcher must of had a good close up view of he pussy and arse especially when I pulled her bum cheeks apart. S then got on top over me and sat on my cock till I came. When S got off I signalled to our watcher that show was over. It was only then that we noticed that there was 3 watchers. They put thumbs up and shouted thanks for show. S said it turned her on to be watched and was a new chapter in our affair