Written by Jack The Lad

3 Jul 2007

It’s a few years ago now, but this is what happened to me and my then girlfriend (now my wife).

Chrissie was 18, I was 29 and the envy of all my mates for having such a young and sexy girlfriend. Chrissie was quite shy, but as her 19th birthday was coming up I organised a fancy dress party. There were about 80 or so friends in various outfits, I wore a priests costume and Chrissie was a French Maid. She certainly was the centre of attraction in short pleated skirt, black stockings, suspenders, heels, a see through white blouse that showed her flimsy black bra underneath. At the time Chrissie was about size 10, but with 34 DD tits (I think). A real stunner.

About 3.00am and the last stragglers were on their way and we had the house back to ourselves and I could get my hands on her. As soon as I grabbed her she was on fire, very passionate and had my cock out in seconds. I asked her why she was so turned on and of course she said because I was so hot. There was obviously something else so I asked again what had got her turned on. OK she said, but it was nothing really. She said she was in the kitchen washing some glasses at the sink when she thought I had come behind her. The right hand up the skirt feeling the stocking tops and the left over the shoulder and on to her tits. She said she squirmed and pushed her arse into me and it was then she knew it wasn’t me by the size of the cock she could feel sticking into her. Turning around she saw it was Terry a guy I did not know that well. Her reaction was to slap his face.

Terry told her she was a cock tease and showed the outline of his cock through his football shorts and said every guy at the party had the hots for her. Chrissie said there was no one else in the kitchen so kept quiet and went off to find me. She admitted that it had turned her as his cock was so big, but she panicked and slapped him. Although tired from the party we fucked for an hour and I wondered if she was thinking about Terry’s cock as she came.

A couple of days later we were at it again and during the session I brought up the subject of Terry’s cock and would she like to fuck him. At first she protested, but eventually said would do it if I wanted her to.

A week later and I phoned Terry and said Chrissie had asked me to aplogise on her behalf for the slap, but that she was caught off guard. I asked him if he fancied a drink sometime and said that Chrissie had promised she would be nice to him next time. Great he said and arranged to meet at the pub the following Saturday night. Nothing was said about sex, but he obviously knew what could happen.

On Saturday we arrived at the pub for 9.00pm and Terry came in a few minutes later. Chrissie seemed slightly ill at ease, but relaxed a but more after a couple of glasses of wine. She apologised to Terry for the slap and said it was the shock of it not being me. Things were going well and although this was all new to me, I was quite excited and tool the plunge to ask Terry if he fancied coming back to the house for some supper. Great he said, but let’s have another drink first. About 15 minutes later, one of Terry’s mate’s called Mike came in. I vaguely knew him and that he was mechanic at a truck garage. Terry invited him over to our table. Another 15 minutes later and I suggested we went to the house and said to Mike “see you again sometime”. Terry then jumped in and suggested that Mike should join us for supper.

I looked at Chrissie and she just shrugged her shoulders. I decided to go with the flow. Back at the house, Terry and Mike were in the lounge and I spoke to Chrissie in the kitchen. I asked her if she wanted to do this. “If it’s what you want I’m OK” she said. “Right, let’s go for it and have fun”. We took some beers into the lounge then Chrissie said she would get some sandwiches. I put the tele on and for Match Of The Day. The football was good so I did not notice that Chrissie had been away quite a while. Then the door opened and in she walked dressed in the French Maids outfit carrying a plate of sandwiches. She went across to the small table next to tele and bent down to put down the sarnies. No knickers! The three of us looked in amazement. Chrissie stood up and turned around. What a sight.

Right, Terry said, let’s take up where we left off and went over to her. They immediate started to kiss passionately and his hands were everywhere. She clearly had her tongue down his throat and was feeling his cock through his jeans. Mike went across on his knees and started to lick his way up her thighs and around her black stocking tops. The reality of the situation finally hit me and I was panic stricken. I was out of my depth and not sure what to do. All sorts of emotions were racing through me, jealously, fear, deep lust and a sense of no control over the situation. There was my shy girl groping and being groped by two men right in front of me. I mumbled something about going to the toilet and left the room.

I went up stairs and took some deep breaths and tried to decide what to do. Should I stop it, I was shaking. Some minutes later and I decided to go back down and join in. When I walked back in the room, Chrissie was sitting on the edge of the sofa, her skirt was rucked around her waist, her blouse undone and her tits pulled out over her black bra. Terry and Mike were standing in front of her. She was sucking on Terry’s cock and playing with Mikes balls and he wanked. These lads were big. Both were aged about 35. Terry had an 8” cock, bigger than mine (6”) Mike had the show stopper. His cock was well over 8” but incredibly thick. I had not seen anything like it. Chrissie switched to his cock, but could not get it in her moth so she licked the shaft and his balls. Terry took all of his clothes off and looked at me, “come on, get your kit off, she the best cock sucker I’ve ever had”.

A bit zombie like I took my clothes off and was pleased my cock was rock hard. Chrissie was still licking away at Mike’s monster, while Terry started to remover her clothes. With stockings, suspenders and heels she was laid on the floor and Mike started to lick her shaved pussy as Terry sucked her tits. I think Terry sensed I was nervous and motioned for me to put my cock in her mouth which I did and she accepted eagerly. Chrissie was clearly having a great time. Mike came up for air and said to me, “This girl needs fucking, so why don’t you go first?” I went around and looked at a wonderful picture, legs wide open and inviting. My cock slid is with ease, Chrissie smiled and responded.

I was pounding away and there was Terry’s cock only a few inches away from my face as she sucked him. This was incredibly horny, but I was determined not to shoot and after about five minutes moved off. Terry said I better go next and lifted Christie to her feet and guided her so she was bent over the back of the sofa. In he went holding on to her suspender belt as he started to fuck. Mike moved to the front and placed his cock for Chrissie to lick. Mike must have fucked her for about 10 minutes and asked if it was OK to come in side as it would help Mike get his monster in. Chrissie just groaned and said “yes please, come in my cunt”. With a yell, Mike shot his load.

Mike then took Chrissie back to the sofa and sat her down with her pussy at the edge. He asked “Are you OK to take this?” Chrissie smiled, “Fucking right, I want that thing right in as far as it will go.” My shy girl was lying there, legs wide open and asking for the biggest cock I had ever seen. Mike grabbed his cock and very, very slowly began to slide the head in, all the time asking Chrissie if she was OK. She groaned, moaned and sighed, but kept taking it. He got about 75% in and asked again if she was OK. She looked at him and smiled, “It’s fantastic, I can’t believe how wonderful it feels, please fuck me.” Mike started the strokes and was soon up to speed and Terry put his cock back to her mouth for a suck as she squeezed my cock very hard. Terry was at it for quite a while with Chrissie continually coming, when he said he was coming and could he come in her mouth? “Yes, I love the taste of spunk” she replied. Quickly he dashed forward and started wanking over her waiting mouth.

Then he came, massive cock, big balls and yes torrents of spunk. She swallowed what she could, the rest was all over her face and hair. She wiped some off with her fingers and swallowed it and sucked the end of his cock. Then she actually said “Thank you for fucking me, I love your cock”. Terry climbed on and began to fuck her, but with the sight of her covered in all that spunk he said he could not hold back and shot his load into her. Chrissie then pulled him forward and licked his cock clean. I climbed on again. This was the first time I had put my cock into a spunk filled cunt. It was incredibly horny and I also did not last long and shot my lot inside her. We did all sorts for the next hours or so. Both Terry and Mick were great fun and very respectful to Chrissie who said is was a fantastic experience and that she loves the taste of spunk. We had a few experiences together after that, but it was several years later that Chrissie confessed what she had got up to with Mike in the year after.