Written by nico_demus

21 Aug 2012

Follow up to my wife Eves first encounter with my mate Ed heres what happened next.

The morning after ed fucked my wife i lay in bed beside her watching her sleep i could smell the scent of her well fucked pussy as i watched her tits rise and fall i found myself getting hard remembering the previous nights events. i slipped a finger into her cunt and started to rub the juices round her clit till her eyes opened

i rubbed at her and bit down hard on her tits letting her have a mix of pleasure and pain just so she would know that i thought she was a slut.

she begged for my cock and i waited till i needed to release my seed and i mounted her and slammed my cock into her, using her cunt and telling her she was a slut it didnt take long for her to cum and telling me she wanted my seed and as i bit on her tits i added mine to her already dripping cunt.

after she asked how i felt and i told her both angry and turned on but mostly that i enjoyed watching her behave like a slut and she said she enjoyed it too.

shortly after ed and i were drinking and he mentioned how much he enjoyed himself and was another night possible to which i replied lets see.

i text eve and she replied no time like the present . we had a few more pints and sent few horny texts telling what we were going to do to her.

we arrived at mine and eve brought us in a drink then disappeared for 5 mins on her return she was wearing a red lingerie and black boots. this was really going to be a good night.

i told her to stand in the middle of the room and had her bend over and spread her legs so we could admire her.

ed and i stripped and eve knelt down and took it in turns to flick her tongue over our cocks whilst wanking us neither of us wanted to cum first but eve does suck well and before long she wrapped her lips round ed and i could see her swallowing his cum then she took mine and i exploded in her mouth.the slut never spilt a drop.

as we sat on the sofa she sat between us rubbing our cocks and balls and i asked what she was going to do for us to which she replied anything we wanted.

now for a long time i wanted to fuck her ass but it was always a forbidden fruit.now ed & i were being given the green light for whatever we wanted.

my cock throbbed and i told her to kneel and suck again ed moved behind her and slipped into her cunt as he fucked her i told him about her ass never being fucked and tonight it was to be broke in.eve tried to lift her head but i grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her head down the length of my cock ed pulled out of her cunt and pushed against her tight hole and entered her fucking slowing at first then driving hard into her

i lifted her head from my cock and pulled her face up to look at me and told her that now she really was a slut and we would use her all night i told ed to swap position he may be my best mate but im going to be the one to put cum first in my slut wife ass, i pushed my cock into her hole riding her like a dog and she wanted it hard.i came hard and as i pulled out ed took my place filling her with his cum after we finished we watched as she stood up watching the cum seep from her well busted ass and told her to clean our cocks

as we were being licked clean ed said it was only fair that now she was broke in that she could now take us both at the same time.eve lifted her head and shrugged so we arranged her to allow me into her cunt and ed into her ass both fucking her till all three of us had cum.we really had made the perfect slut.....