Written by Frank

1 Jul 2017

We have for a while known a lovely chap we met on line ,the initial meeting was just him and the wife at a local motorway services I bottled out at the last moment she however is game as a pebble and would not be in any danger as it was a morning meeting just for coffee and a chat.

Whilst she was gone all sorts of things were going through my head worrying when she would return when she did return she had a smile on her face said he was a nice bloke and they had chatted over coffee and their likes and dislikes and that she thought perhaps I should meet him ,some days later the three of us met in a country pub for a drink and a chat at that time he invited us to his home for a drink and an evening in his hot tub.

We duly visited his home but I insisted we wear costumes in the tub and he stayed one side and us the other,lol, I must admit I cupped her breast and put my hand in her bikini bottom whilst she played with my cock ,he then whispered I would love to f uck your wife please will you let me I said not tonight ,on our next visit we were more daring and were naked in the tub on this occasion she sat with him and played with his cock which I must say was a fair tool and his figers were exploring her pussy she later gave him a blow job but his cock remained flaccid he blamed this on the heat of the tub.

He then invited us out for lovely meal and we then went back to ours after a little chit chat she said what are we here for and who is going to take my dress off so I undid the zip and off came her dress she looked beautiful in her M&S black bra stockings and suspenders she then started stripping us both in no time she had a cock in her mouth he then was down on her and she was in raptures apparently she came numerous times an d he kept swallowing but his cock still remained flaccid so he could not fuck her.

Fast forward to Thursday of this week we had not heard from him for a while but it was my turn to meet him without her knowledge and asked him would he like a little blue pill for our next meeting he said what do they cost I said I was not a dealer ,lol a latte would suffice we met for the latte and on the next table we naughty boys were sat next to a vicar,lol we chatted for a while I passed him the goods and arranged to visit his home Friday he asked was the tab genuine and when he should take it I told him about an hour before.

4.30 yesterday he text me asking were the arrangements still good I said yes he then said when should I pop the pill I said do it now .She was totally in the dark about all this but I had told her to make herself desirable Friday as we were going out for some fun telling her we were meeting a well hung blackman she was terrified and said if i Dont like him nothing will happen .

We set off down the M4 telling her we were travelling further along that we actually were when we got to his exit and took it you could see the relief on her face and the penny dropped,we arrived at his home sat and drank a rather nice bottle of Sancerre and the usual chit chat he then said are we going upstairs once again he took her dress off and again looked lovely in the M&S gear in no time she had his cock in her mouth the only difference was this time it was the size of a can of lemonade with 10% free he then once again was dining on her pussy with my inferior member in her mouth, having said that it has filled a pram ,He then gave her a good fucking which I think they would have liked to last a little longer but she was wincing a little and I became a little bit jealous.

We got home and she gave me a beautiful blow job I never returned the compliment as whilst blokes say they love to lick their wives out after another man have fucked them I am not one of them and I will not be kissing her till sh e has brushed her teeth a few more times ,at the moment dont want to do it again but will probably get the urge sometime.And the Sancerre is good.