Written by Jason

12 Jan 2011

As a young man I had been friends with a lovely hospitable married couple; I had shared meals, been on days out and generally got on well. She was tall, lovely body, and very open-natured...he was a mate from RAF days. After their first child was born, I saw less of them, until a couple of years later I moved down to London after leaving the service.

My visits were resumed, and whilst they were on holiday in the Isle of Wight I was invited down for the day. We met at lunchtime, shared a picnic on the beach. We retired to their rented beach hut, and with junior asleep in his push-chair, D & A started having a cuddle....wearing only swimsuits on it was only a matter of time before shoulder straps were pulled off shoulders, breasts exposed....sensing my confusion, nay embarrassment, they both invited me to relax and join in...A was sitting between us, and placed my hand on her right breast...D then eased off his trunks to reveal a superb hard-on, which A soon took in hand. I can still feel the hard nipple on that soft, yielding tit; my own erection was hard to hide, so in a moment of erotic madness I used my free hand to pull down my own trunks...my cock sprang up, foreskin back, and barely seconds after A had got hold of it, shot my spunk all over her swimsuit...they both laughed, but I felt very silly...using my juice as an excuse, A took off the costume, revealing a very pronounced mons veneris, covered in neatly trimmed hair, covering cunt lips that soon had D's cock entering whilst I watched, my deflated cock useless. He soon came inside her, and the sight of his long sticky cock sliding out of her stayed with me for a long time.

Yes, I did get another hard-on, but junior had woken up, the moment had passed, and my first MFM had vanished. I did have another session with them years later, but the magic of what could have been still haunts me...